Tidal Deception

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Tidal deception is a captivating story about a couple, WILLIAMS AND TRACIE who had different ideas of what a happy home should consist of. At first Tracie was happy in her marriage but on the other hand, Williams wanted them to expand their family, which made him quite desperate for a child.
After months of disagreements and squabbles they both agreed to adopt a child, a girl named ALEX.
Alex was a troubled kid at the little saint orphanage home, a child other children never wanted to play or mess with. At a young age, she was known for her brutal ways of retaliation.
ELLIE, a middle aged woman, who ran the affairs of the orphanage, loved and treated Alex as her own.
Years after the adoption, Alex turned twenty four and all of their lives changed. Williams was kidnapped and raped on his anniversary by woman he felt strangely sexually attracted to, he felt bad thinking Tracie was home waiting but he was wrong about that, she was with her boss Phil in a hotel. After months of frequent kidnapping of Williams and Tracie’s affairs, something strange happened. Tracie was attacked in their home which landed her in the hospital. She suspected it was her own daughter who attacked her but Williams thought it was unimaginable and banished the thoughts from their minds.
After the accident, the couple tried to fix their relationship but soon realized it was a little too late. Alex became pregnant for a mystery man her family never got to meet because he died in an accident that almost cost her life. Tracie became furious and upset again, first it was Alex as a child, now she was thinking of the new born. After much deliberation, disagreements and fights about the baby, the father and daughter won, Tracie succumbed to the idea of the baby. Williams received a shocking mail, he saw videos and pictures of his wife’s affair from an unknown source, Tracie got a copy too which made her uncomfortable and even more determined to expose the culprit whom she suspected was her daughter Alex.
But Alex was always a step ahead; she planned everything perfectly with the help of her biological mother CARRIE, Phil’s wife. Alex kidnapped and raped her father, pushed Tracie down the stairs, staged her own freak accident, made up a story about her fiancé all because she was in love with Williams. Williams who was away for a business trip, rushed back home to meet his wife in her sick bed. Alex succeeded in killing Tracie unknowingly to everyone and decided to her move her new family away from the town.


April 14, 1981 

Little Saint orphanage home



Tuesdays were set aside for pickups at Little Saint orphanage home, where lucky children left with their new families.  In her tiny office, Ellie sat behind her desk.  Living with two grown daughters and a 2-year-old grandson, who consistently frustrates any efforts to comfort him, occupied her thoughts today.

It wasn’t his upbringing that she was quite sure of.  She took great pride in her parental skills.  Her late husband, however, had poor genes and she blamed his side of the family for their daughter’s lack of character and abnormal behavior.  Of course, these traits had been passed down to the terror.  Sometimes, she wondered if her natural children had somehow been switched at birth.

One of the children at the orphanage; Alex, was not like any other child she had met.  She was independent, dressing herself by the age of five.  She was couth, unlike Ellie’s own children.  Ellie wanted to take Alex home but the limited space there prohibited any more occupants; it was sure to collapse if any more rodents moved in.

That didn’t prevent Ellie from raising Alex as her own;nursing her from the day she was left at the orphanage.  Other staff members thought Alex was strange and weird, mostly due to interactions with other children.  But Ellie knew Alex was different, special.  Alex was beautiful and even at a young age her facial features were well defined and her hazel eyes could charm any.

The telephone buzzed and Ellie picked up the receiver.  “Yes?”

“Mr. and Mrs. Williams to see you.”

“Let them in please”.

Mr. Williams was in his late twenties, tall and charming.  His brown eyes were large and compassionate and Ellie couldn’t stop herself from smiling at him.  His boyish looks could mitigate any mischief he might get into.

Mrs. Williams was light skinned and thin.  She smiled weakly as introductions were made, but her eyes conveyed a depression or sadness.

Ellie offered the pair seats in front of her desk.

“Thank you, mam”, Mr. Williams said.  “It’s nice to finally meet you.  We have spoken on the phone a couple of times.”

