time of the caillech

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The Time of the CaillechSaturday, Mar 20 2021 

The more powerful the person you meet, the more surprising it is to find out they’re just making it up, just like the rest of us.”
 Sam Conniff Allende

The Lizard Planet Bacho and its moons

This is the tale of Donna Wilson, an Earth person who rode with a Federation force that policed the outer rim and fought the Lizard Pirates. It was given to me because of our friendship and she told me to never tell where she was. So her is her tale.

It is said that there are ten rules in the interstellar space of the Milky Way, and the first six is not to piss off the Allyonians, the other four refer to the first six. A long time ago the lizard people did just that, their twelve planet confederation under the Emperor Calitine had tried to conquer all the galaxy in the days first days that they and the Allyonians achieved interstellar travel. They had conquered several of the dog and dolphin people’s planets when they ran into the Allyonians at the Battle of Ruith Dearc, located at the confluence of what the Earth people call the Scutum-Crux and Sagittarius spirals of the Milky Way. The lizard army was decimated and the Allyonians went on the destroy eleven of the twelve lizard planets, sending the populations back into a stone age existence. Only on the lizard planet Bacho, with it two large moons, did any semblance of advance technology survive. The lizard people there gave up the dream of empire and created what would be called a Pirate kingdom of raiders and soldiers looking to fight and prove themselves as warriors against any foe they could find. Like the Vikings of Earth, they raided and caused some havoc, usually in the outer rim, and were more of a pest than a problem.

The Bachoians had been raiding in the out rim of the galaxy, with little success and carefully avoiding the Allyonians, but they now seemed focused on the ape planet Ruith Dearc . The Allyonians ignored their usual combat forays, in which up to three Bachoians warriors would land on a planet and challenge those they considered worthy of fighting, but now it was different. It looked as if they were sending a force that intend to occupy the planet, maybe their old dream of empire had been revived. To see if this was true, the Allyonians did not send a formal army, but one of its unofficial forces. These were bands of former or soldiers taking a break from formal service that roamed about seeking adventure or doing minor research or military objectives. The most famous of these was the one called El Lobo y la Morsa, retired Allyonian commander C. David Kingston and his second in command Jonathan Nicks. To look in to this situation, one that the Allyonians regarded as piracy, they sent out another one of these groups, led by Allyonian Alyson Jernigan and her second in command, Dog person Katherine Simmons.

Traveling with the two was the dolphin person, Fern Lony, she was the navigator as the dolphin people were renown as the best navigators in the galaxy. Her large eyes and long fingers she could read the stars either by sight or by chart. She had been serving with Alyson for many years and like Alyson was not ready to retire from flying through space. She had been with Alyson since she had earned to rank of captain almost twenty years ago. Alyson had even commanded a starship, and held to rank of Commander, the highest rank one held outside of the Staff Council of the Imperial Allyonian Guard. Staff Council was a largely bureaucratic part of the guard that usually one moved to before retiring. Here one actually worked with the Emperor and performed a lot of ceremonial jobs with the Guard. Like Kingston, Alyson was not interested in that and wanted to keep flying, so she became want the Allyonians called a Brigand, an independent officer who was still part of the Guard, but no longer under the Guard. Brigands did research missions on planets, performed small military projects, and sometimes moved goods and people quietly across the galaxy, without going through all the official channels. When Alyson became a Brigand, Fern jumped at the chance to go with her, also not wishing to retire back to her planet and, as the dolphin people said, swim with the currents for the rest of time.

Katherine Simmons was a caption in the Canine Space Force, the interstellar arm of the dog people’s military. Dog people usually ran in single sex packs from the time they were ten, but Katherine was a lone wolf. In the matriarchal world of the dog people a small minority (about 10%) of the females, and an even smaller proportion (under 2%, in fact it is almost unheard of) of the males, did not join a pack and tended to roam alone for all of their lives. Katherine jumped at the chance to get out away from all civilization and just roam around on her own. She liked Alyson, and could put up with Fern, dog people are fun loving and usually have a hard tie with the uptight and very formal dolphin people. What was unusual about this group was it was rounded out with two humans, Wimoweh Sterling and Donna Wilson.

