Your Reflection is Not You

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Your reflection is not you

You are you

A mirror can’t show you all the times you’ve turned your cheek to the side and smiled, and unleashed a love in someone’s heart that you’ll never know

A mirror can’t show you all the times you were walking away and someone wished you would never go

A mirror can’t show you how beautiful it is when you laugh really hard with your eyes closed

Our reflections are a deterministic future, you can only follow the image with your eyes, and you know each thing you’re going to do before it happens

Stop, watch yourself

Make a stupid face

Turn around and moon the mirror

And get away as fast as you can

Even if you hit the door, just laugh until it hurts

You are a living human being with a soul, a heart, and a mind beyond comprehension

So, try seeing what it’s like

In your own dimension

Submitted: March 16, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Roxanne B.. All rights reserved.

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Ezra Enzo

This is inspiring and I'm not sure if it's supposed to be. And I love it. No one, not even a mirror, can show our true beauty. People will see it, but if we try to see it, we ironically might lose it. We'll never truly see ourselves face to face, but we also don't need it to know how beautiful we look because we already know. Excellent work Rox. - E.E

Tue, March 16th, 2021 4:31pm


This is such a beautifully written comment, thank you so much Ezra! I agree 100% and it's so interesting to see what you pick up from what I've written. Something that really bothers me about US culture (and it has practically spread around the world) is how obsessive many people are with botox and plastic surgery. It makes me really sad that so many people's self worth is riding on how they look that it can lead to deep depression, anxiety, or even suicide. Teen suicide rates have skyrocketed and it's extremely alarming especially because it has been linked to media consumption. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look good and doing things to make yourself feel better, but I'm worried about what this beauty obsession is doing to our collective mental health.

I hate that advertisers manipulate women's self-worth to sell beauty products and I'm hoping this poem provides a different perspective on the meaning of beauty. It's amazing how beautiful the world is outside of that dumb reflective rectangle.

Thu, April 22nd, 2021 12:11am


There's no need to fret about your outward appearance. Basically any woman who's in good health looks just fine on the outside. Being a good person on the inside is much more difficult, but if you are a good person on the inside, then your inner beauty shines much brighter than your outward appearance ever could.

Mon, December 6th, 2021 6:55am

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