Chapter 3: (v.2) Cowardice and perseverance the day when Thunder birds dance

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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"Cowardice & Perseverance:

the day when Thunder birds dance"


"Have you ever watch Thunder birds dance amidst the blue skies? Even if they are akin to lightning bolts dancing in the sky with their leaden gray under bellies, light azure, and cloudy white bodies they are cowards that can't even reach me.Not even the Sky flowers that share my name can reach my Sky flower castle." So why am I thinking of such things for? No reason why but what's wrong with being a coward? There are many people born brave amongst our tribe still for a race that contains the blood of Ash dragons in our veins we still have not settle down at all. What is that but not cowardice?

Though I'm not looking down on them for it, We of the Tribe of the Ash dragon have always been drifters that persevere only settling for no longer than a couple divine months to a few years anywhere.

We are not capricious like the Tribe of the Wind dragon who scatter to the four corners to slate their curiosity. Some even establish trade cities with the other races and different tribes of Draconian humans.

We weren't stalwart like the Tribe of the Earth dragon, or fierce like the Fire dragon's tribe that still held territory and major cities to the far south. You would think having a miniscule amount of dragons blood in our veins we would be more united as a race. True ages ago, long before we Draconian humans held an empire but that's long in the past back then as in now each tribe held important tasks that and roles we carried on our backs as heritage. We of the Ash dragon Tribe drifted like ash in the wind settling near dragons nesting grounds culling the weak and sick, harvesters of blood of the Jacquagenheiseetotwa and spreading their eggs to new lands.

Ash dances held important meanings to us they bound us to our mates, or sent off our departed to Rakashira the white, Rakashira the silent one. How I would love to perform the Ash Dance of the Phoenix with my beloved or the Ash dragon's Burial Dance. Ash it self still holds a part in our rituals as a way to cleanse our souls before the hunt, when coming of age and such. 

Ash though born of fire and earth haves another meaning, an important one for us of the Tribe of the Ash dragon. It was and still is the one thing we of the Tribe of Ash dragon still were hunted down for.

True there were those that hunted our kind down as material even if it miniscule we did possess dragons blood in our veins. All except the one I boshina and me held the intrinsic skill Dragon body those of the royal bloodline even held Dragonifaction.

More than that our tribe was the only tribe capable of brewing high grade elixirs. That was and still is the main reasons we were nomadic and hunted down every now and then by those seeking the secret behind making high grade elixirs.

Yeah why am I thinking this for you're probably wondering for, and what do you mean I've changed? I have not changed at all it's, it's just that I found someone... finally someone who maybe can stand beside me. Someone to create a Divine Day with, a wonderful coward that has persevere for this long.

I hold pride in my name, Freja the blue, Freja the wicked sky flower, so stay a coward, persevere and allow me to stain you deeply with my love. Enough so you can call me by my whole name and I yours Locastrumnoscida Dasumya no Harikanashja......

As for why these thoughts and questions floated up in Freja the blue, Freja the wicked sky flower's mind would be the same reason she look out far beyond any below her castle in the sky. The boy's name that sounded like an epic spoken in her native tongue left her lips with the same intense lovelorn sentimentality her gaze held beyond the horizon.


Idon'twannadieIdon'twannadieIdon'twannadie "I-I-I-I uh m-mom?" Fear stained the young boys face his usually curiosity driven gaze nowhere in sight. His dragon like golden pupils were as small as a Pill bugs, his slight tan skin a pallid shade, and though he was trying he failed to hide the sound of his teeth chattering,and his body tremble as if he was dunk in ice from head to toe.

Yes like a small frighten animal it didn't take a mind reader to see he was worry about his own life. That his mind was a jumble and self-preservation was the only thing keeping him from running away screaming like a Scryer bird, and for that she was thankful. Thankful that her cousin who was like a son too her didn't have strong dragons blood. Thankful that cause of his cowardice he was keeping his siblings and the others in check.

Though he was more of a lower  middle child out of twelve for most parts they were half siblings with him only fully related to one of his younger sisters. The fact he and his younger full blooded sister were born from a war bride, and the others from the official wives he was still a prince of their tribe. True there was animosity amongst him and mostly everyone in the large storage room especially among him and his eldest brother. That was what made it so memorable on how he thrashed on everyone and their pride earlier.

