Chapter 1: (v.3) Revival & Death: The Ash Dance of the Phoenix

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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“Chapter 1: Revival & Death: the Ash Dance of the Phoenix”


Shit how the hell did my life come to this? Standing naked in the middle of a large mud lined yurt/adobe traditional homes of my tribesmen that thought repeat over and over. Being bathe in bone ash from the Jacquagenheiseetotwa, a strange dragon that mimic trees that look like African Baobab. The scales that mimic leaves held nutrient rich water, sap like blood that we harvested distilled into a high grade elixir then the dregs we let harden to use as seasoning. The Jacquagenheiseetotwa's inner bark like skin could be made into blade resistant clothes. The dense marbled black meat tasted similar to Kalmatta olives fed pork marinated in roasted acorns and pine nuts. The dead skin that was like outer bark when dried out made excellent kindling. Larger bones were split into planks to use in the building of our temporary homes outer frame and roof supports. Smaller bones were burn down to fine ash for ceremonial rites.

I kneel down after my ash bath on the earthen floor line on both my knees lowering my head. My entire body was grayish white and gray from our shaman Rotak Quuvannah no Jseiva (Burning night in crimson rage) pour rain water over me till not of ash was present. During which I slowly stood up straight again.

“Please recite your name for our ancestors to guide us through this sacred rite. Let them guide these hands to inscribe your flesh with a binding of souls onto this vessel of flesh. The Boshinada Rokashnaj shall reveal your soul's path.”

Being shown a large black clay jar containing “Blood Ink” sinks in the reality of what I'm about to go through. The black viscous ink made from various Dragons blood and my soul bonded along with a special mix of herbs. Still for me to experience this coming of age and bonding ceremony I wonder how the hell did I get into this situation in the first place? This is seriously messed up why is the only female whom decided to add her blood was my sister damn it? I know when it comes to what skills I have, I have only two with neither being an unique unlike others of my tribe.

The "Blood Ink" smell similar to medicinal plants mix with allspice and juniper berries fill my nose. A strangely nauseating scent that strange to say, but relaxes kinda makes me want a drink. Heat and numbness spread from where the sounds of rhythmic taps pierce my skin. Some light, other felt like they pierce the muscles alternating between waves of heat and numbness. I felt like a water drum. The entire content of the jar would be use various needles even several specially design knives that were literally salmon red dip in the jar. Might as well check my stats since this ritual will take six whole days to complete.


Registered Name: Lo (shorten) lv: 28 Race: Draconian Human  Age: 18

Birthplace: Valley of Gesahj the Greater Wyrm  Born: Eleventh of Freja the blue

Speed: 16| Wisdom: 290

HP:58/1900| Reflex: 10| Magical Attack: 8

MP:15/15|  Defense: 15|  Magical Defense: 190

SP: 25/35| Resistances: 19|  Mana Absorption: 15%

TP: 40/40| Strength: 1| Prana Absorption: 75%

Class: Prince of the Tribe of the Ash Dragon


Perseverance lv:1, Cowardice lv:16

Can someone tell me how the hell Cowardice counts as a skill?

“Locastrumnoscida Dasumya no Harikanashja...” A long name comprising of enough words to fill eighteen pages front to back in size three font. The words foreign forming complex sounds on the tongue sounding like someone retelling an epic. Well if that someone wasn't me and the fact I wasn't the one getting freestyle tats by a guy that would make a made man cringe in fear then I would just laugh this off. But for one way or another I was somehow reborn in another world, and this Important ceremony marks me as a man in the tribe.

How did I get reborn as a prince of a tribe of nomads that live near dragons nesting grounds?

Well this began with a slight misunderstanding, sure I was following a pretty loli into a blind alley. She looked a lot like A**i from on* *****i with long ringlets of golden blonde tresses. Let's just stop with the description there just remembering those lovely legs that peeked from her sundress. The well formed calves, and the thought that her thighs probably felt like marshmallows, and soft butter, soft with the slight stickiness of youth. God I'm going to have to nail Ness until she can't walk after this. Those legs snapped the last restraints in my already morally bankrupted mind, so, I decided to follow her with the concern any middle age man with a Lolita complex would do.

I wasn't a saint or some bastion of justice, but the huge shadow over shadowing me, and the brutal reality of wall meeting my face and back sent me back to reality.

“Crap run Dammit I'll keep this freaking overgrown lizard busy while it tears my ass limb from limb!” Yeah having my brain rattled like that had me seeing red I was going to bang that loli's brains out and what did I get instead. FREAKING KARMA!! Sure nailing a creature that looked like a western dragon got busy with a young Arnold in the head with a trashcan wasn't smart.

Yeah that murderous look said it this giant beast gonna rip my damn nuts off along with other pieces.


