Hand Out

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a poem I am writing on the top of my head lol but should be great nonetheless haha. Just trying to get back into the swing of things.

Hand Out

by Ace Dean


I was walking on my way,

walking as usual.

Once again, I tripped

but this time, 

I hit my knee on the pavement pretty hard.

Always new ways to fall,

I suppose.

As I start to get up, 

the memories of the last several hundred falls kept coming into mind.

And as the electric pain shifted directly and collectively into my knee,

I allow myself to hit the dirt again.

but this time,

I stayed there.

I fall every day,

In every path,

In every direction.

I simply can't do it anymore.

I am defeated.

And just as I accept defeat,

I look up at the sky,

and see a bright white light.

And in that light, 

came out a hand.

The hand of The Lord.

The Lord said unto me,

"Get up, my child! This is far from over. For though you may fall, I shall never let you die lying down."

"How can I keep going? I keep failing, always. I just can't do it anymore."

"No, you can't."

The Lord said unto me.

I looked down in shame.

Then The Lord chuckled, and He said,

"Well! It's a good thing you have Me then, isn't it?"

I lifted my head up again, 

so my eyes could see the truth.

And I looked upon The Lord,

and The Lord looked onto me.

And with His hand out,

He said,

"Let me help you."

So I grabbed his hand, 

and by the power 

and the grace

and the mercy

and the love of The Lord,

I got back up on my feet.

"The enemy is a liar. Do not be afraid, nor discouraged. For I am with you, wherever you go!"

I smiled while wiping the dirt off my pants.

"Yes, Sir."

The Lord smiled with me.

"Now. Let's keep moving forward, shall we?"

And with my hand holding His,

I said,

"We shall."

And on our way to moving forward, 

The Lord laughed again.

"What's so funny?"

The Lord laughed some more.

"Oh, my child."

The God of the Universe said.

"You have no idea where I am leading you."

And as I continued walking,

and as The Lord continued laughing,

having no idea where I was going,

I joined Him in laughter, too.

Because I knew wherever The Lord was leading me,

there was no better place for me than there.

And I trust Him.


Submitted: March 16, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Ace Dean. All rights reserved.

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