Truthfully she was Lo's mother, yet not his birth mother like the other five she was soul bonded to his father, yet unlike the other she couldn't give birth to children even with Gawanshira the black, Gawanshira the fertile flower divine protection flowing through her. Shirakana no Leiv thonos Locastrumvisiti Kanaso (Flower that blossoms in night your petals  are more beautiful than the moon on starless nights, scatter and dance) treated Lo and his younger siblings  as her own flesh and blood children though she enjoy teasing him whenever he was staring at her legs.That part was truthfully like her husband, his father through and through.

Because she was his mother that was why she felt pride and held back on the urge to tease him looking at his eyes full with fear.  Sensing a strong will of perseverance deep down she could still hear some of his emotions. The deep blue glow encroaching on his normally red irises she understood What Gawanshira the black, Gawanshira the fertile flower was telling her. "That  young soul is truly love by my daughter, how I wonder what he see's? Is it a lovelorn maiden, or a lonely child? Will he be the one to reach the lonely Sky flower that floats within no one's reach?"

"Yeah I wonder what he's seeing right now and if his birth mother's feeling the same sort of pride I'm feeling now?" She found herself muttering then thinking after a slight delay. I'll just ask them after this raid is fought off.

Never knowing that she would never have the chance to find out the answer to her latter question.


"What?" It was that one word... that one word that started it all. Telestrumvascidei no Toek Vassau (Thundering bestial rage tear the night away) look at the shaking figure before him wondering why he felt no rage at his third youngest brother for talking down to him.

No, he already knew the answer to that.

He's scared. Having a divine blessing was different from divine protection, and some could question what was good for a muscle brain to have Gawanshira the black divine blessing.

Telestrumvascidei was such a person. Yes like their father he was prideful in his strength, but for the life of him he had a hard time understanding the benefits to his divine blessing. He knew that his third youngest brother had the divine blessing of Freja the blue just from looking at his eyes. The outer rim of his irises were surrounded by a thin glowing blue circle.

What was good about knowing someones else feelings he knew now how boshina he was. Yes it was not like one of his mothers who was two years younger than him whom had the honor of knowing of Gawanshira the black second name, so he couldn't hear the emotions like her. Still Telestrumvascidei could sense deep down that his brother did what he thought could save lives.

The small hand that had grabbed his shirt as soon as he tried to leave earlier tightly clutch in tiny fists trying not to show any fear as Lo told him not to go.

The two had rarely talked and unlike his other siblings they had not the honor to spar and tussle to understand there places in the tribe. That was cause Lo was famous for being even weaker than a pixie and his defense among others was thinner than a leaf. Yes Telestrumvascidei could had easily shook free from that tiny hand at the risk of literally ripping his brother's arm off in the process.

That was why he let his brother hold his shirt. 

There was no honor picking on the weak, nothing pride worthy at all from slamming them down and letting them know where they stood amongst the tribe. That was why that one word started it all.

"What?" His voice was rather frustrated at the time.

"Don't go we need you and the others here."

"What?" Sure he knew he was repeating just that one word, but just looking at his six years old brother holding fast and staring him in the eyes threw him off.

"I said don't go we need you and the others to stay here." As his older brother he had the obligation to listen to his brother, who was twelve years his junior.

"Why?" But as the eldest prince, as a proud man and adult of their tribe he felt rage bubble up from the pit of his stomach at the words leaving his brother's mouth. "Do you think we'll lose to some lizards where Father and I are on the battlefield?"

"Don't be overconfident of course you can die not too mention lose." Telestrumvascidei couldn't blame Locastrumnoscida, the younger prince and his younger siblings had never faced a raid. Having faced and surviving six such raids three with Lizard men Scavengers he thought answering his brother with a question he was confident with to let his brother had nothing too worry about.

