(270) Old Man Punjabi & His Cobra Lesson

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Journal 48
A Collection of New Alliterative Verse
by ArchDuke Kenneth Khanh Du

“My reflection upon the current climate which send heat waves simmering throughout time.”

New Alliterative Verse has five set parameters defined by me:
1. A couplet line poem with 20 lines or less
2. Each line contained no more than eight syllables
3. Each line has alliteration of either consonant or vowel
4. The alliteration must be tied to the next line (hence couplet)
5. Rhymed or unrhymed

Alliterative Verse as a form was adopted by me from the skalds of Norway. Skalds were the Viking's poet-musicians and their poetic form began somewhere in the 9th Century. The original form(s) with many however remain unstructured and often confusing /or ambiguous.

(270)  Old Man Punjabi & His Cobra Lesson

I.  Indian Cobra Order

There’s an old man who went along

With discontentment and anger

Issues which he vents in all wrong!

From ill persuasions, he smuggles

Indian Cobra with his son.

“We will use snake for twisted fun!”

There’s birdman who run around with

Scarlet Macaws.  Why don’t we get

The cobra to bite him for gore.

No more gala pedophile dude!

Running our playground open field!

One quick bite and we gain the shield!

Gramp orders cobra trap and ship. 

Cobra is illegal man trip!

It’s a bad omen to mistreat,

Displacing a creature for sport!

Letting it loose to bite others.

So irresponsible mothers!

Your child can die from venom bite!

“Our tribe gain control!  What is right?”


3/22/21 by ArchDuke Kenneth Khanh Du


II.  Indian Cobra Fear

Old man strikes fear among his friends.

He plans for birdman to meet end.

Did he not research what’s at stake?

What eagles will do to fangs snake?

Dropping an Indian Cobra

At 4:00 A.M to wake birds’ bra

Is like asking for a neck gash,

Daggers head attack or brain bash!

Old man tells cobra to stay put.

Wait for gawkers to strike at foot! 

Cobra flees and hides in pine trees.

A 10yrs old child and his mom

Notice hiss spit, raise its head charm.

Alarm!  Mother dials 911!

Then in ten police officers

Surround this majestic creature!

Waiting for a wrangler to dome,

You’re a long way from home cobra!

How did you get here?  I wonder.

Successful rescue empowers.


3/22/21 by ArchDuke Kenneth Khanh Du


III.  Add the Cost to Karma

Lost cobra has found a new home!

With FBI, you’re not alone.

Months of investigation found

The shipper confessed to cobra

Bound for Yuba City address

Of Old Man Punjabi unless

His family plan to resell.

But it is illegal as hell!

The Indian Cobra causes

Majority of human deaths!

One bite will paralyze your breath!

Old man had his day in court. 

They claimed snake was my pet of sort?

With no evidence, they then claimed

To know me.  The judge fine old man

With interest comes to $2,000. 

Add the cost to karma, old man

Why have you failed to understand

That true leaders know right from wrong!

You keep on fighting to belong.


3/22/21 by ArchDuke Kenneth Khanh Du




Their grandfather recently acquired an Indian Cobra for a pet through the Punjabi shipping channel. There were strong disagreements in having it in the family; so one morning, around 4:00AM, he released the cobra in the public playground here in Yuba City, California. One 10yrs old child found it and his mother dial 911, who contacted the fire department.

Federal agents got involved tracking it to them. The family along with grandpa appeared in court and of all things, they claimed the cobra belong to me! Well, that didn't work so they said they know me! Huh?

A few years ago in 2015, his granddaughter appeared in a red dress one day in front of their house while I was walking pass with my two macaws. She flirted but I did not say anything. A few days later, the old man would holler from their garage "You rape!" I have been receiving comments from that old man and his family ever since.

What you did was a bad omen, ill-moral, and very irresponsible! [Did you release the cobra in the middle of the field hoping that it had strike someone running across? What a fool! Do you know what eagles do to snake?] The Indian Cobra is innocent! It did not ask to be trapped, displaced from its natural habitat, and become an unwanted or illegal pet! The cobra could have killed someone, your neighbor, or become slaughter itself! You should thank the Yuba City police officers and fire department for having enough karma to wrangle and save the poor animal!

Heard they got slammed with a $1,000 fine. (Now interest to nearly $2,000). Rather lenient wouldn't you say? No jail time.

What the old man, his boy and their group of Punjabi Indians did not tell the police officers nor the judge was that they purposely released the cobra in Regency Park minutes before I had run across with my two scarlet macaws hoping that the cobra snake would bite me and I ended up being like an Indian Greek tragedy!

I can hear a bunch of them that day yelling "Don't run across!" "Your life is in danger!" from one of the nearby houses.  They treated it like a lethal spectator sport and they’re Punjabi royalties watching on. On my return after my 2hrs walk, I saw 2-3 Indian males scouring the field for the cobra. 

This Punjabi Singh family somehow build it up inside their head that I wanted to date their daughter (have sex and take her away?)  There are four of them doing assembly work at Sunsweet while sneaking around before entering the building as if they’re ashamed.  I think they are all waiting around for The Queen of England to appear and then have their daughter rewarded dowry for trying. 

So all these years I'd been partying in Las Vegas, you take it as I was cheating on your daughter.

How about your daughter having sex in the Sunsweet's toilet? 

(True accounts.  This occurred in the summer of 2018.)


Submitted: March 23, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Archduke. All rights reserved.

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