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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

I did all I could but still he paid me with hurt. Heart hurts but love smarts. Is love really blind?

 What do you do when the person you love most loves another person. Love triangle? Not quiet right, more like an infinite love crisis! Another tale that I happened to find my dear self in one day.


There I was, in love with the most handsome man before my eyes, how do most books describe them; full red lips, soft brown eyes, a total glass of tall, dark and handsome. I was in love with a capital 'L', no other was perfect before him unbeknownst to me I was living in state of perpetual ignorance.


So there I was, swooning over him and drawing mental pictures of our future together; the engagement, sure! The wedding , why not! The honey moon, you got it! Everything was vividly drawn down to the day we die and get to Rest in peace in well built burial grounds together . It sounded too much but I was sure it was every girl's dream out there, somewhere.


I was so caught up in my fantasy of the future that I couldn't realize I was being caught up in a web of illusions, till that fated day came when my vision of the fairy tale future was massively shattered before my two eyes. 


It all unfolded when I was busy cleaning the house as part of my daily routine that I found a mysterious document, more like an invoice. Curiosity took over me and I decided to read through since I couldn't remember having bought anything this valuable recently. 


A wedding ring?! Oh wow! 60 karat diamond on a beautifully crafted platinum band, and my thought immediately ran to the future fantasies. 'he bought a ring , I bet he's going to propose to me' followed by a mental girly squeal. It was the best assumption I had in all my thirty three years on Earth. I was getting married.


Now, when he came back I was at my best behavior. I was all gleaming with joy but couldn't blurt it out for fear of ruining the surprise, so I had to feign ignorance which proved to be hard, I did all that I could that's good for him. Everything was falling into place according to my vision, and it was all confirmed when I accidentally heard him making reservations at a fancy restaurant four days before the D day. It was just perfect.


I waited impatiently in all those four days for him to at least give me a hint that there was a date to be expected on that day but none. 


Maybe he was waiting for that exact day, I didn't know. 


The day arrived and nothing was said, he told me that he had to go somewhere and that he would come home late. He didn't work on that day and my hopes were high, he had gone through alot to make this day so perfect , my fear to ask about it would result in him being disappointed with me for ruining his surprise, overtook me and I kept my mouth shut.


He put on his best tuxedo, the one I got him during my trip to Italy which hugged him perfectly at all angles, the best leather penny loafers and the Luis vutton designer tie I got him for his thirtieth birthday. He finished it off with his new model rolex watch he received from his friends. He was a sight to behold yet still no word about the dinner date. He got up, kissed me good bye and exited the house leaving me partially confused and,


 maybe he planned on calling me after getting our table,


 so I did the most thoughtful thing at the time, took a shower , put on my best dinner wear and a little bit of make up just to flash out my cheeks and lips and waited for that phone call.


Ten, thirteen, fifteen minutes passed and I was worried. 


Maybe something had happened while he was arranging the last bits, so I decided to check it out and maybe surprise him for a change. I couldn't call so as not to ruin the surprise. A surprise in a surprise, yes, I was that good of a wife to be.


I called an Uber and gave him the location so after ten minutes en route, we arrived. I was asked for my reservations at the reception and I said I was expected by someone already here. ( Fingers crossed) After all that, they directed me to the table and what I found was either ground breaking or an illusion.


I found my boyfriend, on his knee in front of a woman new to my eyes and he was proposing. Maybe he was practicing on her and I was the main course at the final act so I decided to check it out.


As I was in hearing-distance I had the words most girls out there would like to hear, ' ….will you marry me? ' and the girl was so shocked with surprise he held her hands over her mouth and nodded yes. Wow! She was a good actress to be able to act out all that and he slipped the ring on his finger as I reached.


People clapped and cheered as I did too thinking it was all an act.


He saw me there and his eyes grew bigger like the size of two cymbals of a jazz set, I wondered why, so I did the most thoughtful thing I thought off, I said ' you can now take of my ring now lady, it's time for the real thing ' and I got a totally different answer when the woman asked him who I was ! I told her that I was the soon to be mrs.him and she just laughed at me. I looked back at him , for him to say something but he just stood up and went to stand by her side which untangled the web from the suspicious behaviour till now. It was like an invisible force was untangling the web at the speed of light. It all became clear now. Embarrassed, belittled, and confused-knowing I exited the fancy restaurant. I couldn't hear his voice over the untangling that was taking place.


Why did he do that? What didn't I do for him? Yet the truth was, I saw the red flags but I couldn't stop and investigate them because I was too busy fighting to dwell in my future instead of living in my present and learning from my past.




To be continued…..



Submitted: March 24, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Faeryteyrl. All rights reserved.

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