Yes, cause he felt confident in his own strength which was second only to their father's among their tribe. Cause the attack happen to be happening in the trading town of Wiran there was three tribes fighting instead their tribe alone he felt something snap at his brother prideless answer. Yes, even if he truly didn't understand the curious mind of the Tribe of the Wind dragon, or could stand the pipsqueak Tribe of the Grass dragon that really reminded him of fairies in the way they dealt with things he couldn't let his brothers words slide.

"Where is your pride at?! What a cowardly thing to say do you not know that you dishonor your dragon heritage with such words?! To fight on the frontline is a great honor, to defend against them with our own hands even those whimsical fools and damn midgets get this so tell me to my face what you have to say to all of us coward!!!" He didn't know when he lifted his brother up by the collar of his Taradashi, the traditional clothes worn by his tribe. Staring at the wild mess of black hair that was common for most of their tribesmen. The youthful features took after mostly of their father yet he could see a bit of the boy's mother features as his skin was a bit lighter than theirs and usual curious look he shot out towards things that caught his attention. Now though he was looking down as he open his mouth and spoke in a low mumble.

"Yeah, I'm a coward are you saying it's alright to die fighting brother is that what you all think... I see is it for that reason that I have these damn urges?" Telestrumvascidei never saw his brother like this as if he was wrestling with some problem of what he said to anger them all. Yes as his brother he needed to answer with pride and confidence as an adult and a man to protect his family and fellow Draconian humans.

"Yes even if I die as long as I fight we with pride in my heart I can meet our Boshinada Rokashnaj and take part of merrily telling of our race exploits over drinks from their cup." Yes to reassure his cowardly brother this was the right thing to say never did he imagine the sudden change in the way Locastrumnoscida was acting. "Even if those lizards capture one of us we would never tell them what they seek to know."

No he should've have known that those words wouldn't work on his brother the divine blessing of Gawanshira the black had sense it his brother was fighting back a lot of anger at his brother's words on pride and now it exploded.

"I see do you not see the suffering you would cause if you die early?" The high pitch youthful usual tone of his voice was no longer there the look in his eyes and every bit of his usual self couldn't be seen as he look coldly at his brother. "Your mother is here as well, so can you say that your death will be a good one if you were to perish in this raid with that damn pride intact?"

"My mother wouldn't weep over an honorable death."

"Yes even if he died I would never weep for him as long he never let go of his draconic pride and honor. He's not a coward like you."

"You can say that now and I bet the lot of you said something similar, but there's no way to know how you will act when someone you care for dies. People who can say that they won't weep, and mean it wouldn't glare at me with such scorn. Well if you really meant it that wouldn't mean that I wouldn't be sad about it and you would be too along with the rest of our tribe no?" The cold tone of his voice carried the authority that usually was lacking in him as a prince so everyone was slowly being cowed by it.

"I-I..." Even Telestrumvascidei's birth mother found it strangely hard to deny what he was saying.

"Don't answer I know how hard of a question that is to answer and believe it or not is gonna piss you off even more, but what the hell corner a mouse and it will even bite the cat. Telestrumvascidei no Toek Vassau as someone who will be a father look and listen to me well..." Yes Locastrumnoscida said the first verse of his brother's name so he should listen calmly too him though he had no idea what his brother meant by a cornered mouse. "You can take your pride and shove it up your ass for as far as I can care, cause if you think I give a damn about any of ya bastards so call pride let me tell ya something!!!!! Ya damn right I'm a coward ya dumb fucks with your damnable pride don't see how poisonous that pride can be! You know why I haven't ran out here screaming like a damn Scryer Bird cause I would definitely die every instinctual bone in my body tells me to stay here and before ya think to ask yes I'm scared shitless. But ya damn fools and and this damn draconic pride our blood holds I have to do my damnedest to keep even my younger siblings from running out there and fighting barehanded out there."

Rage clashing against rage yes that was what he could feel from the very marrow of his bones. Calmly, he should have listen to his brother calmly but his mind was dumbfounded by the pure venom leaving his brother's mouth. Not the countless blows Locastrumnoscida was raining on him he felt no threat from them even when his brother tried to jab his eyes out with his fingers. There was no way his pitiful strength could ever overcome his high defense that wasn't the reason he let go of him. Sure none expected him to throw punches and kicks at his elder brother. No one expected to see the rage literally show on their faces, but it was.  The younger prince even threw an uppercut as soon feet had hit the ground that didn't even phase his brother. If his strength was a bit higher he might've even gotten him off his feet with the impressive sound it had when it connected.


