Adventurer in the Mist

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

A boy has a very realistic dream about impending doom, but nobody believes him until during a storm all the birds fall dead on the ground. It's up to the detective who's not a detective.

"Aaaaah" screaming could be heard all around. Buddy was running as the birds were falling all around him.
Thunder Roared as lighting crashed on the ground next to Buddy. Buddy fell on the ground screaming at the top of his lungs. Behind him was a large gray formless mass with deep yellow eyes. The rumble so loud it shook the ground. And then... "Aaaaah ".
Buddy buddy his mom said as she shook his shoulder. Buddy bolted up sweating and shaking so bad that his mom was very worried. 
" baby what's wrong you know it was just a bad dream."
"No mom it was real I just know it." 
I was just waking up when I heard someone banging on the door. It almost sounded like they were trying to break it down. I got up stretched and yawn. I answered the door at the door was a short officer. 
He had brown hair he was wearing black sunglasses. He took off the sunglasses and looked at me and asked me if my name was detective Emmy Czyzyk. I told him my name is Emmy Czyzyk but I'm not a detective. 
"Well I'm was sent here to come to get you the sheriffs needs your help and he's not taking no for answer"
I told him fine and let me get dressed. He said also to pack a bag I might be gone for a couple of weeks. I looked at him like he's crazy.
I shut the door there was not much I owned it all could fit in one backpack. It's not like anyone would miss me anyways. I packed everything I own in a backpack which was just a couple of outfits and identification. I took shower and got dressed in a green tunic, black slacks, and black sandals. I pulled my hair long light brown hair back in a ponytail.
I walked outside I seen the officer on his phone. I walked up to him. He turned around and looked at me he thanked the person for the heads up and hung up. 
" I'm sorry that was sheriff he had a family emergency. He went home, but he still wants you to come and help." 
He opened the back of the police car. I got in the back he shut the door. 
"So where are we going and what's your name," I asked 
He did not even look back at me. 
"My name is Edmond Sunday and we are going to Keweenaw it's in lake county."
You got love Michigan you can live here your whole life you can find a new place you never heard of.
We had arrived at a very small village. The police station was in front of the cemetery. The church is directly in the middle of the whole town. Mr. Sunday parked the car in the grocery store parking lot.
" Why are you parking here," I asked.
He said the is no other parking in the whole town, everyone parks here if they have a car.
" what about at their house," I asked. 
He said there are no garages and we don't want to take up space where kids can play. I just noticed the sky was turning dark quickly. It was sunny just a second ago. 
"Hey officer Sunday we might want to get inside it looks like it's going to storm any minute."
He looked up at the sky with a puzzled look on his face.
"it's not supposed to be anything but a sunny day".
He murmured.
We walked rather quickly to the station. The station was old-looking. It was a small brick building Smaller than a Meijer store. 
We walked in there was a front desk next to the doors. There sat a tall, red hair woman. She looked about in her late 40's. She looked up at her pusher her black cat-like glasses up. 
" let me guess you are Emmy Czyzyk, right I'm birdied nice to meet you"
I extended my arm to give her a hand shack. At first, she acted like she did not know what to do then she shook my hand.
I looked around the were about five rooms and looked like maybe some stairs to the basement. 
"So Birdie do you know why I'm here," I asked.
"I don't exactly why but I think it's due to the chef getting a strange letter," Birdie said.
At that moment the phone rang Birdie answered the phone. When she hung up she said we need to go see the Witten family. Their son Buddy had some kind of dream and now he's scared. We headed to Witten's house. I did not know what we could do to help their son. 
We arrived at the Witten house. It was a ranch-style house actually, all the houses on this street were ranch-style just different colors. The Witten house was a lavender color. They had lavender planted in front of all windows in front of the house. We knocked on the door a woman in her early 30's answered the door. She was tall I would say 6'3. She had black hair it was pulled back in a bun. She was wearing a cream-colored dress with pink bunny slippers.
"Hey lulu we came over as soon as we got the message. This is detective Czyzyk she here to help buddy." Officer Sunday said with a smile.
she nodded and waved us in. The house looks like coming out of a 1950s catalog. Very thing was older but in great shape, like they just bought it yesterday. There was nothing out of place except a small boy shaking on the sofa. 
"Buddy sit up officer Sunday his friend is here to talk to you," Lulu said.
"he has been like that all-day he even scared his friends when they came over" lulu whispered.
Officer Sunday went over to Buddy to talk to him. I 
I could see Sunday was not making Buddy feel any better if anything he was making it worse. 
"Hey let me talk to Buddy, ok," I said to officer Sunday.
I set across from Buddy officer Sunday went over to lulu and tall gentleman. 
"Are they your parents?" I asked pointing to the two people talking to Officer Sunday.
He shook his head yes.
" That's my mom and dad," he said.
"Tell me about what's going on ok I'll see if I can help ok," I told Buddy.
He told me every detail of the dream. When he was finished it looked like he was holding something back, but did not want to push him.
"Look I'm going to write to all down when comes true I'll know how to fix it, ok," I said.
He asked how would we fix it? I told him I won't know until it happens. I was about to get up when I heard a "thud" everyone stopped doing what they were doing. That's when another thud and sounded like something attacking the house. After ten minutes it all stopped. Then a siren sounded.
"That's the emergency storm alarm we need to head to the church," officer Sunday yelled.
