Princeton love Story

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Rory August, she is related to Santo August or Chresanto, which ever one you like best. Princeton and the gang hangs out with their favorite group member of all Roc Royal. Rayan and Craig don't have girlfriends yet. Will Princeton have feelings for Rory, Chres's little sister or will they always be friends. When will Chres bring his girlfriend over to meet the guys, or is he making her up, and he is really with his sister, Will these relationships last forever or will they break and never be friends again....Read more

Roc Royal:








Rory Pov

Hey guys, My name is Rory August. Yes, I know I am related to the one and only Roc Royal from Mindless behavior. I am his little sister, I know what you are thinking right now...OMG she is related to Chresanto August aka Roc Royal from MB, you are so lucky. Believe me I'm not, yeah he protects me, and wants to make sure the boys I date are going to treat me right, and have repect for me. He is my older brother and it's just the two of us. One good thing about having a celeberty as your sibiling is that you don't have to waste your money on trying to see them on tour, man all I have to do is ask my brother if I can tag along, he doesn't care as long as he knows where I am at most of the time. I love my big bro, don't tell him i said that, I mean yeah he can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but come on thats their jobs is to agrivate their younger siblings. I get to go on tour with them, and meet the other 3 boys, I think there names are Princeton, Prodigy, and Ray and if yall want to be nasty call him Ray2wice, I think thats right. Back to me, i am 17 years old, I have a Challenger, it black and green, I was gonna do black and yellow but I don't wanna look like a bee with fourwheels. Here comes my brother now...




R-Hey big bro, what you doin?

S- Nuthin much lil' sis, what you been up to?

R- Just telling my friends that i'm related to u..nothing to big 

S- Now, what did I tell you about, telling them who ur related to, I want people to like you for you not how ur related with me and they just want to be friends with you so you can give them tickets to our concerts.

R- Ik, what you said, last time i checked I wasn't deaf. Believe me I don't trust nobody, but you, mom, and dad

S- Well, you know mom and dad aren't here anymore, so the only person right now you can trust is me and the boys.

R- Bro, thats more than one person, you know that right?

S- Oh, shut up, why don't you do sum girly thing with ur friends? the guys are going to come over soon, and hang out...unless you wanna stay and chill with ur big bro and his friends

R- One, I'm a tom boi, I can do what guys can do, also I don't do "girly" shit, thats not in my vocabulary, Ig I can wait with you till the guys come, what time are they supposed to be here anyway?

S- *looks at his phone* right about... 

*doorbell rings* 

-----end of convo------

S-Now *smrks* *gets off the couch to open the door* 

Prince-*looks up* Hey man, hows it going? got any bitches in the house *looks inside* 

Santo- Hey, nothing much is going on, and to answer ur last question the only girl here is my lil sis *points to the couch* 

Prince- *smirks* thats fine with me *walks to Rory* 

Santo- *puts his arm infront of prince* hey man, don't you lay one of ur mexican fingers on my know the consequences

Prince- *laughs* man you really think i want that *points to Rory* there are better looking chicks out there for me, believe me, I can't just sit on the damn couch.

Santo- Hey, she is a cute chick and believe me any boy would be happy to be with her, and I'm saying that as a brother. And srry I'm just protective of her thats all, you can sit on the couch *whispers* but don't you touch her

Prince- *whispers* I swear wasn't plannin on it, *smiles* hey Rory,  hyd?

Prod+Ray- Can we come in? 

S- Hey mans, Srry, yh come on in *opens the door wider for both Ray and Prod* 

Ry- So how's everything going man?, have a girlfriend yet?

S- Actually, yh she is hella fine, you guys have to meet her

Pd- What's her name?

S- Her name is Ramone 

Ry- man, That name has a nice ring to it? don't you think Prod 

Pd- Yh, *looks beyond Roc* uh...roc, you might wanna look behind you *points to Prince* 

S- What?*looks behind him* 

R- Prince get the hell off of me *tries to push prince* 

P- You know u want me, so just give in 

S- *walks over to Prince, slaps him in the back of the head* what in the world do u think you are doing? 