"haah... haah... Oh ya angry come on hit me with that ridiculous strength where's that paper thin pride in pickin' a fight with a weakling that can't even knock some sense in ya damn skull? That's how weak ya pride is when ya think of it brother that ya wanna punch a kid with only a one in strength. But I'm smarter than ya and everyone except for our shaman, Quuvannah no Jseiva, so bring it on let's fight it out with words instead of fists see if your pride can beat me if your so damn pissed." Lo's words caught him dragging his reasoning back in time to realize he was about punch the boy in the face with his full strength. His mind had focus on his brother to the point he couldn't even hear the people around him till that point now he felt truly pitiful to be provoked to such a degree.

Still he couldn't help but think his younger brother was still angry from the ominous mumbling he could pick up. "If I punch ya in the nuts a 100,000 times I bet ya would felt that. Who am I kidding I would have to punch ya over a billion times, faster than the speed of sound to just break through with my incredible strength." His voice was filled with sarcasm, self derision, and a complex mix of other emotions

"I want you to understand Telestrumvascidei I'm not saying having pride's a bad thing, but too much is a poison. Having pride in your heritage, having pride in your work, and life there are many types of pride brother. Even protecting the weak can be worthwhile and something to take pride in, but pride can breed overconfidence. Pride will not fill an empty stomach brother, I'm not sure if it is a famous saying or not but I'll make it famous, pride comes before the fallDo you not think our enemy doesn't have that same pride in their veins, and look how far that carried them? What of dragons we hunt them down, and I hate to think of what our ancestors faced. They probably had more pride as us only to be hunted down and turned into materia? Lizard men are known for their warrior like discipline dad said once, but those banished from their clans become scavengers. From the looks of it this isn't your first rodeo with them, but nothing can go as you expect brother. You said earlier that you would never tell them what they wanted to know if you were captured, well I wouldn't hesitate to tell them how to make high grade elixirs. Hell I even tell them the exact measurements if they wanted but that's impossible for us instinctual types to express. Like a Phoenixian Human trying to tell us how to make scape dolls. Even if I could I'm sure they couldn't even produce a high grade elixir. I'm pretty sure of this others did the same thing at first otherwise there wouldn't be mid and low grade elixirs in existence cause there's no fool who would go through trial and error with dragon materia."

The two brothers never had a heart to heart talk, but after listening to him talk about things the two talked for awhile. He also learned his younger brother deeply respected those who had strength to back up their words since cowardice was like an active permanent debuff it made it hard to raise his stats and it kept his strength at a one. Strangely though it didn't dull his survival instincts in fact it hone his flight response to the point he knew where to run away and what sort of actions to take for to survive but that would be much later on. He also knew that the young prince was trying his best to stand his ground acting as bait incase any enemy made it to the storage room come shelter.

His younger brother own birth mother even stood in front of them as soon as the simple wooden door was smashed in. The creature wasn't a simple Lizard men scavenger, no if not for his brother talking him and the others into staying he would surely had met his death at the claws of this raider. That was what his and everyone's instincts spoke of.

Standing at a height it had to lower it head just to enter covered in knobby scales like a dragon over a muscular frame that reek of death and brutality.

Yes it was such an oppressive feeling of bloodlust, and murderous intent that it temporarily stun him from acting.

Four claws on it right hand drip with blood, fat, and scraps of flesh, whose well that was his brother's birth mother. Acting as a shield maternal instincts made her take the fatal instant killing blow meant for her son.

True he was stun for a second for he saw not a simple lizard the creature that killed his brother birth mother was a Drakonian. It scales a myriad of deep shades of blue and black and red and it serpentine eyes were bluer then the sky with a crocodilian snout lined with yellowish off white fangs. Yet that wasn't the reason why he wasn't acting, he, no everyone there stared at the boy who till now was shaking.

