The day the impossible happened

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A little boy, enchanted by the Hobbit, makes a wish for his birthday.

He couldn’t even feel the pain on his knee. He sat there, knee bleeding, on the ground and he was still in a daze. As he was cycling down the road, his mind was thousands of miles away, in a fantasy land called Middle Earth. He wasn’t looking where he was going, not really, so no wonder he crumbled and fell and probably messed up his bike. He couldn’t keep his mind in the real world lately. He had just read The Hobbit and it was like a thousand doors opened, a magical world welcomed him in, creatures he had never imagined waved at him hello, offered him hospitality within their stories and elves took him by the hand to show him around their Earth, their different, beautiful, breathtaking Middle Earth.

Reluctantly, he got up and went home on foot, carrying his bike and like being hypnotized washed his knee, still thinking about that world. The pain was either not there anymore or he just could not bother with it. His mind was wild, he couldn’t tame it when it took flight, no matter how hard he tried, his mind would stick its tongue out to him, mocking him for the futile effort to hold it back on reality and just kept flying.

If only he could somehow live in the Shire for a while, he thought. If only he could go on an adventure. The book was on his bed, he looked at it for a minute, asking himself if he ever felt this way before but he couldn’t remember. He picked it up and stared at the cover. J R R Tolkien he read aloud to himself and stopped wondering about the story and started wondering about the man. The man who could create this amazing fantasy land and make it so real that you could dive in the pages and get lost in there.

He opened the book and read “In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit”. He turned to the last page and read “but you are only quite a little fellow in a wide world after all”, pondered the magnificent story in between those pages and wished he was that “little fellow”, he really was little after all, if only by age, given that he was the tallest boy in his class. Maybe he was already taller than a hobbit, he thought, frowning.

Tomorrow was his birthday, and if he could have one wish it would be to ask that genius man a thousand questions. What happened next, how were the hobbit born in his extraordinary mind, what other places are there in Middle Earth and so much more. He went to his window and looked out, heard the noise of the city and remembered another line from his now favorite book of all time, he was sure. “By some curious chance one morning long ago in the quiet of the world, when there was less noise and more green..”  He sighed… too bad that’s not my world he said and went to bed to dream of Middle Earth.

Something woke him just after midnight and saw that he was holding the book in his hand still. It’s my birthday he thought and closed his eyes again. But the book started humming and he opened his eyes again, scared. He was not in his bed he realized terrified, he was in some strange woods he had never seen before, it was day not night and he could hear birds singing, wind among the trees and voices, children’s voices. He stood up abruptly and followed the voices until he came upon a man and three boys playing amongst the trees.

Half hidden behind a trunk of tree he listened to the man telling a boy, his son he assumed, that he shouldn’t be sad about his dog toy that he lost. The boy asked why and the man started telling him a story about that dog and how now he would be among wizards in a strange land and dragons and the Men of the Moon.

Inadvertently, he took a few steps closer to the family, mesmerized by the story. The leaves crunched beneath his bare feet and everyone turned and looked at him. He froze for a minute but the father smiled, asked him to come closer and sit with them, listen to the story. Without hesitating he picked it up where he had stopped by the unexpected visitor and continued weaving a marvelous adventure for his son’s lost dog. A smile was painted on all the children’s faces as they listened until he finished the story, not before promising another one the next day.

The father turned to his newfound audience and said “I am Mr. Tolkien and these are three of my children, please come have tea with us”. The shock on the new boy’s face must have been so apparent that everyone looked at him strange, one of the boys asking him what’s happened. His mind was working a million miles a minute, unable to understand what was happening to him and what magic could transport him through time and space and how could he understand everything they were saying. He blinked repeatedly but the enquiring faces were still there. Maybe magical things can actually happen on your birthday after all. Or maybe the book had real magic in it. Whatever the reason, whatever the explanation, he would find it later. Now he decided to accept it and be happy, ecstatic for the adventure.

He took a deep breath and nodded, taking a few steps towards them and they started walking towards their house, while his boys kept asking him questions about his story and other stories he obviously had told him before. When they entered the house, mr Tolkien sent his boys to clean up and ask him to come with him to his study. He could not believe he would actually be in the room where every brilliant thought was put to paper by this man. A room with old furniture, full of books and the smell of tobacco and ink.

Please sit down my boy, Tolkien said as he sat behind his desk and lighted his pipe. Tell me where are you coming from. His eyes were looking at him, like reading his soul and he knew he couldn’t lie. He had to tell the truth, no matter how incredibly unbelievable it would sound.

He looked down on the floor for a moment, took a deep breath and told him everything. How he had read his book and fell in love with it, how it made him feel and how he woke up, on his birthday, in their forest. The professor was staring at him in disbelief. The boy remembered what he was holding in his hand, stood up and placed the book on his desk.

I just wrote this story, Tolkien exclaimed, but here you are showing me a book with my story published. Extraordinairy, unbelievable he said, a little louder than he wanted, because there was a knock at the door and his children entered, to find what was happening with the new boy who was still looking around in awe, things and people, but mostly staring at the face of the man who wrote that book.

After a few minutes, Tolkien asked him to tell his story again and the children were listening with their mouths wide open, asking a thousand questions which he answered again and again until they stopped. Tolkien, now smiling, asked the boy what would he want to ask him and the boy’s face gleamed with joy. “You shouldn’t have said that sir” he said, “I might never stop asking” and the professor laughed.

It was hours later, Tolkien and the boy alone in his study, drawings and maps, papers and notes everywhere, the professor had shown him everything. The birth of the hobbits, the inspirations, the many places he imagined in Middle Earth and the boy was bewitched completely. He wanted to stay there forever immersed in that man’s world.

“Will there be more stories?” he asked, “it would be amazing if there were more stories”

“Yes, there will be more stories, many stories, my dear boy and you will see that I will not forget your birthday, the day something so extraordinary happened, something that is absolutely impossible, and yet it happened… a little fella made it happen, somehow. So look in my stories, remember that this date, the 25th of March, will be a great day, a day something impossible happens” 

The boy was elated, he beamed and thanked him, he couldn’t stop smiling this day, the best birthday of his life. He rested his head on the desk and fell asleep, exhausted by all the excitement of the day of impossibilities that happened. He woke up with a smile that faded when he realized he was in his room again, it was the morning of March the 25th. It was just a dream, he thought, an amazing dream, but just a dream, and tears filled his eyes.

Sometime later he would beam again, jump up and down in pure joy and yelling... it was when he read Lord of the Rings and the day the impossible happened by another little fellow who saved Middle Earth.

The same date as his birthday

Submitted: March 24, 2021

© Copyright 2021 GeorgeP. All rights reserved.

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