Soul Glaive

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jenna and Gemma are soul glaive and elemental - a threat looms in the North and they must set out to stop it at all costs...

I stood upon the outermost precipice, gleaming over and over that resplendent horizon tinged and hued with amber, magenta and yellow as the Helios receded his light once more to allow his sister and lunar counterpart – Artemis - dominion over the heavens. The waves, like a tumultuous tempest cast themselves upon the cataract of a cliff. Each tidal wave was as if a prima donna throwing herself unto the rocks made evident by the shaping and chiselling of the uncanny morphed rocks below the cliff I cast my shadow over.

As darkness loomed over, my vigil was to commence. I had been waiting for her. The sprite who now made herself material.

“I greet you with the highest honour, ye born of Poseidon” I bowed with arms crossed around my chest.

“And I you, Soul Glaive” her echoing voice resounded. I shifted my gaze from my feet to study her materialised features. The nereid before me glowed azure as if a vision of the freshest streams in the evergreen forest her nymph counterparts claimed aegis over as she did this sea. Her hair flowed like tentacles as if suspended upon invisible strings, and she shimmered an aura of the entire blue spectrum some of which were imperceptible to my human eye. Indeed, she was otherworldly, her beauty was not of this world but at the same of this world.

“You’re so beautiful...” I whispered, my voice trailing off, receding from her light into the darkness surrounding us.

“Do not be blinded by my beauty. The task I am to bestow upon you would rob you of your perception of me, Soul Glaive” a modicum of sorrow reigned in her tone.

“Then let us be done with it” I shot the nereid a smile that I confess exuded temerity. My teachers always admonished my arrogance even if it came from a well-intentioned place of heart.

“As you will, Soul Glaive” she approached closer, a humanoid orb of blue light, ethereal and surreal, trailing. I held out my fur-gauntlet to receive her. Her eyes, hyacinth and warm, met my own emerald jaded and she implanted a warm and moist kiss on my forehead sending ripples of the ocean resonating within me as I felt, sepulchral and abysmal, her power imbued within my frame. She then vanished, a poof of ephemeral air left behind, the remnants of her presence that brook no evanescence for; a part of her was in me and her name was Gemma, born of Poseidon.


My gladius caught the rays of light offered, as tribute, by my father Helios whom I was demi-goddess to, as I drew my sword. Clad in only travelling clothes after forsaking my light armour back home as victim to forgetfulness. A small band of highwaymen stood in my path. A road, I was warned by travellers, to avoid. Once again, my temerity – a victim, I am, forevermore to.

“What’s a purdy young thang like ya doin’ out here in the wilderness?” a raspy voice bellowed, with an equally haggard face.

“This is a public road, not the wilderness, you morons. Now be gone and let me pass” I declared.

“Bwhahaahaha. She will make for some fun times, such spirit” teeming with infectious laughter, they carried on like a pack of ravenous curs.

I sighed “Very well, let’s get on with it” I dashed with lightning speed and impaled the one who had the audacity to threaten me, a Soul Glaive, in the throat as his blood shot like a fountain of crimson, drenching me in vermilion. The others, taken off guard composed themselves a second later. Hmm they must be deserters from the army, I thought. The one who spoke first, their leader I presume, attempted a leg sweep with his broad sword, but I somersaulted towards one of the bandits, landed on his head with my thighs between his head. I bent backwards like the contortionist I was, and thrust my blade into his spine as soon as I did that I back flipped and did a hand spring, holding my blade close to my teeth, nay my fangs, I resembled, in my mind anyway, a she-wolf. Aghast and petrified, these bandits, these weaklings darted off like the poltroons they were.

“Hmm maybe I should have told what I am before killing their friends” I reasoned after washing off the blood on my face near a stream of water.

This was when Gemma approached me, her reflection, like Narcissus, in the water. Gemma studied the virago’s appearance. Jenna, the Soul Glaive, had deep sable hair French braided. Eyes emerald like green gemstones, were wild and darkly beautiful. Lips, petulant yet full and cheeks freckled and stained with youth. Vestiges of blue paint stretched across her face; her warrior sigil and rune as one of Pict heritage.

“Jenna, your deed was just and commendable. Those men were foul, wicked and cruel. I felt what was in their hearts” Gemma said, her voice resembling the watery echoes.

“Aye, as did I. I’m a Soul Glaive, remember?”. Soul Glaives were elite warriors who had the ability to see the souls of every living being in the world – from trees to human beings, even gods and other magical beings. Every Soul Glaive had a companion whom was often a being of magic.  Gemma and I were such a pair.

“We must make hast, the day of war draws closer, and the Kingdom needs all the Soul Glaives within its lands to fight if need be”

“Indeed. But first we must travel to Castle Morven. An old friend awaits me there”

“You mean the one they call Keeran? Is he not your lover?” Gemma teased; her tone prissy. Nymphs were often fond of romances and conspired, like their maternal deity Aphrodite, to reignite old loves

“Was! It’s none of your business, Gemma. Besides aren’t you supposed to be discreet about certain things?” I finished washing myself.

“Yes, but we do share the same mind now, Jenna, there’s no need for secrecy between us”

“Yet I cannot access your mind. Why is that?”

“Its a secret” she giggled and it felt like it was the first time I felt her hyperfeminity. I chuckled softly as I resumed the journey to Castle Morven.


