Tips for Twin Soul Afterlife Experiences

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These are some tips about twin souls who are in the afterlife. The twin soul connection often happens between one soul who is on the earth, and the other soul is in the afterlife. I hope you find these tips helpful in your own experience!

I'd like to share a few tips to help anyone who is also experiencing a twin soul connection with someone in the afterlife. I don't really have any experience with twin souls who meet on the earth; that is rather rare, after all. So I can't really share any tips on that, but I can share tips on what you may experience with a twin soul who is in the afterlife, and how to adjust to it.

It has taken me a lot of time to adjust to what I experience with Jimi Hendrix's spirit. In some ways, everything is still really new to me, but in other ways, a lot of emotions and experiences I had for years are finally coming together, and being confirmed.

I've also enjoyed reading others' twin soul experiences. I look at the genuine ones, the ones full of sincere love and care, and they always touch me. I can see that I'm not the only one having this kind of experience, and that feels really good to know. I can also empathize with the difficulties on the journey. This is not an easy road for anyone to travel on. You overcome many obstacles along the way, including doubt and skepticism, and you experience a lot of deep emotions which can take some time to get used to.

Here are some things I've learned about twin soul connections in the afterlife, and some tips for these experiences:

Remember that everyone's journey is different and unique.

Although twin souls sometimes share similar kinds of characteristics, such as physical similarities, life parallels, personality similarities, and other traits, the journey for each twin soul pair is always unique. No two pairs of twin souls are exactly alike. We're all different, so we all have different journeys. Although people who have twin soul experiences have learned lots of details over the years, only God has all the answers.

For instance, in my journey, I was afraid to communicate spiritually with Jimi at one point, because I thought it was my imagination, I was afraid of afterlife communication, and so on. Some people may say that if you experience any moments of doubt or fear, it's not a true twin soul connection. But we're human beings; we're going to have fear and doubt sometimes, because those are human emotions. These emotions may very well come up when you experience something you've never gone through before. I'm grateful that Jimi was always so sweet and patient with me, because he helped me through my fears, and showed me he would always love me no matter what.

Other people may not go through this experience of fearing afterlife communication, but they may have other challenges they have to face. Twin soul connections aren't always easy. There are wonderful moments, but there are also challenging, isolating moments as well. The good thing is that God can guide every person on the unique journey of his or her life, and that means God always has your back.

Also, on my journey, my experiences with Jimi weren't always romantic. We've experienced all kinds of loving connections, from close friends to devoted partners, and we sometimes go through periods where we connect in more platonic ways. Once again, that's my personal experience and journey with Jimi - someone else may experience something totally different.

So remember, everyone's journey is unique. Your experiences aren't invalid or wrong just because they don't fit into what another person feels your journey should be. With that being said, it's important to be honest with yourself, and see if you truly are experiencing the twin soul connection. There is a lot of untrue information on the internet about twin flames which does nothing except bring distractions and headaches into your life. A true twin soul connection will have its challenges, but it shouldn't make you feel like you're in a miserable, dysfunctional relationship.

However, I don't agree with the view that twin soul connections need to fit into a certain format or box. There will be common traits among them, but everyone's individual experiences are bound to be unique. For instance, people could still share a twin soul connection even if they don't look physically similar.

Twin soul journeys and connections don't come with a universal rule book; they manifest in different ways for different people. This is what I've learned through my own personal experiences. I don't need to fit the connection I have with Jimi in a certain format - I just let it evolve and change with the ebb and flow of life.


Be patient with yourself.

Although I'm still quite young, it took me years to realize that what I was experiencing with Jimi Hendrix's spirit was genuine. It definitely took me a lot of time, and patience. But once the answer was finally revealed to me, and I learned that we are twin souls, everything began to connect, and a lot of questions I had were finally solved.

So be patient with yourself. You don't have to rush to find answers. When the time is right, you'll understand what is going on. One thing I've come to realize is that when you share a real spiritual connection with someone, it will always keep manifesting throughout your life, no matter how you try to run away from it, ignore it, or explain it away. It will continue to show up and happen until you finally pay attention to it.

In my experiences with Jimi, I was trying to make myself "normal" at one point, and I tried to say to myself, "It's just a vision, it's just your imagination." But Jimi continued to visit me in dreams, in my waking life, and in all kinds of ways. He even appeared in a specific dream where he told me he came to me, not because he was not at peace, but because he loved me. He was so clear about why he came to me in spirit, and why he wanted to see me, that that was a dream I could not forget.