We all got up head to the door I was leading and Officer Sunday was bringing up the rear. I opened the door, I  couldn't believe what I saw. It was dead birds at least 100 if not more. Before I could react Buddy squeezed my waist so tight I thought he break me in half.
"Hey it's okay I told you I'm going to try to fix it ok," I whispered to 
We walked quickly I could see people walking out of the house and seeing the mess. They started to walk rapidly to the church. The Church doors were open it looked like a pastor standing at doors. As we got closer I could see them shaking hands and telling them to grave some soup and hot cocoa.
 A loud crack ripped through the sky. I could see lighting light up the sky. Thunder and lightning could be heard but no rain followed. I could see a mist forming over the clouds. Officer Sunday and got very one inside except Birdie. I figured she might be still at her desk. 
"Sunday take Buddy I'm going get Birdie," I said.
Buddy did not want me to leave him. I told him I got to make sure everyone is safe and I'll back. With that, I headed to the police station. I opened the door there was Birdie she was on the phone. She hurred up hung up the phone. 
"Birdie we got go ok I don't know what is going on and probably best everyone sticks together," I told her.
She told me she called a friend to clean up the birds and examine them. I told her that was great. She turned off the lights and we head to the church. As we walking a great earthquake shook so bad it knocked me to my feet. I looked up at the sky I seen two yellow objects about to crash. They came crashing somewhere behind the police station. 
"Birdie get to the church I'm going to see what that was"
"What, why, you don't know what that was or even if it's safe," Birdie yelled.
" I told Buddy I'll fix this and the best way to do that is find out what that was". 
Before she could respond I took off running towards where I thought the objects fell. behind the police station were a cemetery and a narrow path leading into a large forest. I ran down the path looking to see if anything had been disturbed. All of sudden everything had stopped the mist,  thunder, lighting, and the earthquake. I looked I could see the sun coming out it looked like it did before I got here.
I walked down the path still looking for what fell from the sky. I saw a cabin on the left. Suddenly l fell. I looked around and seen I was in a hole it looked about the size of a tennis court but only a few inches deep. The ground felt warm to the touch.
"I think I know exactly what fell here".
I got to the church the pastor, Birdie, and Buddy were all waiting by the door. When Buddy saw me he ran and hugged my waist. 
" I thought I would never see you again," Buddy said.
I told them I know what happened today. The pastor led us downstairs. Buddy said it was the town's school. Everyone was at the cafeteria at end of the hall. There was one class for every grade. You won't know that there was a church upstairs. We reached the cafeteria everyone looked scared. I told them everything is fine, it was two meteors that burned up and hit the forest. Left a small hole near a cabin. Everyone went back to their homes. I helped clean up the church and school. 
"Hey, Emmy this is the Mayor of the town," officer Sunday said.
It was the pastor. We shook hands. He told me he owns the cabin and I can stay there as long as I'm here. I told him I appreciated it. He said no one has stayed there since his great grandfather built it. After everything was cleaned up I head to the cabin. The door was opened. I walked in was small but bigger than my last place. There were a table and chair, a bed in the corner, a small kitchen, and a door leading to the bathroom. There was a note on the table. 
Dear Emmy, 
thank you for everything you did today. I put new stuff in here for you so you can be comfortable well you stay here, thanks again.
It was not signed. I had walked over to the bed it was all made up. There were clothes in my size on the bed. I put the clothes away and went to bed. The next day I got up; got dressed; and had walked to the police station. I walked in Birdie and Sunday we're playing cards. When they saw me they stopped and asked me how my night was. I told them it was good and asked if they knew who brought the stuff to the cabin. They looked at each other and both said no. Sunday stood up he said no one goes past the cemetery. He changed the conversation he said the boss man told him this morning to get the building next door set up for me. He said Birdie got very than finished about an hour ago. I said to them both thank you. I headed over to the building. When I opened the door there was an old man dressed up as a retro milkman sitting in a chair.
I walked over I set in the chair across from him.
"Hi, how can I help you today," I said.
He smirked
" I'm the one that asked for you to come here, you can say I'm from a time where you are the best at hunting down and keeping the weirdest in the world in check. You are needed here to keep this place in check. My friend and I came last night from what you called meteors," he said
"Are you aliens," I asked quietly.
He laughed and shook's head.
" No, I'm human I'm a traveler I keep the weirdness in check by traveling from detention and time. One of the period I toured you were known for keeping this town in check. So I sent a letter to the chief here. Now like I said there were two of us that came last night. He can help you but you got to find him," he explained.
"I'm new here I won't know who belongs and who doesn't," I said.
"Trust me he'll stick out. Finally, this is for you." He said well throwing a large envelope on my desk. Then he got up and handed me a small envelope. With that, he walked out of the building. 
I first examined the small envelope it was addressed to the chief of police. I put it down I'll have to give it to Birdie she can take care of it. I heard the door open it was Buddy he looked a lot better than yesterday. He said he wanted to stop by before school to say thanks. As he left I typed this all out and put it in a folder marked Buddy Witten. It looks like I got some work to do so, for now, I'll see what's this big envelope.

Submitted: March 24, 2021

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