The man was still following her since arriving here, Freja the blue, Freja the wicked sky flower licks her lips. A seductive gesture even with her diminutive stature too bad she could not show her pursuer it, yet.

Freja the blue, Freja the wicked sky flower as her name suggest is one of the twenty-six divine months of Lorelei. In other words she is a goddess though to see a divine being walk amongst blind alleys one would call their sanity into check. Yet here is what she did enjoying her short time on Earth, a world where though it was rare it wasn't unheard of divinity walking amongst the mortals.

Freja the blue, Freja the wicked sky flower, there were countless names to describe her in terms of divinity. She the shortest of the divine months, yet her divine pool the deepest of all. That's why she call by the common name of Freja the blue yet she differ from the other divine months. The time the divine months could spend on this world was limited to the days in their months to equate in terms we could understand her month was very similar to February in terms of days.

Twenty-eight and half days to be exact and throughout this time she had been searching for someone worthy to stand beside her. To receive her divine protection in nicer terms she sought to spirited away someone to Lorelei. True there were many who had her protection, but those were only under her common name. None whom receive her true divine protection why was that cause she was different from the others. The other divine months sought those who were strong, or could become the strongest when they came. Nothing was wrong with that she wanted someone weak. No strength of character, a coward with strong preservation instincts.

Leaking out her divinity enough to ward off those that had what the others sought for once she struck gold. With only a half day left this man had begun following her. Freja the blue, Freja the wicked sky flower need not her divinity to sense the corrupt lust leaking from him nor the cowardly aura. In a sense he was perfect now for a trial.

Freja the blue, Freja the wicked sky flower wonder what would manifest overlapping her divinity within the two worlds a rupture occur. The being cover from it's crocodilian snout to the end of it thick muscular tail with deep hues of blues and purple scales. Thick blood red claws and talons fetid sulfurous breath with horns that spiral like a rams.

“So it's Gesahj the Greater Wyrm's that's responds, truly wondrous my beautiful summon's.” There were two things needed to bring someone over from this world to Lorelei, the ruptured world. One was an agreeable target it meant that the subject made an impression on the divine month summoning them. For some it was strength of character, others strong bodies, then there were those who sought those willing to become stronger in both with strong wills. Freja the blue, Freja the wicked sky flower sought none of these for what she sought was a being worthy of standing beside her. A being that was a coward yet would not hesitate reach for her when it appear her guard was down. Someone that could handle her pure love. Second was a response from a place on Lorelei to be born on, this was totally random.

For both to happen and to coincide with her own race's current place of living truly her mother Ganwanshira the black, Ganwanshira the fertile flower, and father Talgajsha the gray, Talgajsha the enshrine grave were looking out for her. Though say that to the man who was being ripped apart, by a humanize greater Wyrm.

His left arm had been torn from the socket, his entrails trailed his lower half the right eye crushed blood flow from his ears and bloody froth from his mouth. Still he grabs Gesahj thick left ankle not cause of a strong will to live, but of all things an insane desire to take her virginity.

Gesahj simply made a motion as kicking a pebble that was all it did yet the effect was great a the hand clinging to its ankle along with the remains still attach to it were flung. Even if he had lost about thirty percent of his total mass it was still a hefty amount of weight traveling at a decent speed. All that kinetic energy stop by her left hand stretch out still it didn't stop his blood from splashing on her as his body was suspended in mid air.

That simple act had a profound effect on her as she lick the blood from her lips. Freja the blue, Freja the wicked sky flower wraps her arm around his body. A fervor feral and pure deep maddening love fill her eyes. Gesahj the Greater Wyrm had now cease all it's aggression as if it had finish rampaging took notice of this change but did nothing to stop it. Snapping her finger the beast fades as if born of sand and fog. Now she had nothing to stop her from unleashing her full divinity. To pour all of her maddening purity into.

“To touch that which none have touched to cover with your scent truly wondrous. Your fearful perseverance what wondrous cowardice let me fill till bursting for will you be the one to bare my full divine will?! Whoops let's not worry for not a single drop of you shall be wasted. Relax for you shall be reborn under the divine months watchful eyes Freja the blue, Freja the ****** *** ****** consigns you to Tallaj the ash gray, Tallaj the reviver. Be born of flesh, be born of bones and blood, be born of the fates challenge of air and mud. May Ganwanshira the black, Ganwanshira the fertile flower, and Talgajsha the gray, Talgajsha the enshrine grave embolden your tales. Drink from Boshinada Rokashnaj cup and be Boshina. Rakashvanna set the table for the divine banquet!!”


I seriously will never forget that scene, the last flickering of my soul, the fear I felt as if I was being dragged to the bottom of the ocean. Nor the vast depth of those blue eyes that swallow me whole in their loneliness......... (part one end)

Submitted: March 23, 2021

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