Chapter 6: Twice in One Day

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Settling on a little bench at a nearby park, I take the time to catch my breath. My heart is racing faster than I’d like, but it’s not as bad as it can be. Knowing that talking to Faye helps me, I search for my phone, realizing I left it in my bag. I groan, leaning over, trying to calm myself down.

“Not hungry?”.

I look up to see Noah standing in front of me. “I’m not in the mood.”. Once again, I lean over, focusing on my breathing.

“I can tell.”.

I hear him take a seat beside me. We don’t speak for a moment, and it gives me a chance to calm my thoughts. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this...particular anxiety, but thankfully nothing else is accompanied by it. As my heart finally slow down, I let out a long breath relieved it’s over.

“You shouldn’t let it bother you so much.”.

“I know. It doesn’t. It’s just...I’m reminded of stuff before.”. I sit up, letting my head drop back so I can look up at the sky. The day is nice and cool for the end of summer. A slight breeze comforts me in a freeing way. I hear Noah shifting around, so I roll my head to see him doing the same thing.

“How did those two figure out your accounts?”.

Looking back at the sky, I mull over, telling him it was...Faye…… I’m not going to mention her to him. I’ll keep them separated as long as I can. I hear him sigh. He knows me well enough to tell when I won’t entertain certain...topics.

“How about this. You have permission to verbally put them in their place. But you have to be professional about it.”.

I slightly smile. “You give me lessons, then I’ll think about it.”.

“I knew you could see my greatness. For the ass-kissing, I’ll give you the lessons on a one percent discount.”.

I snicker at him, closing my eyes, noticing he’s trying to cheer me up. “If I could get rid of the past...I wouldn’t be so bothered.”. A yawn suddenly escapes my lips. Even though I’ve been tired...I still haven’t been able to sleep.

“….I know what you mean.”.….

I’ve noticed...from time to time, he’ll say something like that. The regret in his voice...always bothers me. He never tells me why when I ask…but I don’t push it. I...have secrets of my own, so I just let it go, but every time he always falls into an ominous silence. As the silence fall, I can’t seem to -

“Clarissa, just do what we say!”.

“But moth” – SLAP!

“Don’t talk back to your mother.”.

Rumble! Boom! Patter! Patter! Rumb –

I jolt awake, leaning forward. I finally got tired...and went straight into a nightmare...… Another reason why I hate memories, I can feel myself shaking just from hearing their voices. Taking some deep breaths, I try slowing my racing heart. It takes a few minutes before I actually start calming down. Twice in one day...this isn’t a good sign for me.

When I glance around, I see that Noah is still sitting beside me. He’s leaning forward as well, showcasing all his worry. “What time is it?”. I get to my feet, trying to shake off the rest of my anxiety.

“Oh, you’re an hour late back from your break….. He casually stands beside me like it’s not a big deal.

“Damn Noah, why didn’t you wake me?”.

My legs start moving before I can think. Taking large strides, I rush out the park heading for the courtyard.

“Because you were peaceful…until the end there.”.

I freeze in place, hearing him. He knows a little about the...problems I have, but nothing about the nightmares. I think he thinks I have terrible anxiety, which I do, but the reasons behind it I keep to myself.

“Don’t worry. I already informed Jen that I pulled you for an assignment.”.

I glance over at him...he sounds like he wants to be praised. Sure enough, his, I did good expression is on full display…… I sigh, moving again. “At this point, I would prefer being punished.”. Special treatment...will certainly bring me unwanted attention.

“You could always get those lessons.”.

I shake my head, trying not to laugh at him. He’s so close behind me that I can feel his feet almost tapping my heel.

“That would be hell.”. Which it would, honestly. We rush through the courtyard while another group is having lunch.

As we enter the cafeteria, Noah snickers under his breath before moving next to me. “Oh…I heard you like that...pain.”.

I glance over at him matching his smirk I already know is there. “I like to give it, not receive it, there’s a difference. Which I’m sure you know all too well.”.

He chuckles as we exit the cafeteria. “Sometimes, I can’t tell where your jokes end or begin.”.

His innocent voice makes me snicker. “Riiight.”.

Reaching the elevators, we use his key card, making it to our floor in record time. There was no wait like in the mornings.

