After Life

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Armageddon, everyone dies. Certain people called Ultrasapiens come back to life with superpowers. Who are you, what power do you have, and why? That is the question I asked of my friends. They told me their idea and I wrote them into this story.

Feel free to leave a comment of your character's ability. I'd love to add them in!


Armageddon, mysteries, extra dimensions, superpowers, crazy technologies, demons, aliens, and zombies. Sure, its all been done before, but now its all smashed into the same universe.


In the near future scientists have discovered a very real threat to the earth brought on by massive solar flares. With anarchy spreading, the governments of the world have banded together in order to prepare for the worst. Building disaster vaults, and designating safety zones in order to protect lawful citizens and the world's elites.

After a chain of catastrophic events, beings known as Ultrasapiens, arise from the ashes of the old world. In essence, they are a transcendence of human evolution fused with a primal will of instinct. These individuals are able to reclaim their physical selves, to pursue a road laid out before them by something bigger than us all.

Struggling to piece together everything that happened, the Ultrasapiens learn that there is much more to the universe than ever thought possible. They will discover the key role that they, and the Earth truly play for the future. Two forces strive for dominance. One encourages the will of natural growth, letting the universe flow to its own design. The other controls with a forceful manipulation, shaping reality to a designed outcome. Religion is met with science, faith met by truth, and fiction with reality.

Table of Contents

The Beginning Of The End

After Life   Arc 1: Cole’s Will   Chapter 1: The Beginning Of The End    Cole is warned by ... Read Chapter


Shad and his team get the WolfChip embedded in their neck.  Em upgrades Shad’s armor.  Arch warns of the impending mission in... Read Chapter

Chapter 3: W.O.L.F.P.A.C.K.

The WolfPack team lands in the haunted forest in Romania, in search for the 12 Monkeys terrorist home base.  The WolfPack defeats ... Read Chapter

Demon Days

Shad finds out the 12 Monkeys are hiding secrets about dark magic.  Most of the WolfPack is killed by the demonic form of Seriph. ... Read Chapter

The Event

Warned of the impending doom large masses of people gather trying to find refuge in the bunker.  Cole sneaks past the gate but ult... Read Chapter

Dreams And Dimensions

Cole is presented with visions of parallel universes and greeted by a mysterious figure.    Still engulfed in the ... Read Chapter


A surviving bunker is destroyed by a cloaked skeleton-like creature which seems to attract an even more demonic monster.  &nbs... Read Chapter


Cole wakes up lost and confused.  He wanders in a new land for a while, then escapes some ghouls before meeting up with the New Ge... Read Chapter

The New Generation Pirates

  Cole goes with the men through the forest.  He learns that everything didn’t end, and that there’s more after life.... Read Chapter

A Brush With Death

Cole is judged by Justice and meets Death.  He is initiated into the NGP and is given a task to get black crystals.   ... Read Chapter

The Drone Hive

Cole sneaks out of the NGP base.  He goes in search of black crystals quickly learning more about his power.  Cole encounters... Read Chapter

Cole’s Gaze

Chapter 12: Cole’s Gaze   Cole enters into the NGP main base.  He learns a bit about MAGI, Cake, and what it mean... Read Chapter

The Lucky Seven

Cole wakes looking for Gaze.  He uncovers more of the plot, and learns that he’s part of the Lucky Seven.  Lastly he dives ... Read Chapter

Osmosis Crystals

Chapter 14: Osmosis Crystals   Cole takes on Rush in a race, crashes into Lucky, then learns more about the crystals.&nb... Read Chapter

The Crosses We Bare

Cole meets with Justice, learning more about her powers, and the secret society within the NGP.  She tells him that he needs to me... Read Chapter

Into The Forest

Cole sneaks out of the NGP base with Justice to find the enlightened ones in the forest.  Their hope is to talk to Ktroll to help ... Read Chapter

The Blood Hunters

Death goes to the old human bunker.  He discusses the state of the new project created by the mad scientist, Doc.  &nb... Read Chapter


Cole unexpectedly encounters an old friend on his way to the enlightened ones.  He uncovers a bit of what happened to Shad after t... Read Chapter

The Enlightened Ones

Cole meets the Enlightened Ones.  They prepare him to unlock what’s hiding inside him.   “Pleasure to meet you... Read Chapter

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