Hazel Pierce

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

After finally graduating college, Hazel joins a company working under her best friend. For once in her life, things have been stable. The scars of her childhood have been quiet for the most part. With a full-time job now, two best friends, and her first love, she feels everything is going right for her for once. She's sorely mistaken. Meeting the company's President and Vice President triggers events mixing her secret past with her present, making her question her future. What life does she want to live?

Maybe considered mature.

Table of Contents

Food Bribing? And the Team.

  Since I’m lost in thought, the ambient sounds of the office are slightly drowned out..... I wonder how his first day is goin... Read Chapter


As soon as our shift ends, the six of us rush to clock out. Work here is fine, but I think we lack the will to do anything over. Plus, it... Read Chapter

Welcome to the...Welcome Party

When we burst through the door...we freeze in place….. This atmosphere is a little undesirable. The smell of alcohol...and sweat floats... Read Chapter

The Boss, Prez, and VP

“I should’ve known this table would have been the liveliest.”...… Hearing Noah’s voice will change this easy mood...at leas... Read Chapter

Skip the Weekend...Monday...What a Start

Monday morning comes faster than I’d like. I should be used to this whole working thing by now, but Faye burnt me out over the weekend.... Read Chapter

Twice in One Day

Settling on a little bench at a nearby park, I take the time to catch my breath. My heart is racing faster than I’d like, but it’s no... Read Chapter

Mind Blowing Dinner

My mouth is already moving as I slam the phone against my ear. “Len, I’m – “Wrong man.”. I grunt, hearing Noah’s voic... Read Chapter

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