Dreams and Wishes

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

"Now, watch him. He is going to walk over to that mare and nuzzle her. See, he is doing it. She thinks he is a colt and is letting him, nurse. "His name should be ConMan. He is one horse that has made the most of being one yard tall. I think I am the only one who knows he is four years old. Even the milk cow will let him, nurse."
"You, have to admit, Barbra, he is adorable."
"What is he doing now with that bucket? When he was in the sideshow he carried the water bucket for the clowns to put out the fire. Even now he loves to carry buckets of water around. That is how he gets the mares to stop. He puts down the bucket of water. They stop to drink. He nurses while they drink."
"Betty, he is adorable, that is why he is still here after four years. He is so sweet, the other animals here on the farm seem to really like him. He even nuzzles Hamilton, the pig."
"I have dreamed of living in a place like this. Brian and I have really loved taking care of it. I do not know if the new owner will want to keep me on now that Brian is gone. Betty, how is Becky taking Brian's death?"
"You know, Barbra, she loved her daddy. Your brother was without a doubt the best father. He was not a little person. He knew there was a chance our baby would be like me. He did not care. I really thought the baby would be a boy and be like his father. You know, small framed but without the dwarfism. I really do not know what we will do now. Our little house seems so empty without him. Becky just wants to come here. She loves this place. Brian's death and now a new owner could take away all she has ever known."
"Well, we can only dream, but I think we will do some wishing too. Is it time to go get her from preschool?"
"That school is so far away. She hates it there. Everything is too big for her. She has no friends. What can I do?"
"You are right Barbra.  Dreams and wishes with some real praying just might help us come up with some answers."
"Betty, I need to meet with the new owner to see if I sleep here tonight or if you have a new house guest."
"Is that her I see out by the pond?"
"Yeah, she is a widow and her name is Jane. That is all I know."
I can not believe I did this. I sold my home in town and now own a farm. All because the previous owner wanted to hurt Loverboy. Am I crazy? I realize that the scientists have discovered natural antibodies against viruses like the covid 19in llama blood, but they do not have to kill the animal to draw blood. I just could not let it go. When I found out I did not even think. I offered her enough money for the place she had to say okay. All she wants to do is travel anyway. So, take the money and run, you silly gal, I got my dream and you got your wish. I guess that is the caretaker up there. I wonder who the other woman is? I think I understood that one was a small person that had been married to the other one's brother.
This pond is beautiful. I love the way that old tree grows almost sideways out over the water. I see some of the livestock have decided to follow me. I now am the proud owner of a miniature goat, a llama, a miniature horse, four broodmares, one stallon, one rooster, six hens, an African grey parrot named Frank, a raccoon named Zoro, and of course I brought Bella, Sweetie Pie, and the two squirrels, Oscar and Grammy. Bella has not stopped playing in that front corral since we got here. Sweet Pea is trying to catch up on kissing all of them.
I think what I am going to do is crawl out on that trunk and see what I can see from up there. It has been a long time since I climbed a tree. I made myself laugh, all I gotta do is walk up the ramp it makes. Oh, oh, NO! That is just great. What do I do now? I am almost up to my shoulders in the water. My foot seems to be caught on something. I can't get out.
"HELP, HELP." I don't know if the ladies can hear me. I look at all the animals looking at me in the water. They are leaving. "Wait, won't someone stay with me?" I feel silly. I can't get loose. "Please, dear Father, HELP me." I guess I am glad it is a warm day. Yes, I will count my blessings. What is that I am seeing? I see Loverboy coming back. I see Hamilton carrying something. "Please, dear Father, HELP me." Great, Loverboy just tossed me both ends of a rope. I know God will save me. What is Hamilton got? It is a floating device. Loverboy is trying to toss it to me. "Never mind guys, God will save me." I can not believe it. Loverboy, Zoro the raccoon, and the little goat are rolling a fallen log out to me. That is so sweet. They are trying to help me. "It is okay, guys, God is going to save me."  My legs are so tired.  I am trying to stay afloat with one leg kicking.  This is so hard.
I see one of the ladies coming. "Hello, I am Barbra. You need to stand up."
"God will save me."
"Lady, you got a rope, a floating device, and a log. I do not know what you want God to do. All you gotta do is stand up."
I stood up to find I was in four feet of water. My foot had been caught on a root that had grown across the pond before the water-filled. I felt so silly.
"My name is Jane. You have been the caretaker?" I held onto the floating device to steady myself as I stepped out of the water. I noticed the rope laying there with both ends floating in the water. I followed it with my eyes and saw it was tied around the trunk of the tree. Apparently, others have fallen off the tree into the lake. I don't feel so silly anymore. Except for not seeing how many solutions I had been given and ignored. "Let's go up to the house and chat."
