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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Aundrew's life is suddenly turned upside down...again. After being shipped away ten years ago, an unexpected reunion sends her life spiraling once more. Being older now, can she prevent herself from falling into old patterns. Or will her heartbreak and past be too much for her to handle?

..........Profanity is used throughout.

Table of Contents


 My blood boils as I stare at the empty shot glass in front of me. What my throat ached for was another hit of whiskey. Instead, I g... Read Chapter

Welcome Home

Right now, I'm kneeling on the floor of some heat-stricken warehouse. Even the open bay doors do nothing. The fact that I can see the sta... Read Chapter


The sound of footsteps now adds to that obnoxious laugh. Glancing up to see who is coming, I recognize half of them. Ten in all approach,... Read Chapter

The Reason I'm Home

 I’ve been two things in my life, a monster and an accountant. But there is something else I’ve held inside. An attachment. Not ... Read Chapter

Morning...I'm Still Here

 Morning slowly drags in. I groan, remembering where I am. This damn warehouse is sweaty already…… Shifting to stretch...I’ll ... Read Chapter

Sort of Free...

“I’m Chlo, the leader of Getting straight to the point, I don’t need any more uncontrolled personnel. So once I untie ... Read Chapter

At the Villa: 1

The first thing that hits me when we enter the house is a heavy cigar smell. Katrina scrunches her face up when it hits her too. I just n... Read Chapter

At the Villa: 2

“I’d offer to cut it out for you, but I'm not ready to blow up that way...yet.” - Samson moves from the stool to the sink, then com... Read Chapter


Chavez…why is he here? He's from a friendly cartel back in Venezuela, so why is he where Gusto went missing? I don't know our location ... Read Chapter

Cracking Chavez

I find him in the alley cowered over against a wall. Standing over him with a .45 drawn on him is Katrina...looking good. “This wan... Read Chapter

F...This Mission!

Chavez's phone suddenly rings, and the words boss flash across the screen. Good, I think as I answer. “Javier, how’s the left eye... Read Chapter

Back in The Office

Back in the office, Chlo and Jeffery are confused about what just happened. Katrina continues typing away, uncaring. "I got some seri... Read Chapter

Enjoying the Sunset

Resting comfortably in a tree, I sit thinking of an exit plan. Rubbing that damn scar, I think of what to do. Since I haven’t blown up ... Read Chapter

Scouting or Bait?

“I told you, we were tipped off that there would be an easy shipment to grab. I don’t know what you are talking about…kidnapping no... Read Chapter

Emotions are Back

Racking my nails over that cheek scar, I’m reminded of all the times I watched my blood drain out of me. An emotion is sweeping through... Read Chapter

Rekindled Flame

A few days later, we are all gathered in Junior’s temporary house. I’m kind of spaced this morning...haven't been sleeping well. I ca... Read Chapter

Rekindle Flame....Distracts

I shove him off me, slamming him on the table. With one hand on his neck and the other on his arm, I put a good amount of weight on him, ... Read Chapter

The Dream Team

Some hours later, I’m having a drink and smoke with my two new best friends. Samson and Carlos have been a ball to get to know. After b... Read Chapter

Finally a Meeting

“On to the serious side of things.” - Everyone calms down when I start. Carlos and Samson take seats around the tables. I stand at th... Read Chapter

My BS Time

What am I supposed to say? It's not like I had a grand scheme or anything. Just being here in points a finger directly Read Chapter

Hurricane Drew

Chlo rests her head in her hands, leaning on the table..... That woman is going to be the death of me, she thinks. In the past few days, ... Read Chapter

Entering the Warehouse

Knowing I have a tracker, I don’t bother waiting...they’ll catch up. Samson and Carlos followed me, so this should be fun. When I... Read Chapter

Hallways and Corridors

After about five minutes, I’ve noticed this place really isn’t a warehouse at all. There is no single large room. Just a lot of long ... Read Chapter

A Quick Scuffle

Before I can recover, he is standing over me. His big ass foot connects with my side lifting me off the ground. I gasp hard from the forc... Read Chapter

Team Specialties

The sound of gunfire and footsteps begin moving closer to the open door...more guards. I try to roll the big guy to his side to hide behi... Read Chapter


I run into a group of guards rushing up the stairs….... Surprising them, I take the four of them out before they can blink. I camp ther... Read Chapter

What We Found

Samson and I exchange glances, knowing we need to come up with a plan. "Look!". I shift my eyes to Carlos, seeing him pointing to... Read Chapter

Our Grand Exit

Chlo disappears in that office when my shoulder starts nagging me. It isn’t doing me any favors right now. It’s getting stiff again..... Read Chapter

Resting to Stay

As Chlo gazes out at the night sky, she thanks whatever it was that saved them tonight. She glances down at Drew, who has already passed ... Read Chapter

Tender Moment

One thing I know for sure as I regain consciousness...Junior is somewhere nearby. His smell floods me more potent than usual. Opening my ... Read Chapter

A Place to Call Home

A few hours later, I sit on the edge of the bed while a nurse changes my bandages. She doesn’t make eye contact as I watch her work. Ju... Read Chapter

My Educated Guess

“Drew!”. Carlos jumps up and rushes towards me the moment he spots me. Junior drops my hand, making his way to a seat. When Carlo... Read Chapter

Junior's Forgiveness

Why isn't Junior talking? He brought us all here, but all he’s doing is this pouting nonsense….. "I want to return to the States.... Read Chapter

What Happened 10 yrs Ago......

“Junior, you know we can’t be together. Gusto made sure that we...I won’t have a family with anyone.”. My words hit him hard ... Read Chapter

Realizing How I Feel

My eyes fall to Junior’s empty chair, and my chest tightens as they do...... I don't understand myself. My brain is telling me not to..... Read Chapter

Trap...Plan...Pawn...You Did It.....

Junior sits on the edge of the pool, looking out at the horizon. I don’t know why I imagined the house so high up. The pool sits at the... Read Chapter

Giving Myself a...Chance

“Relax, Gusto Jr. Isn’t this what you pay us for. We’ll handle this.”. Chlo turns on her heels, heading back into the house. ... Read Chapter

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