The Mind of Alex

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Warning: Explicit Content.
We follow the main protagonist Alex, as well as others in his social circle. A lot occurs in and around with a great amount of intense conversation and deep thoughts from the point of view of a whole host of characters. The story takes a look at how events develop alongside how they affect others.

Table of Contents

The Farm

Chapter 1 Alex One thing that sucks about the holidays is the idea that your parents drag you out to some remote location and of ... Read Chapter


Chapter 2 Alex Janice is wearing a pink Crop Top and Jean shorts. Her slippers however are of lilac colour and of course, her toe... Read Chapter

Jodie, Rebecca and Rachael

  Chapter 3 Alex   *cough cough* Alex: “I told you mom I don’t know how I got sick” Mom: “well ... Read Chapter

School Part 1

 Chapter 4 Janice   5...4...3...2…1 HAPPY NEW YEAR (a huge crowd of people in an open field) The fireworks st... Read Chapter

School Part 2

Chapter 5 Alex By this time Jay and I had become a long-distance relationship. It's alright we text and call constantly, Bra... Read Chapter


The chapter follows the events of Jason's party from Brad's perspective and how his relationship with Ash develops.
Read Chapter

Brad, Alice and Rebecca

Chapter 7   Brad We take our time, well I try to make her first time special, now that I know it is her first tim... Read Chapter

Soren and Sage

Chapter 8  Rebecca We were together Alex, and I was about to Join AP with her, but then Rebecca: "where have you been gi... Read Chapter

Joana and Tracy

 Chapter 9   Soren Nathan: “you serious dude, you and her, like wow, you’re the first guy she’s dated here, y... Read Chapter


Chapter 10 Brad We met up and got into Marksens class, we do as good a job as any with one day to prepare a good presentat... Read Chapter

Chester University

Chapter 11 Reece Mother: "Reece, do you mind going to the neighbours and collecting" Reece: "yes, I do, please ask that guy t... Read Chapter


The world is smaller, or bigger than we expected.
Read Chapter

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