The Great Android Crusade

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Faith and Trials

The second of three parts of the story 'The Rise of the Robotic Humans.' The first part was 'The Flight of the Androids.'

The now-married pair of androids deal with children, spreading the Word about the Anointed One, and evading an emperor who wants them dead.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Samantha sat on the lunar surface in her white armour skin, and watched the little ball—also white—lying on the ground in front of ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Samantha, who was holding Baby, felt Danny get thoughtful as he gazed at the Earth. “You’re troubled,” she said. “Something... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

To Philip’s relief, when four-and-a-half-week-old Baby’s hair appeared, it quickly grew to shoulder length; and Samantha gave her t... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

As the six androids drifted in orbit above North America, Danny connected to Samantha, “Hey, look.” She picked up what he saw by ... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

The prison camp stood in the middle of a clearing cluttered with stumps, that stretched nearly a hundred metres out from the barbed-wir... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

“Getting any ideas for promoting the Anointed One?” Samantha asked Danny as they stood on the roof of the old office building and w... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Matt Meyer entered his apartment after another day’s work, but halted when six heads turned to check him out. “Hi, Dad,” Danny ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Philip passed through the mall on the main floor of the complex without incident, which confirmed that Danny was keeping an eye on Sent... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

“Let me talk through you,” Samantha connected to Philip. “Okay,” Philip responded, then spoke with her words, “Anybody know... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Danny held Sirius and watched the Network news item about the execution of the Mexican Followers on the holographic monitor in his fath... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

“My Mother,” the vice-president of the Federation of North America—serving in place of the disgraced president—said to the empe... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

“Do you love me?” Samantha, who was carrying Sirius, asked Danny as they strolled through the woods, taking their baby for a walk a... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

“What’s happening?” Carson asked Jeff, who was manning the drone control centre. In front of them, a large holographic display sh... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

President Widdens scrambled to his feet and came around his desk to bow and greet the emperor, whose projection stood in the centre of ... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Emperor Achebe, seated on her ebony throne, stared at her military chief of staff, General Abiodun, kneeling before her, his head touch... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

General Abiodun stood at the entrance to the throne room looking pleased with himself. Emperor Achebe, seated on her ebony throne, poin... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

The four of them trekked back towards the chalet with Crystal leading the group, Corona and Aquila following, and the soldier bringing ... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

The next day, as Danny flew towards Youngstown to resume his infiltration of Sentinel, he stayed near ground level as usual. Then he pi... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Sirius surveyed the city from his perch on the roof of a residential tower several kilometres from the site of the congress. The mornin... Read Chapter

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