The Snyder Cut: Justice League

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Editorial and Opinion  |  House: The Imaginarium

A look at the Snyder Cut version of the DC movie
'Justice League

The Snyder Cut

Justice League


Studio: Warner Brothers

Director: Zack Snyder

Running time: 4 hours


Ben Affleck – Bruce Wayne / Batman

Henry Cavill – Klark Kent / Superman

Gal Gadot – Diana Prince / Wonderwoman

Jason Mamoa – Arthur Curry / Aquaman

Ray Fisher – Victor Stone / Cyborg

Ezra Miller – Barry Allen / The Flash


With supporting roles from

Jeremy Irons, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Connie Nielsen, Joe Morton, Cameos from

Jared Leto, Amber Heard, Willem Defoe, J.K Simmons, David Thewlis, Jessie Eisenberg.


The Justice League is a DC (Dynamic Comics) group of Superheroes who band together to defend the World against all threats Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial.

The Director

When it comes to delivering DC Movies you cannot get away from the influence Zack Snyder has had on them with his vision and respect for the source material.

His resume is impressive; here’s a taste of his best-known movies he has produced or directed

300 – 2006 (Director)

Watchmen – 2009 (Director)

Sucker Punch 2011 (Director)

Man of Steel – 2013 (Director)

Wonder Woman – (Producer)

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice - 2016 (Director)

Justice League – 2017 (original Director, replaced by Josh Whedon)

Zack Snyder Cut; Justice League – 2021 (Director-Producer)


So, what happened with the original Justice League movie?

During the production of the movie, Zack Snyder had to step down as Director due to the death of his daughter. Warner Brothers brought in a new director to replace him. Joss Whedon.

Warner Brothers decided after reviewing the movie so far, to brighten its tone and do some major re-writes. This left a lot of footage Snyder had shot, left on the cutting room floor.


The finished product was not a bad movie in my opinion, but it was far removed from the vision Snyder had for it, and the set-up for expanding the DCU.

So far Marvel and their MCU movies ruled supreme in the cinemas, and Warner Brothers and DC were desperate to have their own major success with their own Superheroes movies.


After its theatrical release, it took a bit of a nosedive and got a lot of rotten tomatoes thrown at it.

Zack Snyder then stood up and said, this was not the movie he had filmed or the vision he had for expanding the DCU.

Fans went wild and rallied behind him to make WB release ‘The Snyder Cut.’

And would you believe it, they actually listened and gave Snyder a pile of cash to finish off his version of the movie, and so two years later, we have; The Snyder Cut of The Justice League.


The Story

A Cosmic conqueror Darksaed who thousands of years ago tried to well, conquer the earth had his plans crushed when an army of heroes, Olympian gods, green Lanterns, Atlanteans, and Amazons came together and thwarted his plans of destroying the earth and then remolding it in his image using three mystical mother boxes of power.

After fleeing the earth, he leaves the Motherboxes behind. One box is hidden by men, one by the Atlanteans and the last one by the Amazons.


Enter Steppenwolf; The Snyder version of him. I completely redesigned CGI baddie with new armour and physical characteristics.

So, Steppenwolf now has his own agenda in this version, no longer is he a dumb lackey, but he is now a brutal Warlord seeking to regain the respect of his Boss, Darksaed.

Steppenwolf’s plan is simple; with his army of insectoid minions he will recover the three Motherboxes and deliver the earth up to Darksaed.

Old Steppenwolf



New Snyder Steppenwolf




Enter the Justice League

Here is where the Snyder cut comes into its own. Cyborg’s origin story is integral to the plot and his screen time must be double that of the original, with loads of new scenes.

Barry Allen also has more time to shine and his character is given breathing space to develop.

Superman has a few new scenes as he comes to terms with his resurrection.

There is more Bruce Wayne time as well.

Aquaman has a few new scenes with Willem Defoe and Amber Heard’s Atlantean characters, which set them up nicely for the Aquaman movie.


So, how well does the cast do in their roles?

For me, Ben Affleck is the best Batman yet to have put on the cape. It is a shame that he has since, stepped away from the role. I only hope that with the Snyder Cut now released, he will rethink his decision and once more take up the bat-cape. 


Henry Cavill again is the best ever Superman to have graced our screens. I apologize to all of those Chris Reeves fans, but Cavill is the man. Like Affleck, it is debatable whether he will ever return as our favourite Kryptonian. I hope he does.


Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher, and Jason Mamoa have made these characters their own, and I cannot see anybody else playing them as they do.


That leaves Ezra Miller as Flash! A quirky performance at best, and not my favourite iteration of the character on screen. It has been whispered that Ezra has been axed from the role due to some questionable behaviour by him toward a fan. Well, that leaves an opening for Grant Guston to step up from the CW channel's 'Flash' TV show. It's what the fans want to see, and what the fans want, the fans get!


The Finale

Not only do we get a new sticky ending for poor Steppenwolf, but also a new ending for our heroes. I will not say more on that,

No spoilers here!

With the addition of a cameo from the Martian Manhunter and Deathstroke, we now have to wait and see what Warner Brothers do next for Justice League 2 which must now be a definite possibility, now that Zack Snyder is back!


We shall have to wait and see.



So, was it worth the wait?

Hell, yes! But at 4 hours long, it is probably the second-longest movie I have ever sat through in one go.

The first being a 6-hour version of Dances with wolves at my local Odeon Cinema, which has since been knocked down and turned into a group of open-air pubs. Aaahh!

At least with the Snyder Cut showing in my front room, I could have as many toilet breaks as I liked and copious amounts of alcohol and nibbles, all free of charge!!!



Submitted: March 19, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Celtic-Scribe63. All rights reserved.

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