No humans, or as they were know in the Federation, sapiens, planet had achieved interstellar flight and were usually regarded as a lower species by the other groups. In the past sapiens that had been taken into space were either assigned to the Torberg, the great interstellar zoo, used in experiments, to train Allyonian soldiers, or made pets by the dog people and Allyonians. As it was now obvious the sapiens were getting close to interstellar flight, these practices were slowly going extinct, except for the Torborg, which still kept many sapiens on display. Wimy, as she was known as, and Donna had been made members of the Alien Affiliate Force, (the AAF) and under Alyson’s command when she decided to go out on her own, so she just took them with her. Wimy came from the planet Tara, the Allyonians called it Crunmullach, the more advanced sapien planet until a nuclear war pushed them back into a less technical age. Donna was from Earth, the Allyonians called it Gormuaine. They basically is did the grunt work on all the mission that Alyson accepted.

Alyson gathered her little band in the dining hall of the great space station, the Queen Freida III, one of the great dog queens, that was only a few light years from the planet Earth. She smiled as she surveyed her band, and proclaimed their next project.

“So we get to do some fighting,” she began, ” seems the lizard pirates on Bacho are planning something more than their usual displays of macho aggrandizement. Admiral Melton informed me it looks as if they are going to try and occupy the sapien planet Ruith Dearc, not far from me and Katherine’s homes on Aird and Gorm. Way out in the outer rim, a place me and Katherine know very well. As I believe you do as well, Fern.”

Fern looked up and smiled, “Yes I do, my home planet of Visage is not far from there. Most likely would be their next target if they are successful,”

“We got any restrictions?” Asked Katherine.

“No,” Alyson laughed, “we are to go there, determine if they are trying to occupy the planet and if they are, we are to take, as they say, appropriate action. I can even call on a Starship if I wish to.”

The three laughed, and expressed the hope that the lizard people were goin on the offensive as they all wished to do a little fighting. Especially Alyson, as all Allyoninas loved to fight, many of the Earth people in the AAF compared them to either the Spartans or the Apaches when it came to fighting. When Allyonian children turn six they are taken to the wilderness of their home planet and taught to live off the land, by the time they are eight, it said they are lethal, and by ten they are invincible. When they turn twelve, they are taken to a Great Alter where they have to slip by many other Allyoninas and steal a weapon from the alter and slip away without being caught. Their technology and weaponry make them the most dominate force in the galaxy, only their Honor Code, which they would die before violating, keeps them for making all other creatures slaves in the galaxy. As for Wimy and Donna, they knew better than to not go along with what the others said. Both looked forward to the project, but not with as much yearning for a battle.

The trip to the outer rim was non eventful. They had made it many times, Alyson was doing research on travel outside of the galaxy, where the wormholes did not extend very far. Space beyond the galaxy was different, like the cold when one went below zero, it just different. There was a stillness outside off the galaxy that was noticeable and at times unnerving. But they did discover there were solar systems and planets outside of all galaxies that moved around just like the galaxies did. But that was of no importance now, they had a bigger and more important object. Under the honor code of the Allyonians dominating another planet was not permitted. While they headed up the Federation of the Planets that governed the galaxy, they did not rule the galaxy. There were five groups of intelligent creatures, the lizard people, the dolphin people, the dog people, the sapiens, and the cat people, or the Allyonians. When the Allyoninas achieved interstellar flight they had united all twelve of their planets into one empire and all called themselves, Allyonians, from first of the group to achieve interstellar flight. They were under the Allyonian Emperor and the great Counsel of Allyon. In the dog and dolphin planets, they were autonomous and under a grand counsel that regulated interstellar matters. The lizard planets were different, in the beginning the fist planet to achieve interstellar flight, Dimetron, conquered the other lizard planets then tried to bring the entire galaxy under their rule. They were defeated by the Allyonians and Dimetron was destroyed, with its population totally exterminated. Of the other eleven planets, ten were hit hard enough that their populations were rendered to a stone age existence, only Bacho, far out on the outer rim, did not face total destruction. They had been doing their warrior thing for a while, but now it seemed they intended to restore the old Dimetron Empire.