Ever since I've finally begun to acknowledge that these spiritual experiences are real, Jimi hasn't really given me those kinds of "sending you a message" dreams as much anymore. He doesn't really have to do that, now that I'm fully aware of our connection. But at the time when I was still very unsure, he communicated with me in a way where I could understand and get on the path of acknowledging his presence.

Even though it took me time, I was able to finally open my eyes to the beautiful spiritual bond that Jimi and I share. I think I was pretty stubborn for a while, to be honest. But I'm glad I was able to open my heart to Jimi, and now I will never look back.

So be patient with yourself on this journey, and know that one day, you will have the answers you need. Jimi was always so patient with me, and I'm really thankful for that.


Know that your twin soul can be anyone in the whole wide world!

Sometimes you may get caught up in how your counterpart should look like or be, or on the other hand, you may feel as I did that certain people are just too famous or well-known to be your twin soul. What this experience has shown me is that you really can't plan these things - it's all in God's hands. I would never have figured in a thousand years that I shared a twin soul connection with Jimi Hendrix, but once I learned about twin souls, and began to see how everything I've experienced fits together with this kind of connection, it all began to fall into place.

I've learned that your twin soul can be the person you least expect. These kinds of connections can happen even when you least expect it. Your twin soul can be anyone in the whole wide world, but this connection to your twin soul must come through God's will.

It's good to keep your mind open and not expect a certain person to be your twin soul. Let God reveal the experience to you, as time goes on.


Keep a journal of your experiences.

Write down what you experience as you go on this journey with your twin soul. Put down all the details as you learn, and see where the journey takes you. It's good to keep detailed journals, so you will be able to see how things change over the time, connect the dots, and remember the moments.

I kept many detailed journals of my experiences with Jimi Hendrix's spirit. Because I wrote down the details, I was able to look back and see how so many things fit together, like the pieces of a puzzle. I was also able to see that what I was experiencing was real, over time. I still keep a journal so I can record new events that happen.


Learn to overcome doubt.

There may be a few doubts that you'll experience on the journey, especially if people don't really know about twin souls and how these connections happen. I was doubtful about twin flames myself at first. This was a concept I never heard of until several years after my first experiences with Jimi's spirit. I had good reason to be doubtful about the mainstream twin flame theories, because they didn't make any sense. But once I began to learn about true twin souls, it all began to make sense.

Still, it took me a while to overcome doubt. It's not like anyone would really understand what I'm experiencing, unless they have really open minds and empathetic hearts (and God bless you if you do!). Sometimes I wondered if I was just delusional or I was making everything up. That really made me scared, the thought of being delusional. I wondered if I could really trust myself.

Now, I'm beginning to see that I can trust myself. This experience I'm having is real, and there's no need for me to doubt it anymore. This was a gradual journey for me, but I would definitely advise you to learn to overcome doubt as you continue on your journey. There will always be doubters and skeptics, because you're experiencing a cosmic connection which they may not understand. But that does not mean your experiences are invalid or untrue. If God has guided you to the truth and knowledge about your experiences, believe in them and let them expand your awareness of what is possible in life and in the universe.

This is especially important to remember if your twin soul counterpart happens to be famous. There will be many people who will doubt you, and perhaps understandably so, if you happen to have a twin soul connection with a famous person. But never let their doubts make you feel that your connection isn't genuine. If you are truly experiencing this connection, there is no need to let this doubt make you feel you aren't experiencing it.

Twin soul connections can happen between all sorts of people, regardless of their earthly status. In fact, it's helpful to remember that in the spiritual world, fame doesn't matter quite as much as it does on the earth. People may still treat you as a star because of the fame you had in the past, but to most spirits, from what I can tell, fame doesn't have much to do with who you connect with spiritually. It all comes down to the soul level once you reach the afterlife, and whether two spirits can meet in a spiritual sense, not a status one.


Learn true knowledge about twin souls.

I've found that you will only go backwards in your journey if you see the popular mainstream theories on twin souls. They aren't going to relate to a true twin soul connection, because they only focus on earthly and even dysfunctional dynamics, leaving out the beauty of the spiritual, Godly center to the twin soul connection.

One good way to find true information about twin souls is to look at experiences and cases that are true and genuine. You'll see some of the characteristics I describe in my twin soul connection with Jimi Hendrix, for instance. You will see that this connection is spiritual, and it resembles several other genuine cases of twin souls. You will see that all the details add up, and all the personal experiences share the truth of what twin souls are about - guiding the souls to God, and serving humanity.

But truly, the best knowledge you will ever find and ever have is what you know about your own personal experience. No one can know the truth of your experiences with your twin soul better than you do, because you are the one experiencing the connection.