Ellie nodded.

“Tracie and I love each other very much.  But, and this is painful to admit, we cannot have kids of our own to share our love.  I’ve always wanted a son.”  His voiced drifted away.  “But I think Tracie wants a shopping partner.  Isn’t that right, honey?”

“Yes.  That’s right.  Whatever you say,” Tracie responded.

Ellie smiled.  She knew from the screening process the Williams were a good match for Alex.  Meeting Mr. Williams in person solidified it.  “I know just the right child for the two of you.”  She picked up the telephone receiver.  “Can you please send Alexandra Moore in?”







































Chapter One 

April 14th 1999 


It was a sunny Wednesday morning and the phone rang repeatedly, as family friends and well-wishers called to wish Alex a happy birthday. Some she thanked for honoring her, others were ignored. She would listen to their pleasantries and then hang up with a generic “thanks”. 

Alex wasn’t exactly sure why birthdays were celebrated. To her, they seemed pointless, a complete waste of resources. Only iconic people and events should be acknowledged: Independence Day, St. Valentine’s Day, and Easter. 

When Alex was younger, her parents would bake a cake, pick out a cute outfit for her, and invite their friends, their colleagues and their children to the house for a party. Alex wasn’t friends with any of them yet had to participate in the charade just to get to the best part of the day: the gifts her father gave. He would say, “Before you go to bed, here is a little gift to put a smile on that beautiful face”. 

Alex was an adult now, and the cakes and outfits and party were part of the past. But the birthday gifts from her father remained. 

For her 19th birthday, Alex had requested an unusual gift, at least as far as Tracie was concerned. But no one could come between the love her father had for Alex, not even Tracie. 

“Other reasonable fathers get their daughters cars…or a trust fund!” Tracie screamed. “Yet you give your daughter a freaking dildo?!?” 

“Honey come on”, Williams pleaded. “It’s not that big of a deal. Besides, you know the rules. Alex gets whatever she wants. That’s how it’s always been.” Williams steadied his voice. “She trusts me enough to ask for it. I don’t want her sleeping around or asking someone else to get it. I would do anything for her.” 

Alex didn’t hear what Tracie said next, over the sound of a door slamming. 

Since then, Alex had her “fifteen minutes of heaven”. It felt so good afterwards. 

Alex reached for her diary. She had circled this date. It was time. 














Chapter Two 


“Happy Anniversary honey!” Williams exclaimed. He always looked forward to this time of the year. He had married the woman of his dreams and it was Alex’s birthday. Though lately there had been strains to Williams and Tracie’s marriage, he was determined to keep their family together. 

Williams would suggest the three of them take a vacation to celebrate. But Tracie’s job would interfere most of the time and so the annual family vacation became father/daughter bonding trips. It seemed they spent most holidays alone together. 

Williams would teach Alex how to ride a bicycle and cook. And Alex would surprise him with little gifts or his favorite meal when Tracie was working late. Williams never really understood why she had to travel so much, given her position. Tracie always had her reasons though. 

This year, Williams had planned a trip to a resort for just him and Tracie. He pictured romantic walks on the beach and candle light dinners for two. It would be perfect. 

Tracie walked out from the bathroom. She looked as pretty today as the day Williams first saw her. Her silk dress highlighted her womanly curves and slender legs. 

Tracie sat on the small bench near the dresser; legs crossed, and applied red lipstick. Her skin glowed as the rays of the sun peeped through the sheer violet drapes, surrounding her with an ethereal glow. 

How she managed to keep herself so young and so beautiful was a mystery to Williams. He was so lucky. He had the most attractive woman on Earth as his wife and the second most as his daughter. 

Tracie stood in front of the mirror, brushing her damp hair with a comb. “Happy Anniversary Williams”, she said. 

Williams put his arms around her waist. “I was thinking, why don’t we go somewhere? Just the two of us. Some dinner, some music, some…naughty?” 