P-*looks up from the couch* Messing with ur lil sister, thats all

R- No, he keeps trying to put himself on me, man idk what i agreed to stay here with your weird ass friends, I'm gonna be in my room if you need me, or when it's time to eat *gets off the couch* see ya suckers *sticks her tongue out*

P- *smiles* sooner or later that tongues gonna be in my mouth 

Ry- Prince you so nasty, and you know how Chres feels about you messing with her, you sure you don't like her?

Pd- Yh, man you always messing with her, everytime we come to hang out, is there sum between you two?

P-Tbh, boys idk, there are times were she is really nice and sweet to me, and I don't know if she playing with me or not, but I think I do have feelings for her, I just don't know how she would react to them if I told her, and I know for sure Chres isn't going to let me date his little sister....idk man 

Ry-Why don't you ask him yourself *looks up at Chres* 

P-What you mean*looks the same direction as Rayan* oh hey Chres, did you hear anything 

C- I don't know, Was it something I wanted to hear?

Ry+Cg-Well, leave you two alone to talk, *looks at Craig* beat you to the Xbox

Cg- Not until I get there first *runs to past Rayan* 

------Chreanto's and Princeton's convo------

C-So what did u wanna talk bout bro?

P- Well, you know how I always mess with ur sister everytime we come and hang out, well the reason why I always mess with her is because I like her...

C-Why didn't you just tell me, when u first started having feelings for her, I'm mean I'm not a big fan of one of my bros dating my little siste, but if you really treat her with respect and be there for her, if she has her ups and downs, you will be with her no matter what happens, or you will go through the wrath of me got it.

P- Wait, so ur telling me u don't mind me asking her out?, I thought you wouldn't let me...

C- Ik what I said, bc one I said it to begin with but why in the world would I be mad, but here is a catch treat her right, if not ur are not allowed to come to this house evert again...Ik it sounds harsh but she is my sister, and I will do everything in my power for not to get hurt from a man who was my friend, and who disrepected her. 

P- Ight, got it...but do u really think she is going to say yes, after what I did to her a couple minutes ago,*thinking* 

C- Why, don't you do this, Wait a couple hours and then play a video game with her, she's not a big fan of losing so let her win, believe me I know that for a fact, let her calm down a lil bit. If you really have the courage then ask her, or let her lay on ur lap, lean on ur get what I mean

P- *laughs*yh, I got u bro, I dont want to break her heart, and break our friendship, and I would want to come here everyday, that is when we come and hang. Well, I got a girl to get if you don't mind *stands up* 

C-*shakes his head and smiles* be careful, and that's a warning 

P- Believe me I will, *pats his back* thanks bro 

C-No problem, respect her 

P-Believe me I will *goes upstairs to talk to Rayan and Craig about the news* 


P-*looks in the room* *whispers*Rayan, Craig come here...I gotta talk to the both of you. 

R-Man, why in the world are u whispering, were right here

Cg- Yh, well be right there, let us finish this game and beat Rory 

P- hint:she doesn't like to lose, Chres told me that 

R- Seriously, I'm so scared 

Cg- Yh, I'm not gonna lose by a girl 

P- Just a warning 

R-*celebrates* I won *singing* I won 

Cg- Ha, I'm second place, Rory you lost 

Rr- *getting mad* NO I WON!!!

Cg- Well the board says other wise, u lost 

R- Yh, what are u gonna do, whine to ur big brother 

P-Guys..I wouldn't do that 

R-*looks at Prince* why not 

P-*points to Rory* I would watch if I were you 

Cg- Rory, put me down, girl, I was just messing damn

Rr-Tell me I won, and I will put u down 

Cg- Fine, you won, you won 

Rr- *puts craig down* told you I did 

R- *gulps* uh...Ig u were right Prince....about that talk 

Cg-*runs to the door* man that girl has some issues 

P- I warned you..but u both didn't listen to me, now wanna have that talk now 

R+Cg-Yh, *walks out in the hallway*

P- Well, you know how you wanted me to ask Chres if It was okay if I should date you know who*looks back in the room* 

Cg- Yh, what about it, what did he say?