Avoid people who try to make money off the twin soul concept and ruin your life with their confusing theories. There are plenty of people who claim to be twin flame experts, but they haven't truly experienced this connection, so they don't really know what they're talking about. They'll only confuse you, and possibly scam you out of your hard-earned money, so be careful.

Also steer clear from people who try to force your spiritual experience to fit whatever idea they feel it should have. Spiritual experiences are from God, so only God can know all the answers about them. No human has a right to discredit someone else's personal experience just because it doesn't match "the twin flame rules".

One reason I am opening up about my experiences with Jimi Hendrix's spirit is because I know there are people out there who are experiencing similar connections to the other side, but they may be too shy to publicly write about them. I used to be really shy myself, but I want to help others, and so the will to help others is stronger than the will to fear.


Be open to how you communicate with your twin soul.

I'm learning to surrender to however Jimi wishes to communicate with me, and he can communicate in so many different ways! I've even learned to directly type down his thoughts as he speaks to me, and he often shares with me a lot of new things, experiences from his life, and so many other things. In fact, it was through talking with Jimi and opening up the communication lines that I learned his side of the story, and how he experienced my spiritual presence in his heart while he was on the earth. (Twin souls often sense each other's presence psychically, even when they do not meet physically on the earth.)

You can communicate with your twin soul in many, many ways, so be open to how the communication happens. I'll be the first to admit I used to be so stubborn. To use an analogy, Jimi was literally knocking down the doors to communicate with me, and I was still doubtful and unsure if it was real or not! But now I let the communication happen, and it flows so naturally, just like a river.

Let the communication flow, as long as you have protection from God. God will keep you safe from evil spirits or any bad entities floating around.


Don't let fake psychics distract you.

There are plenty of psychics who claim to be channeling celebrities, but they're channeling often doesn't resemble the true celebrities at all.

The people who make fake psychic channelings may genuinely believe in what they're experiencing, or they may just want some attention, but at any rate, they shouldn't write about experiences that aren't true. And they certainly should not spread around falsehoods, even if they claim they came from the spiritual world.

In general, I only point out these untrue psychic experiences to help you be aware and discerning of what's going on, so you won't be taken in by them. And I certainly speak up if these channelings spread around harmful lies. But I would definitely advise you not to let fake psychic channelings distract you. I can understand how it would hurt or make you angry if you see a psychic spreading around lies about someone you are genuinely connected with in spirit, but it's important to be clever and calm in how you respond, if you choose to respond at all. Put forward the facts and the logic, and call it a day. Don't let the fake claims or channelings distract you, or make you doubt yourself.

If someone shares a genuine connection with Jimi in spirit, I will know, because his aura will be there. If his aura isn't there, I just move on.


Remember that one day, God willing, you will be together again.

Sometimes it can be hard when the person you dearly love is in the afterlife. Even if you have a beautiful and strong spiritual bond with each other, you'll feel the pain of not being in the same place together sometimes. I can't tell you how many times I've just longed to go home, so I can be with my loved ones, and with Jimi, and with God, but I know I still have to complete my mission on the earth, so I try to be patient.

If God is willing, I know I'll finally see Jimi again, and we'll be together for all time. I already had this experience once, when I had a near-death vision and saw Jimi waiting for me on the other side, so I hope and trust that when it's my time to come home, Jimi will be there. He's always told me he'll be waiting for me when I finally pass away, and he will guide me home, to the afterlife. So I trust in him, and trust in God, and I believe.

When your twin soul is in the afterlife, it's usually because this is the best and safest way for you to connect with him. But you may both feel this longing to be together, because you both love each other. The beautiful thing is that twin souls are never really separated - they can never really leave each other, because they share the same essence, and their souls have an unbreakable bond.

So trust in God, and know that one day, if it's His will, you will be with your beloved in the afterlife again. It can be hard, but the "separation" is only temporary, and one day, everything's going to be alright.


Don't fit the experience into a certain box.

What I've recently realized is that with Jimi and me, our connection can evolve and change over time. We have been through periods where we were like each other's best friends, and other periods where we were devoted partners. There have also been times when I've felt Jimi's presence quietly, like a guardian angel watching over me.

I'm learning to surrender to the different ebbs and flows of our connection. Maybe twin soul connections have more variety than we may think, or I may not be the perfect example of a twin soul connection. I do share what I feel to be genuine, though, so at least you know what you're getting is real!

But what I've come to realize is that even though the term "twin soul" is helpful, I can't fit my spiritual experiences with Jimi in a box. They evolve and change, and your experiences with your twin soul may change, too, so be open to how it unfolds. Don't try to fit the experience into a certain box, because that could only frustrate you and fill you with unhappiness. It's much better to relax and go with the flow, whatever it is. What will be will be. It is in God's hands.

