Some Crypto Slangs

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Some crypto slangs. When you read a post or article about the cryptocurrency in general and feel lost as you find jargons that you are not familiar with.
ATH = All time high. When a cryptocurrency attained its highest value.
FUD = Fear, uncertainty and doubt.
Hodl = Hold, stay strong and don't sell while prices drop.
Whale = Someone who has lots of cryptocurrency.
Pump and Dump = Pump, buy. Dump, sell.
Bagholders = Those who wanted to sell but couldn't do so while prices were high.
Mooning = A coin's price is going up.
FOMO = Fear of missing out. It basically means you follow the market. Buy a coin when others feel its price will rise.
Rekt = Basically 'wrecked', meaning a person lost a lot of money in cryptospace.
Sats = the smallest unit of bitcoin. A short for satoshis.
When Lambo = when are we going to get rich.
No coiner = those who thought that bitcoin was a scam hence they never bought it.????

Submitted: March 19, 2021

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