Celebrating One Year Twitter Ban

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In February of 2019, I ventured into the world of social media for the first time, Twitter.

By March of 2020, I was banned from Twitter. What happened you ponder?

Well, it was around mid March before Covid really put the screws to the US. There was a basketball game between Seton Hall against Villanova. 

If Seton Hall had won, they would clinch the Big East title and get a first round bye in the Big East Tournament.

But, they lost. 

So, as a typical sports fan, I figured I would make my comments on Twitter. I went to the New York Post Twitter sight and found the article for the game.

After reading the article and reading the Twitter comments, I felt it was my turn to add my two cents.

I tweeted, and this is what got me kicked off Twitter. I tweeted, "Typical Seton Hall, again they "choke".

For using the word "choke" I got my account suspended.

Now, for those of you who are not really into sports, or don't use the word "choke" to describe a team losing, it's something that is used here.

You hear it on sports radio. You and your friends probably use the term when talking about a team's lost. But on Twitter, and I guess on other social media sights, I guess not.

When I was notified by Twitter that my account was suspended for using "aggressive language", but I had the right to apply for reinstatement.

So I followed the instructions and explained to them what "choke" meant in the meaning of sports.

Well, they weren't having any of that. After about two weeks, I got an email again stating that my account has been suspended for "aggressive language".

So, here it is a year later, and I don't miss it. I didn't go to Facebook, Instagram, Tic Toc, etc....

I had about 114 followers which I have a quick story about.

I was having an argument or Twitter with some lady in Buffalo, New York about politics. At the time I had maybe 60-62 followers. 

She tried to hurt me by tweeting that I only had 60 followers while she had 3,000+.

I replied to her, "If you judge your life on Earth by how many followers you have on Twitter, that's sad."

I think she tweeted back "Screw you!", then blocked me.

It's been a year without Twitter. But to remind me, last week, Twitter sent me an email, "reminding" me that my account was still suspended.

I went back to the section where you can plead your case and please...please...please give me one more chance.

This is what I typed.

"My account with Twitter has been suspended for a year all because I used a common sports term. The word "choke".

You found it offensive.

Well, I find you offensive. I'd rather lose an social media account than lose my right to free speech, free thought, free will, free to what I want to read and write.

You can take your little blue bird logo and shove it up your ass and fuck off you pretentious cancel culture woke douchebag pricks."

Hope I wasn't to hard on them.....cause I really want to get back on Twitter.   :)

Submitted: March 19, 2021

© Copyright 2021 88 fingers. All rights reserved.

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Maybe it's me however I what a stupid reason for banning someone and that's my two cents worth, are you sure that the woman you had an argument with wasn't one of the ones that work for Twitter and she had you banned because of you upsetting her just a thought. again just my two cents worth.

Sat, March 20th, 2021 5:47am


I don't think so. It was several months apart. I think it was a person who was a Seton Hall fan. Thanks for reading

Sat, March 20th, 2021 1:12am


You could always just make another account. But you're right about the ridiculousness of "you have only 100 followers so you suck". That's the kind of behaviour teenagers incage in, it's dumb adults think it matters. Besides, a large part of people who have more than a few hundred followers are trolls that only push one agenda to their dumb as hell followers.

Sat, March 20th, 2021 2:55pm


Yeah, I could do another account, but...fuck it. Thanks for reading.

Sat, March 20th, 2021 9:05am


What, no sympathy with the fire-hose of bile served up on Twitter every second by the crazed tribes of haters?

I would like to say 'hi' to the Twitter AI. You may be socially maladroit, nay incompetent, and way out on the spectrum but... you're all we have to defend civilisation against. You know.

A crying shame you (the AI - I'm still talking to you) had to spear our esteemed writer here. But God help us if you ever get really smart!

Sat, March 20th, 2021 6:11pm


Thanks for reading. One of our writers, Helmu said I should just make another account. But, if I did, I'm sure eventually that would also get suspended for "aggressive language". It would become a never-ending cycle. New account, suspended, new account, suspended, etc...etc...

Sat, March 20th, 2021 11:26am

moa rider

Yeah, even here down under, choke is used when teams fail at the hast hurdle, and is not aggressive - at least in the context. Don't feel alone I'm on no social media and quite comfortable thank you. Usianguke

Sun, March 21st, 2021 1:51am


Thanks for reading

Sun, March 21st, 2021 3:06am

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