Christian Revival 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

When Bethany awakens in the hospital, she decides that it's her prerogative to find out why the shooting happened in her church and struggles to forgive the people who placed her there.

Table of Contents


Bethany. I am not taking you home yet. You still have things to do.     I opened my eyes, blinking a lot as I tried... Read Chapter


Sleeping in the hospital was one of the hardest things for me to do but luckily it was for only one more night. The only difference this ... Read Chapter


I stared at his beautiful, stubbbly face waiting for him to open his eyes; holding his hand against my leg. My brother stood on the other... Read Chapter


I was too depressed and exhausted to go anywhere with Bunny, so she suggested that I stayed behind and get as much rest as possible. She ... Read Chapter


Because I overslept and I was late getting to work, my plans to confront Ducky were put on hold. Xelia quickly learned that I wasn't in t... Read Chapter


Getting out of bed was not what I wanted to do when morning came. I wasn't a hundred percent ready to face Ducky. I wanted to sleep more ... Read Chapter


I awoke to sunshine coming in through the window and onto my face; somehow this reminded me that today was the day that my best friend wa... Read Chapter


Ducky was beyond upset when he learned that I wasn't going to be living with them at the new house. He hid it, but I sense that he was up... Read Chapter


As I paced around the kitchen at my uncles, trying to think of how I was going to talk to Ducky about all my encounters with Derek, my si... Read Chapter


For every time we had to go to trial, my friends and family would counteract it with something fun to do so our stress levels would be lo... Read Chapter


We had never gone a year without a food fight on Thanksgiving. Even after my parents passed away. This year was not going to be different... Read Chapter


Sunday... I was late. Which was unusual for me. But I had a good excuse, being that I had to confess to my aunt how I was truly feeli... Read Chapter

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