Katherine slipped the craft unnoticed past some of the lizard patrols and stationed them above the Bacho system. The clocking device camouflaged them from the lizard space ships, crafts that looked like a snake with wings. The snakehead front looked out place when compared to the sleek body and the wings looked like lizard feet, nothing like the cylindric shaped Allyonian craft. Dog crafts looked like a cigar shaped vassal while the dolphin crafts resembled a saucer. Katherine preferred the Allyonian craft as it was more manurable of any thing she had ever flown. Alyson called Wimy and Donna over in front to a large consol. As they looked down on Bacho and its two large moons, they were given their orders.

“Sargent Sterling,” Alyson began addressing Wimy in a formal tone, “you take your probe and go down to the planet, get yourself into the palace and see what these creatures are up to, keep me informed of anything. Sargent Wilson, you get your probe and check out the moons, look for a starship, It will be a big triangular ship, with the bridge located at the back on top of the engines. That is their classic design, but keep an eye out for any large craft. We got some intelligence that they were building a large craft near one of their moons, so see if you can confirm this.”

Alyson turned to Fern and Katherine and told them to go to the sapien planet of Ruith Dearc and see if the lizard people had established a base there. If they had she she informed them that they could get a few recruits from their home planets to assist in dislodging the pirates from the planet. Katherine and Fern quickly used their camouflage devices to disguise themselves as humans and left in a shuttle. Wimy and Donna sat down at the consul and put on the helmets that were hooked just above their seats. they placed their hands in the control bars and lunched the probes.

The probes were small, oblong cylinders that allowed one to explore a place with out going there physically. Inside the helmets one’s brain was connected to the probe and one could see, hear or taste anything on a planet without actually being on the planet. With the control bars one could feel whatever one touched or sensed as well. Another feature of the small device was it allowed one to project a hologram of oneself, which they would not do on this mission. They were ingenuous devices that had a cloaking device that made the invisible, perfect for studying nature and spying. It also was the safest way to observe and report, and the two women were experts at handling them. Wimy zoomed done to the planet and quickly located the main headquarter of the lizard people. Meanwhile Donna began circling the two moons looking for nay suspicious craft or base.

On Ruith Dearc Katherine and Fern quietly mingled with the population and collected very disturbing news. The lizard people had landed there and set up a base in a far northern part of the largest continent. High on a mountain they had constructed a rather formidable defensive position that could be quickly converted to a launching pad for and offensive action. The sapiens were in a bronze age state and their weapons would be useless against the lizards. So far they had only been raiding, hoping to cower the population by fear, but instead the sapiens here were only more determined to oppose them. Both Fern and Katherine found that admirable. The raids by the lizards were increasing in frequency and cruelty as they looked to crush any opposition. While doing this they were ambushed by a lizard patrol. They were in a group of about twenty sapiens when the lizards descended upon them, and the lizards quickly killed the ten guard and moved on the take care of the rest. Katherine would have none of this, she boldly rushed the lizards, attacking the leader, who at first laughed at the female. He stopped laughing when she extend the claws that were at the ends of each of her fingers and drove them deep into his neck. He screamed in pain as Fern whipped out her weapon, a rapid fire laser, and took out at least six with in a few minutes. Katherine finished the leader off the remaining sapiens took a care of the three or four lizards that survived the duo’s attack.

In the melee, the camo devices had been turned off and their identities were reveled. The sapiens were particularly impressed by Katherine’s use of her tail, with its sharp claw on the end, in battle. One of the most classic moves in hand to hand fighting in the canine world is wrapping ones tail around the opponents throat and ripping the neck with a swirling motion of the tail. It is how she had killed the leader, and the sapiens asked them to stay and help expel the lizards. Katherine said they would help, but had to leave at present to get some reinforcements. She told them to get the word out to do nothing until she return, the sapiens agreed and the pair returned to the craft. They told Alyson what had happened, she was a little jealous that they had had battle. They quickly sent messages to their home planets to get some back up, they would get ten warriors from each, enough to reduce the fort. Alyson told Katherine she and Fern would lead the group on the planet and she and the two sapiens on board would take care of any lizard reinforcements.

