The Very First Easter Bunny

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No one has ever told me I was wrong... or right.

When I was about eight years old my little sister asked me a question I had asked myself for several years. I considered myself her guardian since her birth. We had spent two years in an orphanage. We were adopted together when I was five and she was three. I too had been curious about a rabbit that laid chicken eggs... decorated chicken eggs. Now, no one had ever been able to give me an answer I could accept. I always told my sister either the absolute truth or something that would comfort her.  I had decided this was one time I would have to make it up as I went along. This is what I told her... it still might be true.
It all started in Germany in the 13th Century on a small farm. Easter was coming and the family was getting ready. Easter Dinner was always special because everyone was invited. It was like an annual family reunion. Everyone brought a dish to contribute to the meal. The farmer's wife always bought a chick in the Spring then raise it all year. She would fatten her up so she would be at her biggest for the Easter meal.
One particular year the young chick, who had been named Candy, had grown into one of the most popular members of the barnyard residents. The horses liked her. She helped clean tiny pebbles out of their hooves.  The pigs liked her because she did not eat pig food and she was very pleasant to them no matter how much mud got on them. The donkeys liked her because she knew the difference between a donkey and a horse. The goats liked her because she would play games with them and never complain if one of the kids stepped on her toes... But, her best friend was a rabbit she had found hiding in the barn one day. It seems some hunters were following the young rabbit. When Candy realized what was happening she started clucking around and fluttering up one side of the barn to the other. She got the other animals to join her in distracting the hunters.  They kept getting in the way until the hunters finally gave up.
Candy had spent her entire year doing favors for the other animals and it had created a very friendly atmosphere for all of them. She would peck at the hooves of the horses and donkeys to help them wake up before their master came to get them to work. It was much easier on them if they actually woke up before someone slapped a saddle on them. She would bring bits of string or fetch anything anyone needed (that would fit in her little beak). She enjoyed helping the others. This particular week all of her friends seemed very sad. They all knew she would not be around after Sunday. It was going to be Easter Sunday.  They all knew none of the chicks ever stayed after Easter Sunday.  They went into the house and disappeared.
Chocolate, her bunny friend, finally asked the other members of the barnyard why they were so sad. You see, Chocolate lived in a small forest not far from the farm. She would come every day and play with Candy. They would play hide and seek to help Chocolate practice staying away from the hunters. They were best friends. Chocolate found out that Candy was going to disappear on Sunday. Chocolate decided she would have to come up with a solution to save her friend. She went home to her family in the forest one evening. It was time to start Spring cleaning the rabbit holes.
Spring was when the rabbit homes were very busy with new babies, losing their winter coats, and finding food. Chocolate would always bring home food she found on the farm. She was so worried about her friend, Candy. Her family gave her an idea when she was cleaning out the underground home. She had swept all the fur they had shed. She was so excited. She got with the other mothers in her group and asked them to give her all the fur in their homes. Chocolate had figured out how she was going to save Candy.
She arrived at the barnyard early one morning. Chocolate hopped all over the barnyard with excitement. It took some real convincing but she finally talked Candy into coming home with her. It took Candy a while to get there because chickens do not hop too well. Chocolate's family and friends worked all night dressing Candy up by using some honey left by some bees and sticking their fallen winter coats all over her. Rabbit ears were made of two leaves that were shaped just right and coated with the fur as well. They did the same for the little round tail. Everyone was so excited. Candy looked just like a bunny. It took the rest of the night to teach her how to hop.  A tiny rosebud for her nose completed the disguise.
The next day Chocolate and Candy made their way back to the barnyard. The barnyard residences were delighted when her friends realized the bunny that had come with Chocolate was indeed their friend Candy. Now, there were a couple more elements needed. You see Candy had not told anyone that her husband, Sprinkles, lived on another farm down the road. He was a fine rooster. However, Candy was going to be a mother. She mentioned this problem to the rest of her friends. How was she going to hide her eggs?
The horses and the donkeys came up with the solution. They would hide the eggs in the hay but they needed to be able to move them quickly if the farmer's wife searched near the hay bales. The pigs decided that they could cover the eggs with mud to camouflaged and blend into their surroundings. The horses did not like that idea at all. Flowers would work. Wildflowers were gathered from the field to put over the eggs upon their arrival. One of the donkeys took off her straw hat and turned it upside down.  It makes a wonderful basket complete with a pretty ribbon that had been used to tie it.  Baskets of wildflowers and hay would be a good place to hide Candy's eggs. Everything had been set. It was the Saturday before Easter Sunday.  It had been decided that after Easter Candy would go live with her husband on the other farm.  The whole barnyard knew a new chick would take her place anyway.
The farmer's wife came out to the barn looking for Candy. She threw grain on the ground and called and called. Candy was not to be found. She did not recognize Candy sitting in the corner. The little girl who came out to play with Chocolate squealed, "Look, Mommy, we have a new bunny. Now, my bunny won't be so lonely." Her mother looked at the bunny in the corner, Candy wiggled the rosebud just enough. The woman thought for just a second. "We could always serve rabbit...but my daughter would never forgive me for that one." No, chicken and no rabbit. This you would think was an Easter miracle but only if you are a bunny... laying eggs.
Easter Sunday came. The bunny in the barn had left several eggs which the farmer's wife had found in a basket of hay covered with wildflowers.  Some of the colors from the wildflowers had stained the eggs making them look decorated.  Candy's husband Sprinkles told her that she could lay more eggs like the other hens at the farm where he lived. The farmer's wife noticed there was enough to prepare an omelet large enough to feed her family. That was the last time the farmer ever served chicken for Easter Sunday dinner.
So, Candy left her eggs and she and Chocolate had a new routine now.  Candy would supply the eggs and Chocolate would take them to the barnyard only once a year.  No more chicks were there but there had been Chocolate promised to help get it to Candy for safety.  Sometimes she enjoyed visiting with her old friends and leaving the eggs for the family.  The story of Chocolate and Candy was born. The Easter miracle of the bunny who left them eggs in a basket of flowers was told and retold until it became the legend we know today.
That is what I told my little sister. No one has ever told me anything that would make me believe it was not the truth.  I have never heard an Easter that did not include talk about Chocolate, Candy, and sometimes even Sprinkles is mentioned.

Submitted: March 17, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Texasjane. All rights reserved.

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88 fingers

That was a very enjoyable story.

Wed, March 17th, 2021 11:54pm


Thank you so very much.

Wed, March 17th, 2021 5:27pm

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