Diamond 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is about a girl named Holly, that had experiences that are to an extent painful, but in the end she found true love like a Diamond.


Holly, a ten year old girl and her six year brother, Dylan endured horrific misery from their father. They knew not the meaning of parental love since their mother died, which made Holly see it as her duty to protect her brother.

Logan, their father was a drinkard, that apparently hated life. He got depressed after the loss of the love of his life, Heather. They were happily married for ten years, before she got burnt in a gory vehicle accident. Logan learnt of her death and never got over it. Every day, he'ld sit to drink just to forget his sorrows, but the grief never seemed to move. It was as a thick cloud that was ever with him wherever he went. And he'ld cry like a kid, whenever he remembers that Heather was no more.

His mental state made Holly seem like a demon in human's body. Due to that, he so much grew hatred for her brother and her. He hated the sight of them and anyday he sees anyone of them, he'ld make life hell for such person.

One morning, Logan had been out for work very early in the morning; something he hardly do as he was an award-worthy late comer. Holly was woken up by her brother for their daily morning prayers to the only good father they knew, as they were taught by Heather.

"Sister, it is time to talk to good father, bad father has gone out."

Dylan whispered. Holly tried so hard to get up from the cloth they had spread on the floor, that they called 'comfort beddie'. She had injuries on her hands which she suffered the night before while trying to protect her brother. She just turned over and knelt by her brother who was already kneeling.
"Good father!" She started. "Thank you for another beautiful day! Please give us what to eat today so that we will not have to sleep hungry this night!"
"Amen!" They said in unison and arose to their feet.

Holly rolled up the cloth they had slept on. It was the only cloth Holly could grab her hands on, that belonged to their mother, before Logan shut Heather's room, never opening it again.
"Sister! Can we go outside? I want to eat." Dylan requested.

"Alright let's go outside!"
Holly went to a corner in their room and picked up a carton box. She brought out a key that had a rope attached to the bottom from the box, and walked to the door.
"Dylan!" She whispered.

"Come closer!" Dylan stretched his left leg forward and brought the other, dancing as he did.
Holly smiled, inserted the key into the key's hole and out they went to the real world very far from their own home. Everywhere was quite decorated as Christmas was three days away. The Christmas swags here and there. The festive trees of different sizes, proudly lighted colourfully- red, green and white. The sun had risen fully, yet people could hardly be seen walking around. A storm was going to hit the city for the first time since about four years. It promised to be a blast. And many people got the information in time therefore finding solace in their homes. It meant that workers had to go to work early and return home after the storm was gone. That was why Logan left the house early.

Holly's eyes rolled around searching for something to pick up so they can quench their hunger.
"I wonder why every where is so silent." Holly uttered.
"And so empty!" Dylan added.
"Except for the garland; and the trees; and the swags; and the wreaths." Holly added
"And the sleds; and the..." Dylan joined, making them go on and on for about ten minutes.
"... And the sleighs; and the santas."
"You've said santas before." Holly stated.
"Really, alright and the..." he paused and sniffed a little. "Can you smell that yummy...my... my ....my?" Dylan questioned. "O-o-h-h-h y-y-e-a-a-h-h!" Holly responded licking her lips. She held her brother's wrist and followed the inviting smell till she got to the house it was coming from. She peeked through the window and... "Wow!" Holly whispered.
"I want to see too." Dylan cried cause he wasn't tall enough to see inside of the building.
"Alright!" Holly said.

She bent down and lifted him from the waist. He looked in and was stunned. Never has he seen anything like it. The dining table was in full view. He could see gold plates with all kinds of yummies. The candlesticks of different heights, the candles, several colours- green, red, yellow so many. The gingerbread house and the gingerbread men. He could see Santa's statue standing, wearing a powerful grin, with some candy canes, some reindeers and all.
"Dylan, I ca..n't ho..l..d o..n an..y..y mo..r..r" Holly's trembling legs staggared to the back.
"Sister, but I just came up here, whoo...aa!" *SLUMP* They met themselves on the floor. Dylan safely landed on Holly's stomach and Holly, well, the floor. They both got up and walked to the door.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Holly hit the door softly.
"Who is that fool at the door?" A masculine voice spoke up.
"That's mean!" A feminine voice uttered.
Footsteps were heard.
"Get back kids!"
"But we want to see dad!" A boy cried.
The door knob turned and the door opened slowly. Standing before them was like a giant. A tall grumpy old man well built with muscles.
A little boy peeked from behind the door.
"Good morning Sir. Please, we are hungry and we don't hav..."
*SLAM* The door got shut.
"Nonsense! Do I look like Santa Clause?" The man walked back to his seat.
"Dylan, let's go to church, we'll get food there!" Holly spoke up.
They were about to go when the door opened. A small hand came out, threw a full loaf of bread at them and a face appeared.
"Call me.."
"Cody! What are you doing there?"
Strong wind soon began to blow.

Submitted: March 18, 2021

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