For instance, at several points in my life, Jimi gave me time alone to live and experience the earthly world. I used to be really sorrowful when these alone moments happened, but Jimi always assured me he would watch over me, and he just wanted me to have time to be on my own, and live my life. Gradually, I began to realize these moments of alone time were periods where I spiritually grew on my own, and during these periods, I realized that I could be happy even if I wasn't in a romantic relationship with someone.

I believe this is what Jimi wanted me to learn during these times when I spent time by myself. He wanted me to see that my happiness isn't dependent on him; we're always happier when we're together, but he wanted me to realize that I could be happy when I was on my own, too. He helped me to see that I'm beautiful and complete whether I'm with him or not, and that really helped me to learn how to love myself.

But if I'd obsessed about fitting into a certain box or set of traits to "prove" that I was Jimi's twin soul, I probably would have really stressed out about these moments of alone time. I would have thought we weren't true twin souls, maybe we'd never be together again, and so on. For most of my life, though, I didn't know about twin souls, so I didn't really have those thoughts.

I believe now that while there are common traits among twin souls, everyone's individual experiences will surely be unique. For instance, there may be twin souls who don't look physically alike, but they still sync up spiritually. it would be absurd to say, "Oh, you aren't twin souls," just because they look different on the outside. What truly matters is the spiritual essence they share.

Jimi and I go through many different periods in our connection, but there is always love between us. Now, we are back together again, and I'm looking forward to the next part of our journey.


Don't let your twin soul experiences put you on a pedestal. Stay humble.

Sometimes people get a little carried away when they experience a twin soul connection, especially if their twin soul is famous. If you have a famous twin flame or twin soul in the afterlife, then that's okay. Sometimes it happens. That doesn't mean your experiences aren't genuine, but it does mean that you need to take extra care to remain humble and down-to-earth. It's easy to get caught up in the fame and the flash, and let your ego put you on a pedestal because you happen to have a famous twin soul.

But this doesn't really help you grow spiritually. If your spiritual experiences make you conceited, then maybe you need to take a step back and look deep within yourself, and see why you're trying to use these experiences to boost your ego. From what I have experienced personally, fame doesn't matter much when you connect with someone in spirit. It also certainly isn't helpful to go around boasting about having a famous twin soul, because in reality, fame is fleeting, and it's really character that counts.

Jimi Hendrix was a very humble man while he was on the earth, and he could get along with just about everyone, which is why a lot of people really liked him. He never became stuck up because of his fame. One time, Jimi was talking with a young black girl who said her friend, whose nickname was Beefy, was a huge Hendrix fan, but she was ill in the hospital, and so Beefy couldn't come to the show. Jimi picked up the phone, called Beefy, and talked with her for a good twenty minutes before starting the show. And when he performed on stage, he dedicated his song "Gettin' My Heart Back Together" to Beefy.

Another lady who was a cook, and who met Jimi briefly and cooked some very good soul food for him, said, "My instant impression was what a sweet, humble, funny guy. I don't think that image of him has ever been projected. He felt like he was really lucky and he just expressed his gratitude. You never get the essence of that when anyone mentions Jimi."

This is consistent with how Jimi has treated me; he never, ever treated me as if I were unworthy of being in contact with him, because of my lack of fame. He's shown me love, and great kindness. Jimi always wanted to look into the soul of a person, and he's still the same way now. His humility and beautiful spirit have shown me how to be humble, too, and that's the way I hope I can share my experiences with you - in a way that brings you up and uplifts you.


Let this experience guide you to God.

Sometimes, it's a spiritual experience like a twin soul connection which can finally bring you to God. If you were an agnostic or atheist before, you may be changing your mind as the twin soul connection transforms your whole view on the world. I know my experiences with Jimi's spirit have strengthened my faith in God. They have shown me He looks over every detail of our lives, and no one is left out! He loves every one of us, and can bring us to beauty we could never create on our own.

If you feel your horizons expanding, and your heart reaching out to God, as you connect with your twin soul, don't fight against this. Let this experience guide you to God. Let it open your heart and mind to the love He has for you.


That's all I can think of right now! Hopefully, this will help anyone who's going through a similar situation. These connections really exist, and everyone needs a little support sometimes, because the journey isn't easy, but at the same time it's really, really beautiful. I would never give up this experience for all the money in the world. It's absolutely beautiful to love someone so deeply, and to be loved deeply in return.

Submitted: March 24, 2021

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