Barbra seemed to be a very pleasant woman. I liked her manner. She loved to laugh. I think she is a kindred spirit. "I am going to go get out of my wet clothes."
"I'll make us some hot coffee or tea if you wish, Jane."
"Coffee and that would be great." I sure was glad I still had my jeans laid out. I think I am making some decisions here. Bang, Bang... "There is someone at the door, can you get that for me, Barbra?"
"Betty, come on in. You will get to meet, Jane. She is the new owner of the place. She has had the pond's baptism. Although, the critters knew exactly what to do.?
I could hear another woman talking to Barbra. I could barely hear them. I heard that squeal... It was a little girl. I walked into the room as Loverboy was giving her a little snuggle. Sweet Pea decided to kiss her too as Bella was cleaning her fingers. "You silly critters, at least introduce yourselves one at a time."
"You are big." Such a tiny thing, I thought.
"Becky, you shouldn't say things like that."
"You are right, Becky. My name is Jane."
"This is my mommy. This is my aunt. Do you sing?"
"Hello, I am Betty. I am Barbra's sister-in-law. My husband and Barbra have been caretakers here for many years. I thought you might have some questions about the place I could help answer."
"I appreciate that Betty. I guess you three are known as the "B" girls. Betty, Barbra, and Becky make three "B's" Gives new meaning to having a bee in my bonnet. Oh, good, they laughed."
"Do you sing?" Becky was so tiny. I judged Betty to be almost four feet tall. Becky could not be more than eighteen inches tall. "Why do you ask?"
"My mommy always says nothing is over until the fat lady sings."
Betty just turned beet red. "Please, do not be offended. She is at the stage that she just says whatever pops into her head."
"Betty, what do you do?" I had decided I was not offended. I am a big girl.
"Jane, I worked as an accountant to put myself through veterinary school. I do get calls for some pets but I still work as an accountant in town."
"Do you own or rent your home?" I knew I was being personal but I had an idea that just might work out for all of us. I just pray I wish, my new dream would come true.
"Let me propose an offer to both you Betty and you Barbra. You may have to think about this for a while. This farm is far too big for me to handle alone. I retired as a teacher for children with special needs." I saw a big smile come across Betty's face. I also saw her shoulders relax a little. I heard Barbra sigh and squeeze her hands.
"Do you get paid for being old?" Becky was very curious. I bet she is full of good ideas. I know what that is like.
"Yes, I do, Becky. It is called Social Security." We all laughed when I said that. "I would like to purpose that if you and Becky will move into the house with me. And you, Barbra that you continue living here and being the caretaker." I watched both women. I was nervous. I hated putting them on the spot but I was not sure what I wanted to do until I saw Becky. Now I know what all my training has to lead up to. What it was for. My work with special needs children, my work with the animals.
"We would love to." They both said it at the same time almost shouting. "Yes."
"That is not all. I want to turn the empty stall in the barn into a school for little people. Children and adults. I want to teach computer classes, accounting classes, writing classes, language classes. I want the little ones to know they do not have to grow up and be entertainers unless they want to play an instrument or sing. I want to give adults a choice. I realize I may have to brush up on some new techniques but I still have my credentials."
"What do you think? I also want to set everything up into a trust. So that when I am gone, you ladies can carry on for as long as you want."
I ran out of breath. I wanted to get my new dream out. I was taking my new wish and waving it about. Suddenly, Loverboy came over and put his head on my shoulder. The front door flew open and Sidekick just pranced into the room. He and Loverboy nuzzled each other.
I looked at Becky and saw her there on the floor. Sidekick, the horse had let everyone inside. Becky was surrounded by Billy, the goat. She also had Loverboy, the llama, Frank, and Zoro. Oscar and Grammy, my two squirrels had even joined the party. Bella and Sweet Pea nuzzled Sidekick. "Look, Mommy, all my friends are just my size." Becky was giggling and trying to pat everyone on the head. I watched Betty, I saw the tear she quickly wiped away. I knew this was right.
I promise you ladies I will not sing. I will turn on some music and we can dance. "Today is my birthday, I am five today." Becky held up one hand all spread out.
"Happy birthday, Becky. If you all join in, we could sing Happy Birthday to you." I think they all realized why I said I do not sing. Both the dogs put their noses in the air and howled. I had also noticed that Bella was back at doing her moo, moo. She had been raised by a cow. She has been mooing ever since. "How about I give you Sidekick as your very own. We can have a saddle made and you can learn to ride him. Would you like that?"
Becky clapped her hands. "I have wished for that all my life." Becky stood up and gave Sidekick a big hug. "I have dreamed about it too."
"That is what it is all about. Dreams and wishes. And recognizing when God is already helping you... his way."

Submitted: March 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Texasjane. All rights reserved.

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