While Fern and Katherine were on the planet, Donna and Wimy had made discoveries as well. Donna found the new Lizard starship, named Dimetron after the old empire. It was a large craft in the shape of an isosceles triangle. The bridge sat just over the engines in the rea ands was a large black rectangular box structure that did not look as if it belonged their. The lizards had grown so arrogant they made little attempts to hide the craft and were now in the process of manning it. Donna learned that the top lizard admiral, Dour Gartung, a male who had long championed the return of the old lizard empire was in charge and would be leading the invasion. Wimy had infiltrated the headquarters of the lizards and listened to their plans. Gartung went over the planned invasion an carefully detailed each and every regiments objectives. He emphasized that the lizard science had advance in every way since the old empire’s fall, close to one thousand years ago, that he believed they were superior to all of the forces that could be arrayed against them. He smugly said the sapien planet was just a dry run, they would shrike the dolphin then the dog planets next. he believed the Allyonians would moat likely just surrender out of awe and fear of the new lizard superiority. He ended the meeting with a toast to the new lizard ascendancy and the victory that he assured all would soon be at hand. The lizard king just sat and smiled in approval over all the words that were stated. None believed that anything stood in their way, after all their scientist had been working and advancing knowledge for one thousand years. Sadly, they forgot the Allyonians had done the same.

The group gathered in the ir craft and Alyson excitingly told them wat was next, and the part each of them was to play. For Katherine and Fern, they would lead the thirty warriors back to Ruith Dearc and take out the lizard base. Alyson said that this act of piracy, which such attempts of conquest were called by the Federation, would not be tolerated. They would meet their sapien allies at a predetermined location and attack the base in force. A small Allyonian ship would provide the artillery they would need and the volunteers, ten form each planet, would lead the sapiens in the attack on the base. After it was reduced, any lizard survivors would be turned over the the sapiens for whatever punishment they deemed sufficient. Alyson would take Wimy and Donna and confront the starship, with an Allyonian starship discreetly behind the lizard ship. They split up and moved to their positions either on the planet or directly in the path of the lizard craft.

On the planet Katherine addressed her volunteers and the sapien warriors. She stood on a hill in front of the assembled body resplendent in her blue uniform that bore the gold braids of a captain, her rank in the Canine Space force before she became a brigand. Fern stood next to her in the gray skin tight uniform of the Dolphin Space Force, proudly wearing her captain braid. The plan was simple, they had learned from the sapiens that the lizards kept their ammunition supplies in a cave under their base, which was accessible by an underground spring. Since the dolphin people had the ability to swim underwater for long periods without coming up for air, Fern would lead her ten compatriots from an entrance of the spring into the cave and destroy the supplies. Katherine directed the pilot of the Allyonian ship to hit the heavy defenses of the base while she led the dog people to one of the towers guarding the entrance of the base. Her friend Captain Jarmid, an Allyonian lieutenant, would lead the Allyoninas against the other tower, The sapiens would rush the gate and Katherine felt that they could overrun the forces and quickly take the entire base. Fern’s group quickly moved through the water to the cave where the supplies were, not only the ammunition, but most of the food supplies of the lizards were there. They quickly and silently took out the guard and set three explosives to destroy the cave. Just as they emerged back at the starting point the explosives went off, and the Allyonian ship hit the heavy defenses of the base, rendering all useless. Katherine and the captain moved against the towers in a vicious and brutal attack the overcame the lizards with a devastating blow. The sapiens rushed the gate and swarmed into the base cleaning up any opposition to the attack. After it was over, only seven lizards survived, one was the base commander. He demanded to be taken into custody, but Katherine laughed at him and said that pirates got no such justice. She turned them over to the sapiens who beheaded all the survivors.

After it was over the sapiens asked Katherine if the group would stay, she replied, ” No, but one day when you figure out how to fly among the stars, our people and your people will meet again.”

“That will be a glorious day,” proclaimed the leader of the sapiens as Katherine and Fern lead their group away.

During the attack Allyson placed the Callech directly in front of the lizard starship. She could see both the Admiral and the lizard King standing on the bridge at the rear of the ship. She hailed the ship on the screen of communication device and looked into the eyes of her enemies.

“According top the laws of the Federation, what you are engaging in, congest, is an act of piracy, I demand you turn around and cease this insanity,” She announced to the smug dismissal of both of the lizard leaders.

