"Paranormal apocalypse season 7 episode 18 "The Iron Maiden"

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“Hello Dexter, are you planning to come down? “How do you know my name? Who are you? Dexter demanded. “Well you don’t get to ask questions. Not yet first we need to know will you come out of that tree or do we need to shoot you down? *One of the men grabbed a chainsaw from the truck.

 And turned it on* He faced the tree. “James turn that off unless you want every Lunatic in the area to come after us.” *James turns the chainsaw off.* “My patience’s where’s thin are you coming down or not?*Dexter hopes down from the tree and lands on the ground near the men.*

 “Good Now then.” *The man snaps his finger. *Dexter gets punched in the face and falls to the ground. One of the guards kicks him in the head knocking Dexter out cold.*

“Bring him to the truck.” *An hour goes by and Dexter starts to wake up. “Where am I?” Dexter asks. *A man is sitting in a chair behind a desk with his hands crossed.*

“You are Dexter I presume?” “Yeah who are you and where am I?” “In due time you will find out. But I am not ready to tell you that.”

 “Then I won’t talk simple as that.” Dexter says. “Are you sure?” the man asks. “Crystal.” Dexter says. “”Then have it your way. I love it when we do things the hard way it. Men take him to the Iron Maiden.

 A couple hours in the box will do him wonders.” “What the Iron maiden?” “Don’t worry I took the spikes out years ago to kill. Now off you go.” *Two guards grab Dexter by the arms as they push him down the hallway and towards the Iron Maiden.

 “One guard opens the door and the other shoves Dexter inside and closes the door ceiling Dexter inside. *One of the men opens up a hatch right in front of Dexter’s face so he can breathe. “I know it’s for torture but we don’t have the orders to kill you not yet at least. Make this easy on you don’t give us a reason to kill you.”

*One of the guards said as he walked away leaving Dexter alone.* Two hours go bye* Dexter hears footsteps and the guard returns. “Are you ready to play ball?” “Bite me” Dexter says. “Very well.” The man closes the hatch and leaves Dexter in total darkness “Maybe a night like this will teach you a lesson.” *The Next morning the guard Returned and asked Dexter if he was ready?” “Dexter spit at the guard.” He closed the Hatch again.

Several Minutes later the Boss returned and opened up the Iron Maiden’s door and pointed a gun at Dexter. “We are going to have this chat even if I have to hurt you.” *The man shoots Dexter in the foot.* “Ahh son of a bitch.” Dexter screamed in pain as the Boss grabbed Dexter by the shirt threw him out of the Iron Maiden and tossed him on the ground.*

“Now your name is Dexter right?” *Dexter stared at the man in silence.* *the man smiled and laughed and then stomped right on Dexter’s foot right where he had shot him.* “Son of a.” Dexter yelled in pain. “Now listen to me you can either stay here on the floor and bleed to death or talk and I will have a doctor remove the bullet but if you keep playing games with me, I will cripple you and you won’t walk out of here on your own two feet again.”

 “Yeah.” “What?” the man asked. “You asked if my name was Dexter yes it is.” “Ok now we are getting somewhere.” “Ok Dexter Now tell me you have Hope-Ridge How many people live there? “I’m not sure 70-60 people total.

 I don’t know exactly because I don’t count them all. “Ok so you have a decent amount of people. Tell me is Jeremy one of them? “Who?” “Don’t play dumb with me Jeremy is he one of the people who live there? I will put a bullet in your other leg Hand to the gods I will.” “I’m not messing with you I don’t know any Jeremy.”

“What a moron.” The boss says as he grabs a picture and shows it to Dexter. Is this or is this not Jeremy? Now think very carefully before you answer.” *As he points the gun at Dexter’s foot.* “Yes.”

 “Good Now Where is Jeremy at currently? Why? Why do you want to know? “Not my question Remember you are still in danger here and we are not done yet. Now tell me His location? “He went east from the tree where you found me all I know. *Dexter come in its Jeremy I found food.” *Dexter closes his eyes in horror.

“Go ahead answer him, but don’t say anything I wouldn’t the boss says pointing his gun at Dexter. “You found food for Hope-Ridge? That’s great where are you know? “I’m in a green jeep headed back towards Hope-Ridge where are you I can pick you up.” * Dexter looks up at the Boss and back at the radio*

 “I’m checking out a few more buildings I’ll be back soon.” “Are you sure? I can help.” *There is a building east of that Location we found you in close to a Cemetery tell him you will meet at the Cemetery Tell him.”

 “There’s a Cemetery East of where we split up originally remember when we said we’d split up? Meet me at that Cemetery.” “It’ll take me a few minutes to turn around but I will meet you at that Cemetery Cool.

I have some weapons we can use in case of Lunatics also I found out some really crazy thing this person I was interrogating had pictures of you, me, Nadine and Executer. “Not now.” Dexter said. “What?”

 “I got to go sorry.” Dexter said. “You should have let him Finish. A doctor came in the room and checked on Dexter and began to remove the bullet from his leg.

About twenty minutes later the boss returned and dragged Dexter by his shirt again and shoved him inside “The Iron Maiden.” He locked the door and opened the hatch.

 “I’m going to go have a little chat with Jeremy Don’t worry you will get to say your goodbyes after all I am bringing him here. And I will kill him in front of you.” “I answered your questions why do you want to kill Jeremy? Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!” “You want to know so bad ok Jeremy Killed Mayfield he was one of our Top men and He is responsible for the disappearance of Kathleen She is my sister.

I am going to find out from him where she is even if I have to beat it out of him. You think me having an iron maiden is crazy? Wait until you experience the rack! Hell my guillotine! Or the Gallows! You have all screwed with the wrong person this time, and you will all pay. My men might go after Nadine and Executer, while we’re at it.

 I want you to picture this, I am a very bad man one who you never fought before and I will have no problems killing Every last person you love. And then I promise you I will bomb the crap out of Hope-ridge.

 I will set everyone on fire I really don’t care as long as you three watch. Now I’m off to have a chat with “Jeremy”

 “If he tries anything prep the guillotine. I’ve been dying to use her again.” The Boss said laughing and he closes the hatch Leaving Dexter in the dark alone.

Submitted: March 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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