Chapter 2: (v.2) August 18th

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Stumbling down the stairs I see my father fixing himself a cup of coffee. I fix my shoe and look around to see my little sister Rose, rolling her eyes on me. Yes, she's eleven years old and already acts like a teenager. 

 I grab my umbrella and kiss my father in hurry. I drag my sister with me. As for I, don't really eat breakfast here at home. Mom is always busy at work. Dad is the coach of the seasons of fall and winter. And practically goes to school later in the day. I grab my keys and open the door of my car.

 I put my bookbag in the back of my car and turn on the car fast. Rose mumbles beneath her breath something unintelligent. I growl at her.

 "Do you want a ride or not?" I whip my head towards her. She scowls at me. 

 "Yes, jeesh. Jennie are you on your period?" I glare at her this time. 

 "I'm always late because of you!" I look around the street. No kids on the road. Good to drive on. No need to run a kid over. Again. 

 "Well, you wanted to drive..." I turn on the radio. Rose sighs and sticks her tongue out. Still a little child. 

 After I take Rose to her school. I drive as fast as I can. Only five minutes before the bell rings. And it takes at least three minutes to reach my school. I park my car and ran as fast as I can. My school's hallways were lonely and quiet. I scramble to my English class. My Math teacher, Ms. Rodgers. She gives me a soft but mad smile. 

 "Ms. Anderson, why you were almost going to get a tardy?" Ms.Rodger says softly while giving me a math sheet. I groan while I sit in my seat. I see Kylie snickering to her friends about me. Those girls never were shown how to grow up. They act like those girls from Mean Girls. I cringe. 

 Zoey and Arianna take next period math. Which means I'm all alone here. My boyfriend is also in the next period math class.  So I'm alone with these strangers, well not technically stranger, they're my classmates, boring classmates. I know some of them. Though that we're a class of twenty kids. I don't even talk to half of my class. 

 After my first period. I manage to snatch a kiss from my boyfriend. After what seems like a year, lunch came. My eyes flew straight to my boyfriend. His were already on me.

 I gently squeeze my way towards him, the huge crowd is in between us, but it doesn't stop me from getting to him. My Asher. I leap forward to him. He smiles and wraps his strong hand around me. I feel safe around him. He's mine. 

  I open my locker to see three sticky notes there laying on the bottom of my locker. It's Asher, of course. I smile and open them. 

 Zoey says she has a surprise for you after school! Which means I'll pick you up from your house. We're can't wait for you to see the surprise!! - yours truly, Asher.

 I read the next sticky note.

 'With the taste of your lips, I'm on a ride... You're toxic, I'm slipping under, With a taste of a poison paradise. I'm addicted to you. Don't you know that you're toxic?'- Britney Spears, Love- Asher.

 I bite my lip and giggle to myself. This boy is going to be the death of me. I love him too much. 

I read the last sticky note.

 'Jennie, wear your cute red summer dress please!' Again annoying you- Asher

I smile and close my locker. I open my bookbag and place the notes in my notebook. I close it and walk out of the school.

 I look at the mirror. My red silky summer dress is the most beautiful thing I got in my closet. I see my sister, Rose, frowning at me. 

 "Where the heck are you going?" I roll my eyes and gently put a pin to secure my messy bun. 

 "Rose, it's a surprise, I don't know where I'm going?" Rose flinches and screams at mom.

 "Mom!! Jennie is going somewhere and she doesn't want to tell me! I think she's going to hit the bed with her boyfriend!" I gasp and turn red. I can hear mom coming up the stairs. And here we go.

Mom looks at me and raises an eyebrow. 

"You?" She asks me. I look at my fingers.

 "It's a surprise, my best friends are going to surprise me. Though my boyfriend is going to take me to the place Zoey says." I say softly. I can see a disagree face of mom.

Mom and I have never had a nice relationship, ever since she ran away with a guy and then came pleading to dad. And I was like in 5th grade when this happens.

 "I don't like that you're going places that you don't know where you're even expecting to see," Mom says loudly. I grit my teeth.

 "Well, I didn't like when you ran away." I smile innocently at her. She gives me a glare and shrug.

 "Whatever." She mumbles and walks towards dad's office. Rose glares at me too. I'm surprised, I knew that Rose would be like mom, stubborn, hating me, wanting to create drama. ETC!! But I'm not going to let them stop me from going out with people I love. 

Asher's Audi is parked on the side of the road. I scramble and grab my purse and phone. I scream to dad that I'm coming back in three hours or so. 

 "Okay, honey, be good. Love you!" He screams back. When I open the door, I see Asher giving me a soft smile, but it doesn't reach his eyes.

 "Jennie?" I look up at him. I give him a suspicious look.

 "I'm going to move soon..." I open my mouth to say no words. Is this all he was going to bring me for? To tell me that he's going to transfer to another school? I gulp a huge lump in my throat my growing. 

 "You're joking," I mumble. Asher looks at me seriously. No, this can't be real.

 "Jennie I'm moving in a week." No, he's not joking at all.

 "But we just started school!" I yell. Asher grabs my hand. 

 "Yeah but my mom is going to start a new job soon plus I can still visit you, on Saturdays and Sundays." I flinch. 

 "Asher, why?" I bury my hand into my face.

 Asher sighs.

 "My parents are getting divorced." I take another deep breath.

 "Can we even last in a long-distance relationship?" I whisper. I lift up my head and see Asher with a worried face.

 "Baby, I...I don't know." I feel tears forming. I look at the window. 

 "I, I think we can do it." Asher agrees.

 "Yeah, I think so too," Asher stammers. I don't quite believe what I'm saying. I don't raise my hopes at all. I've dealt with friends breaking up with their boyfriends since they were in a long-distance relationship, I love Asher too much to even say, goodbye. 

We didn't talk to the rest of the ride. When we reach the surprise place. I saw a fair. Kids smiling and jumping around eating cotton candy. Zoey comes walking to me smiling at me. I sigh and open the door without looking back at Asher. 


Submitted: March 24, 2021

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