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There was this girl who would go outside every night when the stars lit up the brightest and got lost in the maze of the universe. For her it was the only escape from the times life got hardest on her. Looking out at the universe gave her a hope and made her believe in herself. See the problem with this girl wasn’t that she didn’t have anything to offer, the problem with this girl was she didn’t realize how smart, beautiful and kind she was. She had everything anyone else wanted but couldn’t see it. This girl was stronger than most people but always in her mind she was the weakest. She wanted to be perfect and that’s why the stars at night were the only thing that could get her that perfection she felt was missing. She would look up and see how all the stars had their way and floated in the empty void of space perfectly without worry. She was a dreamer and wanted nothing but to hold the universe and its beauty in her hands. She loved helping other people and without a doubt brought a smile on people having their worse days. She was selfless just like the stars in the solar system helping each other orbit around the sun. still at the end of every restless day she still was in search of the things she felt she missed and night after night she looked up at the grand universe and tried to reach for the stars to feel some type of comfort to herself. One day this girl was beyond frustration and like every night before this one she waited till the stars lit up the brightest and walked outside. She looked up and felt the cool air she always felt looking at the stars.She was scanning the sky when she noticed a new bright star. This star was brighter than all the other ones. She wanted to get a closerlookso she ran inside and grabbed her telescope and jolted back outside. She set up the telescope and started looking for the star. The star wasn’t there anymore, she pulled away from the telescope and franticly searched for the bright star she just saw. She kept looking but gave up and started to pack her telescope. She turned around in frustration and dropped her telescope as she saw what was right in front of her . There was a person in an astronaut suit holding balloons that looked like the planets in the solar system. She carefully examined what this strange astronaut was holding and Just behind the balloons was the star she had been looking for. she looked back at the astronaut and tried to make out his face but couldn’t. The astronaut had a reflective screen on the front of his helmet. All she could see was herself. The girl was shocked that she felt no fear standing in front of this mysterious astronaut. She felt a comfortable sensation, almost like she belonged right in front of this crazy thing that was happening to her. She looked back at the bright star she lost in the night sky earlier, the astronaut noticed and began to walk closer to the girl. The astronaut slowly put its glove out with the balloons and motioned the girl to grab them. She looked back at the astronaut doing anything to get a glimpse of its face but again she saw her bangs almost covering her pointy eyebrows and the soft brown eyes of her face. She went to grab the balloons from the astronaut and just as she grabbed them she felt a calm and warm feeling like never before. The astronaut backed up and reached for its helmet. It slowly took off the helmet and shocked the girl. The girl stared at the bangs almost covering her perfectly shaped eyebrows with the same soft brown eyes she had…the astronaut was her. All the years and all the struggle of trying to find herself in the universe and stars was complete. The girl had a smile on her face.. a smile brighter than all the stars she looked at all her life and realized the very thing she was looking for was already with her the whole time.


Submitted: March 17, 2021

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Short Story / Fantasy