The land had transmogrified from its summer spell as Fall begun to lend hues to the trees from its autumnal colour palette. The road I took to Castle Morven was populated with wild fawns and centaurs, sentient menagerie Soul Glaives like myself were sworn to protect by preserving their way of life in the meadows, in the shrines and in the caims wherein they made their homes. The sky shone with the smouldering sun as if pulled upon a chariot by the god whom I was a bastard daughter to. Castle Morven, a natural citadel, had minarets and ramparts piercing through the veil of the aerial aether. She had stood here for 400 hundred years since the founding of our knightly order. It is said all the creatures of the forests surrounded this fortress were involved as labour to construct this architectural feat. Her gates, wrought of iron, stood monumental as they parted to make way for my Lilliputian form. I passed the garden, once a paradise of meditative tranquillity and a training ground where I honed my most potent weapon – my mind to razor edge perfection. Wildflowers sprung up like tentacles of the earth, prostheses rising heavenward but failing to kiss the sky. Golems, despondent and dearth of emotion stood sentinel as they permitted my solitary self entry. A solitary white horse – well-groomed and sturdy stood foraging for hay in the stables where I first made acquaintance with my destrier of old. Castle Morven was now a ghost, a spectre standing in the echoes of what it once was – heroic, true and strong like our Order once was.

I made my way pass the sleeping quarters and yard towards the alchemy tower where I knew Keeran would be playing around with his potions and poultices. The door was slightly open as I heard the brewing of chemicals in cauldrons and flasks. A smile creased across my face as I reminisced his obsessions with elemancy and animancy – the study of elements and the constituents of souls respectively.

“Keeran...” I tossed my voice at him as one does when testing the uncertain depths of deep waters. He turned around and regarded me as I let down my hood. His expression turned softer from a stern one as he caught sight of my familiar features – my French braid, obsidian black hair feels down my back. I brushed aside my slight fringe and gave him my warmest smile that came from the depths of my heart. I knew he could see my soul as we both were capable of doing as Soul Glaives.

“Jenna Black...I was expecting an emissary from the capital, never did I imagine it would be you” he strolled towards me, movements elegant and graceful.

“Send the best to fetch the rest” I struck a pose with one hand on my waist “They needed someone who could command persuasion and gather all available Soul Glaives, and I happened to be that person” I shot him my signature smirk.

“Hahaha I see you are as confident as ever” He leaned closer and held my chin in his hand drawing my face closer to his. My heart thudded.

“Keeran...” I breathed into him – air warm and citrus scented - as his eyes shimmered with an affection I was long starved of. I began to study him upon such close proximity. Keeran had long hair that drooped from his sides. Jet black hair but no more than my own, his one eye was concealed by a fringe. His eyes, melancholic, were oceanic in colour and commanded the same depths that was his soul – I saw deep oceans in him as he witnessed gargantuan mountains in me. This is why we were together, because we were compatible of soul elements. He wore scholarly robes of black and grey, with a yew-wood wand fastened around his waist. He was primarily a mage and I a warrior.

Keeran parted my hair and kissed me on the forehead. “Warmest greetings to you, love of a lifelong gone” his voice carried an aura of bittersweet sorrow as he breathed into me. I closed my eyes and all I could do was smile as the emotions I thought had been buried begun to surface. That which was evanescent was made memorable once more. A stray tear betrayed my composure and I instinctively brushed it aside. Clearing my throat, I begun to relay the message I had been tasked with delivering.

“The Hand of the High King has requested your presence at court. You are to provide advice on the war that is, unfortunate to say, about to ensue between our nation and that of the demons beyond the Misty Shroud”

“And what if I refuse, sweet Jenna, then what will you or the Hand do? I have devoted half my life to serving the Soul Glaive as one of them, my days of meddling in the affairs of the world are over. My sister died protecting our way of life”

“I know, Keeran, I was there, remember?” Alessia, Keeran’s older sister, was the leader of our Soul Glaive Order. She fell in battle against the usurpers of the throne. At least by the time the new king was seen as a usurper, the threat from the demon race to the South whom had begun encroaching upon the outer fringes of our kingdom took greater precedence.

“I stood at her side when she died”

“Yet here you are alive and well while she is no more of this earth”

“And so, you lock yourself in this chamber of sorrow, with soulless golems protecting what? The remnants of a dead order sworn to protect all that lives and breathes? Come with me, Keeran, let’s do what Alessia would have wanted” I tried to hold his gaze within mine as he skirted away, refusing to see the love and devotion that still burned in my heart, in my eyes.

“You know this is not fair? The king sent you because he knows of my love for you” Silence fell between us. “You know I still love you, Jenna, right?”

I looked down, this time I was the one fleeing from gazing into oceanic sorrow that was his eyes. “I know, Keeran” He waltz towards me, closed the gap and laid a moist kiss on my lips as my eyes, doe-shaped, betrayed my surprise. He withdrew, leaving me almost breathless. His touch always left me breathless. I traced the remnants of his warmth upon my lips, my fingers surveying the blissful wound he inflicted me.

“I am willing to sacrifice both heart and soul for the greater good of all that is our kingdom and most of all Alessia’s vision of a utopia for all magical beings in the world” My voice carried a conviction that forever echoed in my heart as it does in my dreams every night.

“You remind me of her, my deceased sister, you know?”

I embraced Keeran in my arms and felt his heart beat. And he succumbed to my siren-like song. Finally, he conceded “Let us ride to the capital then, but I really want the biggest alchemy laboratory, okay?”



Submitted: March 19, 2021

© Copyright 2022 astralis pendragon. All rights reserved.

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