A boy who once red eyes were now almost a solid shade of glowing blue except for his glowing gold serpentine pupils.


Far beyond the Sky Flower castle, past the horizon even farther than the monstrous one eyed Totwasasuu Neishe(Dragon slaying Crow) with it great panoptic vision could see. Black smoke billow in the air, the sound of battle filled the brick streets surrounded by a town built into the canyon cliff sides. To Take a reference from Lo's point of view when he first saw it the trading town of Wiran the buildings were like a unique blend between Puebloan and Babylonian. A trading town founded by the Tribe of the Wind dragons that led to the old Draconian human empire, and the hunting grounds that Lo's tribe were using for the last year. That was why even though most of the tribe was out hunting at the time of the raid they weren't routed was cause there was three different tribes fighting back against a common foe.

The sound of battle, the smell of carnage, even the boy's own mother death, none of that register at the moment. Two people stare at each other that shouldn't been possible, when was the last time he saw her was before being born on Lorelei, but how could he forget her, the blue eyes tinge with loneliness and a deep maddening love. Though her hair was mostly braided up in a single French style braid the few tresses of golden blonde ringlets held in place by two black Sky flowers one on each side. This was the first time he seen them so close with broad red lotus like petals near the base that transition to petals similar to a chrysanthemum. With long red spider lily like stalks, petals that curved back with stamen and pistils surrounded by fluff like a dandelions. No longer was she wearing a sundress no what she wore was unique as well, but strangely accentuated her beauty. A shiny metal cuirass that was slightly formed to her build hid her well develop chest. Thin metal gauntlets that look almost like gloves with black silk like material covering her arms, finish with a scale skirt and long thigh high style greaves that accentuated her long well tone legs.

"Freja... the blue..." Yes he could never forget her nor the sight of her abode the first time he saw the black sky flower floating in the clear blue skies he had a strange feeling that it should had been called a sky tree from what he could see now.

Lo knew she wasn't close by but from their point of views they were no farther than a few feet from each other. He could see the blush on her cheeks as he called her name and the lovely smile on her face. Even if he had no luck in romance or was dense as a lump of steel he recognized her very being was radiating an aura of pink. Not literally but this was a maiden in love and he was the one she was in love with that was her every action she took could tell him.

"What a beautiful stain I've left on you. Oh how long I waited for you to call my name. Yes call my name more Locastrumnoscida Dasumya no Harikanashja let me stain you more till you know my second name and can call it out." While he hadn't seen her till that time that was not the case for her she stared at him more times than she would be willing to admit. When her time came Freja the blue, Freja the wicked sky flower would immediately use her divinity to find him. Staring out into the direction he was in with a fervent look of longing. When the two days of the Divine banquet happen she found herself asking about him from the other divine months. Mainly Lularakannah the orchid white, Lularakannah the frozen maiden, or her mother and father who blood though diluted flowed through the Tribe of the Ash dragon's.

The two stared at each other his eyes still full with fear while hers were looking like she was over the moon were barely open. Then for what seem to be an eternity after she spoke she spoke again giving the boy she love a gentle push with her divinity. "Fear not being a coward just persevere and I'll never abandon you right now it just my blessing, but please let me pour my divinity into you till they see how wonderful you really are."


Dracakos (Flowing Death)had once belong to the 1st Imperial Brigade of the Phoenixian Empire of Talyosa. Once belonging being the key word, but he was to brutal and savage to his enemies and had been discharged long before the strange Draconian human boy looking, yet not looking at him drew his first breath. He live and persevere with his pride gaining strength that put his stats in the seven digit realm with strength alone yet this thing before him was so weak he was sure he could get what he sought. The secrets to making high grade elixirs was just the start soon he would raise an army and establish his own dominion.

Drakonian hated to follow those they saw as weaker than them and cause they held more dragons blood in their vein and he was the same. The weakling following him worship him like a god and that fed his pride never facing defeat and surviving with no weapons beside what he was born with fed it more. Unlike these things that held a tiny drop of dragon's blood they held no more importance than a stepping stone to his greatness.