Tracie pecked his check with her lips. “Why don’t I get off work early instead and make us dinner? I will cook your favorite meal and if we are not too tired, we can think about the naughty part.” She pulled away and moved towards the door. “Don’t be late.” 

Williams knew Tracie was unhappy. But he knew he could do anything for her, anything to save their marriage. He left their bedroom and went to Alex’s room. He knocked twice and opened the door. Alex was on her bed, listening to music. “Happy Birthday honey.” He handed her a small box. 

Alex smiled and switched off the stereo. She tore through the wrappings and dumped the contents into her hand. The keys were emblazed with the Mercedes-Benz logo. “Is…is it the same one I think it is”, she exclaimed. 

Williams nodded. From the moment they saw it together, he had adamantly refused to get the shiny black coupe for her. It was a new model and quite expensive. Even though Alex pleaded with him repeatedly he maintained his position. But they both knew he was only playing. 

“Why don’t you take her for a drive,” Williams said. “I’ve got some important work to attend to.” 

“Aren’t I important”, Alex said coyly.
“No dear, I spend millions on people that are less important to me”, Williams said. “I love you silly! Never forget that. Now, go have fun while I refill the hole your gift created in my pocket!” 

Alex kissed him on the cheek and dashed outside. 






























Tracie detested tardiness. Williams checked his watch against the clock in the dash of his car again. He knew Tracie would be at home making his favorite meal, spaghetti Bolognese. The aroma wafted throughout the house whenever she made it, a deep earthy smell. Tracie would never share her recipe; Williams was sure it was a family secret. There was a time when Tracie would cook this same meal for a week straight thinking Williams would come to despise it.  But he savored every bite. 

Williams pulled up to the mart and entered. He purchased Tracie’s favorite red wine and dark chocolates. After he made his first sale, he took Tracie for a little holiday trip to a wine tasting. Tracie discovered merlot wine, she enjoyed the rich fruity taste and loved the feeling it brought after a few glasses. Every anniversary since then, he brought the same wine and chocolates. 

Williams returned to his car and as he was checking the time on his phone, he noticed a missed call from Tracie. He dialed home but the machine answered. “Hey honey, I’m at the supermarket at Parkview. I’m on my way home now. I can’t wait to see you. I love you.” 

Williams hung up. The cool evening breeze brushed his face. He knew the wine and chocolates no longer excited Tracie. Fun plans he made were declined and she nagged a lot. She canceled dinner dates and now sex was mechanical. 

It wasn’t always this way. There was a time when Tracie would suggest making love in weird place. Once, they snuck into an art gallery and pretended to be foreign tourists, complete with phony accents. Williams yearned to see that Tracie again. 

Williams pulled out of the mart and headed home. He glanced in his mirror and noticed a police car behind him, closing fast. He slowed down to let the officerpass by; he instead received a motion to pull over. 

The officer’s hat was pulled down tightly over his head. “Good evening sir,” he said. “License and registration please.” 

Williams smiled. “Of course. It’s my anniversary today, so I’m trying to get home.” He motioned to the bag with the wine and chocolates. 

The officer nodded. “Uh-huh.” 

Williams turned from the officer to retrieve the papers. Suddenly, there was a sting on the back of his neck. His body went numb and the last thing he remembered was Tracie, admonishing him for being tardy. 












































Chapter Three

January 1981 Oakland 


Williams and Tracie first met in high school.  He was the captain of the football team but unlike some of his teammates, he was a kind and decent guy.  He excelled in athletics and academics and was popular.

Tracie was pretty, an average student but not an athlete.  Their relationship started in history class, when they were paired to do a presentation on medieval culture.  It continued throughout high school and beyond.  Keeping their relationship intact was a top priority for both.

After graduation, Williams attended college in Europe, on a full tuition scholarship to one of the best woodworking schools.  Tracie attempted to become a model but there was always someone else prettier, uglier, thinner, fatter, and just different who landed the parts.  She appeared in a few local ads and photo shoots but nothing substantial ever materialized.