“Relax, I already let Jen know I pulled you. Don’t look so rushed, look more tired or annoyed.”. He busies himself...messing with my hair. I hit at him knocking his hands away…I really don’t have to fake annoyance. His face lights up, reading my reaction. “Peeerfect!”…….

I grimace, hearing him purring. The elevator opens, and we march out. “Never...and I mean never, say that again.”. I shudder hearing it replaying in my head.

He bumps me as we reach my team’s office. “All you had to do was laugh.”.

“It wasn’t funny.”.

He bumps me again as I reach my desk. I hold back from picking, knowing everyone is watching. Pulling out my chair, I drop down in my seat, avoiding everyone’s eyes.

Noah keeps walking to Jen’s office as I get to work. He returns quickly, knocking on my desk. “Work work.”. He marches off, but not before I notice...the alarming grin on his face……

I hope whatever he’s excited about... doesn’t involve me. Between Faye and him...he is the worst when it comes to making plans. Focusing on my work, I don’t linger on his...behavior any longer.

“Thirty br -

“Where were you pulled to?”…..

Jen couldn’t even finish before Tessa started the interrogation. I look up to see her, Spencer, Carla, and Dave waiting for an answer….... Perry has already left her seat.

“Did you hit someone?”.

“….What?!”. - I frown at Carla, wondering why that’s the first thing she thought. - “Do I really look like I can’t control myself?”. I look around at them...they all avoid my gaze….. “Seriously, guys!”.

“In our defense, if we didn’t see Piss Pot…I mean Pierce Pot, we probably would had went in your favor.”.

I sigh laying on my desk, ignoring Tessa’s little dig. “That was a lifetime ago.”.

“Well that’s not true. Some of your most recent pictures were over the weekend. And dear, you looked edgy street still.”, Spencer comments.

“Faye made me! Even so, I don’t hit people for no reason…..”. I have to say I’m offended that they even thought I would. It...usually doesn’t bother me when people assume things about me, but they should know I’m not violent. My stomach growls loudly…that appetite has returned...with ferocious intent.

“Didn’t eat?”.

I frown, sitting up looking at Dave.

“…It seems he really did pull you”…….

Spencer’s sarcastic ass... I’m about to respond when a plate drops down in front of me.

“...I...figured you’d get hungry I got this for you.”.

I smile wide at Perry, jumping to my feet hugging her. “Thank you! Thank you! I’m so treating you to something later.”. I plant a kiss on her cheek before releasing her. She blushes, moving away, as I drop down in my chair and dig in.

“Hazel, your ass is too easy. All it takes is food to get you happy.”. Tessa lays on her I can slightly see her.

“I don’t think she’ll ever remember her diet.”. I half glance at Carly, hearing how nonchalant she was. She’s focused on her phone as usual. Spencer and Dave snicker...ignoring them, I enjoy the fine sandwiches before me.

After the break, we work for a few hours until our shift ends. The others rush out, but I take my time this evening. Having not been able to check my phone since this morning, I know two people I’m dying to hear from. I scroll through my phone as I head to the elevators. Faye, first and foremost, is flipping out since I haven’t responded all day.

“Text me n let me know ur ok!!!!”.

“Misplaced my phone. Im fine!!!!!”.

“Use sum1 else phone next time! My damn child tryin 2 put me in an early grave.”.

“Sorrrrrryyy mom :( It wont happen again. Promise!”.

Heading into the elevator, I switch to Len’s messages. I’m already smiling before I even read them. “Have a good lunch.”. “Heard some things are u okay?”. “Want to have dinner tonight? I’ll cook. :)”.

This man doesn’t know how much I love him. It looks like his cold spell has ended quicker than I thought. Stepping out of the elevator, I head to punch out but freeze seeing his last message.


My heart begins pounding against my chest as I immediately hit the button to call him. He doesn’t answer. I redial, but the call goes straight to voicemail. Punching out, I call again only to have it go to voicemail again. He’s purposely doing it.

Rushing out the building, my mind races knowing I did something to upset him...again. This time I know... we’ll have to talk about it. The thought of making me antsier. Flagging down a cab, I hesitate on whether I should go to his place…… He doesn’t like when I show up unannounced, but this...I need to talk to him. My phone suddenly rings, and I answer immediately.

Submitted: May 04, 2021

© Copyright 2021 skool2school. All rights reserved.


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