Being level 98 he felt no danger from those present even the sack of flesh he just slashed through that jumped in his way to getting rid of the boys limbs. Yet why was it he felt irritation and bloodlust filled his lungs as soon he saw the boy's eyes glowing deep blue with glowing gold pupils?

"Freja.. the blue..." The boy was weak and shook more than a newborn being ripped out of its mother belly. Still they held a connection both had dragons blood in their veins, yet he sensed none of the pride he so much loved to crush with his own claws. The other thing that the two had a connection was that both were born under Freja the ****. Yet even though his eyes were blue and there was blue in his scales he could barely see the Sky flower castle not to mention the divine month he was slightly bless by. His was totally natural and the thin rim around his eyes barely glow blue.

He could sense Freja the ****'s presence but he had long ago gotten rid of his cowardice and boosted his perseverance to level three. If he knew the true effect of cowardice and perseverance were Freja the **** divine blessing would he had overcome that skill with bravado before even gaining perseverance? Well it didn't matter now he would had gone through the same route, but that wouldn't get rid his desire to kill the boy.

This tiny thing barely older than the dirt under his feet could see her quite clearly he could sense so it fuel his bloodlust. This thing had obtain her divine blessing that took him to hell and back and still couldn't fully obtain it, so that fuel his bloodlust as well.

So he swung down his claws again with the desire to rip that thing apart and make it watch the slaughter of the things inside.

What the reverse scale happen? That question floated through Dracakos mind which was dumbfounded for good reasons. He was no longer in that tiny room with those things no his body that weighed more than twice the weight of a full grown Rakkaksha(around 230 pounds) was now air born. Not a small height either he cleared the canyon top and was the height where even with his high stats he would break a bone or two. Plus he was from his view was close to the middle of the town

Activating several skills he saw the small thing curled up in a fetal position while spinning in mid air then the air change he could clearly hear a voice that didn't sound like it should come from that thing. "Ball lightning." cold calm and full with dread of what was to come.

"Flash Step!!" To hear the boy yell out his move even from this height he thought it was stupid till the rapid rumbling of thunder and he felt his body be jerk violently till he was directly over the boy at an even greater height. Then he felt something dense flow from the boy.

"CLOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUD BURST!!!!" Mana so dense that it warped the sky and vision that thing he wanted to kill was above him swinging a bluish blade down with such fury into his body. That things eyes glowing blue felt like he was struck by lightning raining his blood down he crashed into the ground.


Lo had always wonder what sort of skill was cowardice, he never thought that it was synergistic with the skill he just obtain with Freja the blue divine full blessing. Still he was still far from gaining the right to know her second name, and gaining her full divine protection. And he was completely wrong.

Till now he had never truly been back into a corner to activate cowardice full effect, Now he was it true effect kicked in a temporary boost of agility, dexterity, defense and HP by ten times and that was per level, so imagine how much his stats  were now  with a Cowardice at level 8. To give you a clue his agility that was originally a 6 was now at 600,000,000 combine that with effect of Perseverance which boosted his stamina, HP, Prana and mana absorption by ten times and had a permanent effect of lowering stamina consumption and mana and prana  consumption. He was a beast still with only a one in strength, but a beast that could force even that one strength to over come an overconfident fool to become air born and make it rain blood.

Telestrumvascidei didn't even move when Locastrumnoscida made his move. Even if he was a muscle brain that would had proudly declare it he was a prince of his tribe and warrior first that knew after his head had cool down. "Even with an overwhelming presence he still hasn't let it go to his head, though that first step was really impressive."

There was no need too. The first step a warrior made on the battlefield was often an awkward step and his brother's first step was truly that. It reminded him of when he first gained the dragonifaction skill, and smashed face first into a wall when taking one step. His brother had also smashed into a wall taking that first step. Instead of a wall of mud and stone it was a wall of flesh, bones, and muscles covered with rough bumpy scales that stood in front of the young prince ready to strike him down. What made that first step impressive was that the young prince and the Drakonian had literally disappear from everyone's sight. No that wasn't true. yes it did look like that but he was barely able to see what had really happen.