The pair kept in touch and upon Williams return after graduating college, they married.  Williams received a job offer in Oakland and the newlyweds relocated there.  They moved into a small community and Williams made fast friends with all the neighbors.  Williams opened a small furniture business and made enough to support his family.  Their new life together was beautiful.

But then Williams decided to expand his family beyond the two of them.  He wanted a child they could love together.  He was the only child of his deceased parents.  Both had perished in a car crash just after his eighteenth birthday.  He fondly remembered the times they argued where Williams would intervene with a joke or a strange face which usually caused his parents to join in and end the matter peacefully.  His parents met Tracie a few times and found her to be a smart, engaging, and, of course, beautiful young woman suitable for their son.

Tracie was against the idea of having a child from the start.  Her parents had divorced when she was little; her memories of her father were dim and distant.  Her mum remarried and gave birth to Tracie’s half brothers and sisters.  Tracie became more like a caregiver than a sibling.  She hated her mum for this.  Tracie began spending more and more time away from home, to avoid the family she never really felt part of.

Tracie tried to talk Williams out of it but as the days passed it became all he talked about.  She secretly embarked on a search for a job, thinking having her out of the house would dissuade him.  She was rejected, lack of experience being the chief reason cited.

Williams wouldn’t move on.  Though his calls home to check on Tracie became more erratic and less frequent, when we came home in the evenings the subject of expanding the family was all he wanted to talk about.  It was worse when he met a colleague’s child or saw a baby.  He speculated on what their child would look like, often comparing features he saw in others with Tracie’s.

Tracie began to dread any physical contact with Williams.  Was he making love or trying to impregnate her?  The thoughts intruded on her sleep.  Her only way out, she reasoned, was a career.  Some leverage she could use to keep Williams at bay.  She increased her diligence but to her dismay could not land a position.

Williams never missed dinner with his wife.  Nothing was more important to him than having a warm meal with his beloved and tucking her in at night.

It was a cool evening and they had both finished eating.

“I wanted to surprise you”, Tracie said quietly.  “I’ve been trying to get a job but I can’t do it on my own.  I’m sorry.  Can you please help me?”

“I think that’s Wonderful!” Williams exclaimed.  “But I think we should focus on having a baby first, don’t you?  I can always help you pursue a career later.  You could come work at the store!”

Tracie’s emotions, fueled by lack of sleep, alcohol, and thoughts of child birth, poured forth.  “You never talk about anything but a damn child!”Her voice continued to rise.  “Williams, for goodness sake, I am 21-years old.  How do I raise a child when I’m still one myself?”  Tracie picked up her near empty wine glass and circled Williams.  “Understand.  I do not want a baby.  They mess up people’s lives, their homes, anything they meet.  We don’t have one and the thought is making my life hell.  Do you understand me?!?”

Williams nodded.

“Whenever I see Katie I feel so sorry for her”, Tracie said.  “She always screaming at her kids, like they have some sort of hearing disability.  She appears like a crazy person, unkempt and confused, whenever I see her and her offspring.”  She tried to maintain her anger but tears began to flow.  “I don’t want kids.  I just don’t.  Please, please Williams.  Don’t make me.  I don’t want to ruin our life together.”

Tracie had struggled under this burden yet Williams failed to see it.  He got up from the table and put his arms around her.  She recoiled at first but he persisted.  “I’m sorry Tracie.  I didn’t realize what I was doing to you.  Please don’t cry.”  He kissed her forehead.

That night, for the first time in months, they made love together.  Williams dropped talk about having a baby and over the next few months a new routine emerged: the couple went on dates, tried new restaurants, and took walks wherever the sun was rising or setting, rain or shine.  Their courtship returned renewed and stronger.

“I have some news”, Williams said during one of their dinner dates.  “Do you remember Michael over at Philips publishing company?”

