To The Love of My Love

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

To The Love of My Life


Hello, sweet nuisance! hope you are fine!
The stars on your balcony still shine bright
It's been so long since you left me in vain
It was a theft that caused me incurable pain
Warmth of your soft hand is still on my shoulder
Of that beautifully delicate sight ,I'm the beholder

Touch of your amor apasionado reached my soul
Its benumbing coldness smoldered me like coal
That perfect face of yours appears in my dreams
Does your heart tremble when your name I scream?
I whispered my art into your soul with fears
You let it wither and moved me to tears

You and I are the different shades of the same world
Let's merge our souls and see the charming unfurls
Hold my hands and be with me like a rhymed verse
The blend of our galaxies shall create chaos in the universe
Why live in the place that darkness enshrouds
Let's be together and rise high above the clouds

Oh my love, the sweetness of my thoughts!
Down to you, my heart shall never stop to bow
I invite you,
To see the intensity of my ancient devotions
Marchita rosas perfumada en mis libros,
The evidence of my secret commotions!

Do you remember, holding my face with a broken smile?
When you left me in the backyard garden lit by fireflies!
Do you remember that deep glow in my eyes?
Do you remember my noisy sobs and quiet sighs?
Do you remember, me running after you in perfect fright?

Do you remember me, falling and waiting for you to save me as a Knight?

Could you return to me with unfading affections?
Let us see,The wonders of my sophistication
Your philistinism in one reflection
With one touch,
We could resurrect the joys of our adolescence
With love,


Submitted: March 21, 2021

© Copyright 2021 NaQeeba Zafar. All rights reserved.

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