The thunderous roar and cloud formation looking like a funnel told of the raw power of that simple step forward. Telestrumvascidei immediately activated as best as he could a partial dragonifaction. He wasn't as good at it as his father at it as his skin was cover with ash black and gold scales. The loose sleeveless toga like tunic pull taut as small horns grew from the side of his head and two pairs of dragon like wings sprouted from his back. Even letting his dragon blood go partially wild he was only catching his brother's after image.

The sight of the young prince lowering his body in a crouching positioning with his weight all on his legs. Placing his thumbs, pointer, and middle fingers placed slightly ahead of his crouching figure  it was very similar to a dragon spreading it wings to propel itself. No Locostrumnoscida never learned any Dragon dances, so from watching how the young prince keeping his body almost to the ground as he ran under his foe grabbing the tail by wrapping his arms and sinking his teeth into it he leaps. Tucking his body into a ball he spun his tiny frame and his hapless prey around.

There was wasted motions, but he was quickly moving with erratic sharp moves creating thunder with each step. "Mother I see you taught him the Thunder birds dance though I shouldn't I feel bad I do feel bad that he haves father's tendency to say his moves out loud."

Hearing his brother, the young prince, yell out his moves even if he couldn't see him anymore he could hear him and the thunderous sound of the thing his brother was swinging around. Seeing that barely earlier in his brother's grasp gave him a good clue on what he was trying to achieve. What a dense mana. I see he is pushing his self beyond common logic and with that Bone Splitter Saw I truly feel sorry for the foolish lizards. Did he use one as a stepping stone since he doesn't have Air Hop, or spatial maneuvering?


A rain of blood none my own, I could here my divine month mad laughter and ecstatic words clearly while I stood there under it like I never left the ground. Steam came off my body the sickening stench of blood and gore I actually killed off multiple Lizard men with that last attack. But I was like a puppet with its strings cut collapsing on my knees then face first I was exhausted. My breathing labored and vision blurry I had activated the only two skills in my possession earlier somehow outstripping my mom's killer own mana and prana absorption and burning my mana out to sense where our attacker was. The vision of Freja the Blue slowly faded like fog, but for once she look rather happy till the end when all that I could see was a silhouette shape vaguely like her.

"You filthy pile of goblin dung making me shed my proud dragon blood, I'll skin you alive and make you watch your whole tribes death!!!" Of course the one I wanted to kill the most survive even a pummeling from a Bone splitter Saw though if someone saw it, it look similar to a steel blue O Katana with a flat tip like a Dao and a swell ball like end. That made it weight forward heavy which helped to make planks out of the Jacquagenheiseetotwa's bones. Makes sense he haves a higher level of perseverance though he doesn't look so hot getting his ass handed to him by the weakest creature on this damn planet.

"You lost die with that fact... I win." I really wanted to take one good swing at his rage filled face, but taking a last jab at his already wounded pride will just have to do. Take that with this soul crushing regret that fills my soul. You killed my mom cause of me mom's dead so take my grudge fill regret and die.

 "I'LL TEAR YOUR HEAD O_fugh!!!" Through my slowly fading consciousness I saw a familiar face.

"Shut your filthy lizard mouth and lose with some honor." A face that I took more after even the wild black straight hair of his head. What I lacked from him was the presence of a ruler and the impressive muscles. The strongest member of our tribe and the proud father to eleven kids and still going. God I'm feeling loopy from this exhaustion, but this man is my father.

"You truly are loved by Freja the blue. As a prince be proud you have saved many of our tribesmen and brethrens. That was a well done Dance of the Thunder bird now let me show you a Dragon's dance. Don't worry not even his ashes will spread to the winds." I really am not to sure if that was what he said but that was the first time I saw my father do a dragon's  dance. Where my dance had plenty of wasted movements his was minimal and graceful as he climbed even higher than me creating air holds using the Bone Splitter I had used I just followed with my eyes till I passed out.

The crushing weight I felt this was the day the guilt I felt at my own selfishness ate away at me with the regret of causing my and my little sister mom death.

The day when Thunder birds dance.....

Submitted: April 20, 2021

© Copyright 2021 boona. All rights reserved.


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intriguing and well written story

Tue, July 20th, 2021 9:04pm

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