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this is just a farther dive of what kind of person i am and just some other random stuff

Hello my lovely readers! 

I hope you guys are doing lovely today or whenever you are reading this


I'm not so good right now (´????). Probably because my parents are giving me a hard time, but that's beyond the point?(?^?^?)?! 

Where should I start.. hm... maybe I should start by giving you guys my OL name, which is Kirei. I'm 15. I guess I'll do a face reveal  ( ´ ? ` )b.

yuck it looks so baaaad!

um.. yuck.p(? Ò ? Ó)q The computer camera can't capture worth a damn. 
Anyways~! That's what I look like. nothing special. Just you're adverage Ticing, High on the scale ADHD, Social Anxiety Mess, PDD, full of Childhood Trauma, In Need Of Therapy, Closetted genius (this one is just more of me being a smartass), Almost deaf because of a condition she has that she forgot the name of, artist by trade, animal lover, author. 
ok, nothing is adverage about me. But I do love animals. actually.. I've gained the trust of a hurt baby bird last spring... I gained the trust of another bird to the point that he ate from my hands willingly several times... I held a chicken in 6th grade, I held Cash the Rooster about a month or two ago, this past Monday, we (me and Tammy who owns the chickens, she's also the lady who we buy our eggs from) were going give the chickens some feed... Cash came up to me and jumped into my arms so he could eat from my hand... as far as cats go, I've gained the trust of Oscar the Grouch (that's his nickname) he's my new best fur friend... T-Rouge let me pick him up and hold him. T-Rouge is a tabby cat, and Oscar is this Grey colored cat...those cats are Terry's cats. but our aunt and Uncle's cats,  Deiseal, she's a total black cat who is this fat roll and she is so sweet! Fritter,  who is a tabby and he acts like a dog, used to hate me, at least that's what I thought until I stayed a week there, fritter was all over me. He hates the little kids. Owen, heheh Owen just genuinely hates everyone else except me and my uncle. Pudding, a cat that is now dead, but still, she was so mean to anyone else except my cousin and aunt. then i come along and put up with the scratches the gave me, and some how eventually gained that damn cat's trust. she'd let me pet her and I was fucking 8 or 9 years old! there was another cat but they had to put her outside.. i don't remember her name.. there was Josie the leopard gecko who I miss so much, as well as Holly the Hedgehog, she was super sweet. my cousin Kim's cat (i don't remember her cat's name) who only let Kim touch her, gained my trust and allowed me to pet her. Hmm what other animals besides the endless amount of dogs in my life.. I remember the Doberman from the animal hospital, he actually climbed into my lap so that was something... the dog wasn't even ours... oh I remember one time I was feeding the humming birds with a solo cup, they all came and fought over the sugar water. I'm an animal whisperer! (how the fuck did this turn into that^?)
But like I was saying, N o t h i n g  is  A D V E R A G E  about me. And a lot of people think it's because of my personality. I took a personality quiz like 10 seperate times, getting the same results every time. My results were INFP-T every time. So that explains pretty much a lot of me. Imma link my Pinterest account for you lovely people so you can see some of my art I've posted so far.

Submitted: March 18, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ʗσʄʄεε-βεαηsɾαͲs ɱιlϏ. All rights reserved.

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my kaomojis! argh that frickin' sucks! I can't believe that shit.

Thu, March 18th, 2021 8:44pm

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