“Hmm.  Maybe?” Tracie said.

Williams laughed.  “It doesn’t matter.  Anyway, through a friend of a friend I’ve found you a position over there.  It isn’t much money but…”

“But what”, Tracie said.  She knew Williams wasn’t a man to let things go so easily.  When he wanted something, he would plan and execute.

“Look.  I understand you don’t want a baby.  And I don’t want to impact our marriage.  We have been so happy.”


“I’ve come to accept your decision.  But in exchange for the job, you have to agree to adopt a child.”

Tracie excused herself and went to bathroom.  She was being blackmailed.  By her husband, her partner, her friend.  How could he do this to her?

In silence, they left the restaurant and headed home.  Williams tried to engage Tracie but she refused to speak.  After a few days, Tracie was ready to bargain.

“Here are my terms”, Tracie said.  “We can adopt a child but it will not be an infant.  I will not care for a baby.  The child will be akin to my roommate.  It will address me as Tracie and not mum.  And you must handle everything.  Is that clear?”

“Thank you! Thank you!”, Williams said.  He hugged Tracie tightly and spun her around the room.  “It’s a deal!”  He knew a child would find its way into Tracie’s heart.

Tracie smiled.  She knew that with his commitments to the store, raising this thing by himself would frustrate Williams so much that he would beg the agency to take it back.  “It’s a deal.”




















Chapter Four

April 19, 1999

Philips publishing company 



Philips Publishing wasn’t well known outside Oakland. It thrived mostly from the two local newspapers, and church and local government publications.  It was housed in a three-story brick building held together by many coats of peeling paint.

On the ground floor was the reception desk, staffed by Gertrude Daniels.  Her area was worn but she kept it spotless.  She was the oldest member of the staff and the keeper of its culture.  She would bake cakes or biscuits for birthdays and provide a goodie bag for them to take home.

Behind Gertrude were operations, where news and interest stories were screened before sending them to press.  The second-floor housed staff offices and the third story had been converted into a large conference room and a small cafeteria.

When Tracie first joined the company, she hated it.  But the thought of being home with the child was worse.  Her boss was Phil Stevens and he was horrible.  Her first day, Phil dumped a load of files on her desk and instructed her to “figure it out”.  He accused her of misplacing files, sending Tracie frantically off to locate them only to later discover Phil had assigned it to one of her colleagues.  Around Williams she referred to the company as “Hell House”.

Tracie sat with her arms resting on top of the latest mound of papers Phil had deposited on her desk.  It was her anniversary today and what should have been the happiest day of her life was just another sour Monday.  Her relationship with Williams had been permanently disrupted because of the child between them.  Tracie thought about divorce but she didn't feel it was right, walking away from everything they had both shared over the years without trying.

It was their anniversary today yet home was the last place she wanted to be.  She called Williams a couple of times but he didn’t pick up.  Maybe he knew she wanted to cancel.

In the past, before the child, Williams would always plan something for the two of them.  Sometimes it was just a walk alone together.  Or an evening out to a show and dinner.  But it was always treasured.

Since the child arrived, “Hell House”, as bad as it was, became her sanctuary.  On Sundays, she began to look forward to her time away.  She would book meetings early and late just to savor a few precious more minutes.

It was now past 6pm and Tracie could no longer feign working any later.  She would have to go home now.  Her phone beeped with a voice message from Williams.  She didn’t return his call.  He has a daughter at home now, why does he need me at all.

Tracie felt a hand on her shoulder.  She knocked over the top layer of papers and spun around.

A tall figure stood over her.  “Happy Anniversary honey.”

Tracie draped her arms around his chest and kissed his lips.  “Aww, happy anniversary baby!”

The man rubbed her arms, her shoulders, and her hair.

Tracie scanned the office.  “What are you doing here?  I thought we agreed…”

The man lifted Tracie off the ground.  “I couldn’t wait any longer baby.”