“Piracy?” the lizard king replied in a dismissive tone, “no, we are claiming out right to rule this galaxy. We were the first to achieve interstellar flight, so it is our right. Besides, you Allyonians already conquered and enslaved the galaxy, we are setting it free.”

Then Admiral Gartung injected, “So you really think your tiny fighter craft can stop our great starship, it is the most powerful one in the galaxy, and we are invincible.”

Alyson smiled and then defiantly answered, “Well, my forces have already reduced your base, and it is not me you should worry about, it the Allyonian Flagship just behind you.”

Just then the Allyonian Flagship, Allyon, decloaked reveling the leading starship in the Federation fleet. It was white with its large rectangular body coming to a round point in front where the bridge was. Just under the bridge was two wings parallel to the two large wings in the rear, both looking like of a eagle closing in on its prey. Along the sides were the emblems of Allyon, the Canine planets and Dolphin planets. It was commanded by Admiral Meville, a long time friend of Allyson. He had served with her husband for years and they all had grown up on Aird, the Allyonian planet in the outer rim. both his and her son had participated in the attack led by Katherine. Again Alyson demanded the surrender of the starship. Admiral Gartung responded by firing on both the Allyonian crafts.

As this was goin on, Wimy and Danna were standing at attention behind Alyson. Alyson stood their resplendent in her purple uniform of the Allyonian Guard. Her shoulder glistened with the braids of a Commander, her rank in the Guard and her chest sparkled with the medals she had earned, two given to her by the Emperor himself. The two sapien girls stood behind, Alyson had ordered them to be in formal uniform, so they stood in the green uniforms of the AAF, with their ranks emblazoned on their shoulders, both were sergeants in that force. Wimy remember her first meeting with Alyson, she was nineteen and graduating from the technological academy in Southland on Tara. Her grandfather had been a warrior in the Southland army and her father was a diplomat in the government. But the opposed the latest war moves of the state and had been arrested and charged with treason. In the fashion of the admiastation in power, all of their family members were declared enemies of the state. She had ran to Tresland, the nation north of Southland, and was hiding in the forest when Alyson found her. With Southland forces closing in, Alyson offered her a deal, go with her and be free, or stay and face the police. Wimy left.

Only two years younger than Wymi, Donna had a different story, she had come from an abusive family and her unlace and mother had sold her off to a stranger in Los Angles to be a sex slave. Her blond hair and blue eyes with her pasty white skin made. in stark contrast to Wimy’s cold black skin and braided black hair, her a prime look for the trade. She ran away and in the course of dodging her mother and others, ran into Katherine, who was doing research on Earth for a large university. Katherine liked her and took her in, and before she knew it, she was in the AAF, and loving it. She styed with Katherine when she teamed up with Alyson ten years ago and over time she and Wimy had fallen in love. they watched with pride as the rays from the lizard ship hit the force fields of the opposing crafts, it had the effect of a flashlight beam hitting the side of truck. Alyson smiled and pressed the ships laser weapon, taking out the bridge, as the starship took out the rest of the craft. The lizard attempt to reestablish their empire was over, they could still do their little warrior thing, but it was made very clear, that was all they could do.

Later on the deck of the Starship the little group celebrated their recent project, it had been a glorious adventure. As they stood on the rail of the deck, one of Katherine’s friends stopped by to congratulate her. After they had been speaking for a while, Katherine’s friend asked. “So, have you ever slept with your Allyonian friend”

Katherine laughed and responded, “Despite a lot of effort, no.”

Fern, standing close, looked at Donna and Wimy and muttered, “See, I told you they are not only bisexual, but very promiscuous. The canines have no word for monogamy, but have twenty words for promiscuous, and eighteen of them are complimentary, fact they also have five words that loosely translate to slut, four of them are complimentary.”

Katherine faked a snarl at Fern and asked, “So how many terms do you dolphins have for jerk?”

Fern did not hesitate, “Just one, and it a honor to be called that.”

The whole group laughed at that and Alyson commented on how much love was filling the area. Then Katherine asked where they were going next, and Alyson pointed to the large window above the deck and said, “Somewhere out there.”

Katherine responded and all agreed, “That is the best place of all.”

Submitted: March 20, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Douglas A Breeden. All rights reserved.

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