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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Discover a girl with s dark past,handsome men and love

Table of Contents


I have been an apprentice for two years now,a young woman tattoo artist hungry for experience,hungry for learning all different technique... Read Chapter


I don't even remember the plane ride,I slept almost through entire flight. That kinda wasn't bad,considering that I wasn't a fan of flyin... Read Chapter


Next day I came ready for work,with a few drawings for JK that I think he will like. All the things we talked about yesterday I put on th... Read Chapter


Few days passed, Jaein did as he promised and I have to admit he is a good teacher. And he is patient.  I even had a chance to w... Read Chapter


It's strange how things can change by just  having a moment with someone. And by this I mean a moment I had with Kai. From that day ... Read Chapter


It's been a long time since I woke up this full of life. I'm not a morning person usually I'm grumpy and slow. Until I have a cup of coff... Read Chapter


Today I took a day off,something that I usually don't do but I did it for Taehyung. He insisted that we spent a day together and I was ex... Read Chapter


Taehyung drove me home next morning,both of us were exhausted, well... one more then another. I was holding up pretty good,I just took a ... Read Chapter


My eyes fluttered trying to open,sunrise coming from the window made that hard to do. So I instantly turned to the other side where sun w... Read Chapter


I took a morning shift today just so I could see Taehyung. It was hard for me cause I came home late last night, but sacrifices needed to... Read Chapter


Week flew by quickly, only two days remained until the concert. I wasn't thrilled about the concert so much, I was excited to see Taehyun... Read Chapter


I calmed down since that day,to some extent. I ignored Kai to the fullest, I didn't talk with him,I didn't even glanced at him and that w... Read Chapter


Concert was done,everyone slowly started leaving still being hyped from the BTS's breathing performance and me...I just stud there trying... Read Chapter


JK was looking at me with such disappointment it almost hurt.  - I really wanted to do this tattoo today...- JK sighed loudly,he... Read Chapter


Two days later Agust found for me a new apartment, it was unsafe to go into the old one. Taehyung wasn't thrilled about that,he wanted me... Read Chapter


-Hey baby...- My eyes went wide,in whole black outfit, with curls slightly covering his dark brown eyes and gun in his hand,he stepped cl... Read Chapter


Am I seriously going back to my roots? I quit killing because I started liking it to much,it gave me thrill and satisfaction. And now,aft... Read Chapter

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