“We can’t.  Not here.  What if someone came in?”  Tracie squirmed until he released her.  “Let’s meet, now.Usual place?”

“I can’t wait”, the man said.

“Oh and Phil”, Tracie said.  “Don’t you dare forget the wine and chocolates?”

“I won’t”, Phil said with a wink and disappeared down the elevator.

Tracie took the stairs, still flush from their encounter.  As she wandered towards her car, she stopped and scanned the parking lot and building.  Was Phil still lurking around, waiting to surprise her again?  Or someone else?  The sun dipped low and Tracie drove off into the night to meet her lover.




























Chapter Five

Unknown location 



Williams could barely move his limbs.  A thick rag or towel was covering his eyes and his hands were bound behind his back.  The sounds of the road and the swaying of the car betrayed his location.  His pockets were empty and his wedding band was off.

Years ago, Tracie had always teased the fantasy of being kidnapped with Williams coming through as her heroic liberator.  Now it looked like she would be his champion.  Williams smiled.  It had to be Tracie.  Who else would want to extort money from him?  He had no enemies and no threats had been made against him.

The car came to a stop and the trunk swung open.  Two sets of hands lifted him out of the car and onto his feet.  “Thanks”, he said cheerfully.

The two men led him though a squeaky door and across some tile.  One of the men pressed a button.  A bell dinged and elevator doors slid open.  The three men entered.

The elevator hummed to life and deposited them on yet another floor.  His captors led him down a long hallway and into a room.  They sat him on a cushy mattress and left, closing the door behind them.

Williams noticed a familiar scent of perfume waffling around the room.  “Hello?” he said.  “Tracie, is that you?  Come on honey; let me out of these things”.  The room remained silent.  “Hello?” Williams said again.

Footsteps approached.  Softer, delicate.  A woman.

“Tracie?”  Williams could feel her presence, just outside his reach.  He strained against his restraints.  “I know it’s you.  You really outdid yourself this time!  Now come on, let me loose so we can enjoy this.”

The woman knelt between him legs.

“Please.  At least remove this blindfold so I can see you.”  A single bead of sweat rolled down Williams’ face and dripped off his chin.  “I want to see your beautiful face.”  He could feel her.  She was so close.  “Ok, you want to keep it a mystery, right?  My wild cat?”

The woman kissed him.  It was quick, passionate, and tender.  And different.  Williams knew the taste of his wife.  It was not her.  “Who are you?!?  What do you want?!?  I demand…”

“Shhhh”, the woman said.  She stood up and circled the room, her heels slowly clicking.

“Look, I just want to go home.  It’s my anniversary.  I’m married.  And I’m sure my wife and daughter are worried about me.  Please, just let me go.  I want to see them again.”  Williams stood up and tried to move in the direction of the footsteps.

The woman opened the door and called out.  Other figures entered the room.  Two men grabbed Williams.  He struggled but their combined strength overpowered him.  They deposited him on the bed, stripped him naked, and restrained him.

“What are you doing to me”, Williams said.  “Please…”  He heard rustling nearby; clothes being removed and folded.  “What is happening?!?”

The woman, slender and athletic, laid on top of him.  She was naked and her intoxicating scent filled the room.

Williams became aroused, despite his intentions.  This pleased the woman, who maneuvered her body and forced him inside her.  Williams tried to shake her off, but his hands and feet were bound tight.  “Please, no…”

The woman began rocking her body back and forth, slowly at first, then faster and faster until he came.  He raised his hips off the bed, thrusting again and again as he finished.

The woman began to dismount.

“Wait”, Williams said.  “Please, don’t…don’t go.”

The woman kissed him again and got up from the bed.  Williams heard her dress and open the door.

The figures entered again and Williams turned his head away from them, ashamed.  He felt a prick in his arm the sounds and smells of the room disappeared.

Submitted: March 19, 2021

© Copyright 2021 audrey john. All rights reserved.

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