P- Well, he said that he was alright with it even though, he is not a big fan of one of us dating his sibling, but that I was to respect her and treat her right. 

R- You are aren't you?

P-Yh, why in the world would I not treat her right?

R-Well, did you not see what u did a couple minutes ago? Do u think she is gonna want you after what you did to her on the couch? 

P- Well, No, but Chres said that if I played a video game with her, and let her lean on me, like on my shoulder or sum, then she will learn to trust me again..but its gonna take some time. 

Cg- Ur right about that, cause the way she is now, i don't think we helped u getting her..*looks back* 

P-Man don't worry, she's asleep now...look *looks inside the room* 

R- I have a stupid idea, why don't u cuddle with her, see is she cuddles with you..its a start 

Cg- Yh, Why don't you see if she would let u sleep with her, and if that happens we can tell Chres, incase he blows his top.

P- idk, guys she just kinda got mad at the both of you, but more at Craig, then at Ray

R-Oh come on what is she gonna do if she's laying down....

P-Fine, but if she does sum to me, then I'm blaming this on you, more on you Ray then on Craig. *goes in the room* 

No Pov 

Craig and Rayan both go downstairs, while Princeton tries and gets back on Rory's good side. Let's just hope Rayan's idea is a good one. Like Princeton said if anything happens to him, that he is gonna blame it on rRay because it was his idea in the first place. 

Prince Pov 

Ok, I know what your thinking.. how in the world would Chres let you date his only sibling even after the incident that happened with her on the couch. I know that wasn't the best impression to have towards someone you might have feelings for but...I just hope I get a second chance with her. I am surprised as you are when Chres told me that I was able to ask her out, even though he isn't the biggest fan of letting one of his bros go out with his sister. I want to respect her and I am gonna treat her right. Hey I'm the one and only princeton perez who can say no so someone who is a celebrity and has tons of money and can let u go where ever you want? Now let's see if this plan of Ray's is gonna work. If not he is gonna get it. And thats a fact. 

P-*thinking* just breathe...everything is going to be okay...Prince she won't hurt you..yet 

Rr-Santo is that you?*still half asleep* 

P-*gulps*no, srry it's Prince 

Rr-Why are u in my room?

P-*nervous* I need to talk to u about sum

Rr-*sits up* what is it?

P- I don't know how to put this but...I like you Rory, *sits next to her* I like you alot, Ik I may not show it, but I care about u, I love to see you smile, ur very chill, very calm, and cute. *looks at her* I'm srry for the way I acted earlier, I just hope you can forgive me...and believe me unlike the other guys, I'll let you win, that is if you want me to

Rr- *thinks* I do like Prince, and i'm surpised my brother allowed him to be up here after what happened. I never told anyone not even my friends,that I was happy the boys came to hang out, even though I may not show it. I think I love him... 

P-*worried* Uh...Rory, you okay?

Rr-*looks at Prince* oh, yh srry, Um..I dont know what to say, ur the first person to tell me how you feel, and I'm glad that you did, but....

P-*gulps* but what?

Rr- *thinks* how can I put this...hold on *walks to her dresser* 

P-*confused* what are you doin?

Rr-*looks at him* this *goes on her tip toes and kisses him* 

P-*shocked, but kisses back* damn, im guessing u feel the same way then?

Rr- *blushes* yh, I kind of...sort of...had a tiny crush on you ever since I realized you were part of the band, I didn't tell anyone, and I was surprised you came up here with out my brother on your back, trying to get u down stairs, he is okay with all this *points to her and him* 

P-*laughs* about that he was the one who suggested this...about that kiss *rubs the back of his neck* 

Rr-Wow, that's a first usually he doesn't want any of his bros dating me, Im guessing he trusts u then, if he is allowing you in my room to begin with...and what about the kiss?

P-*nervous* do u mind if I can get another one...the first one was a surprise 

Rr-*chuckles* Fine, *kisses him* 

P-*kisses back* this time I was ready *smirks* 

Rr-So what does that make us? 

P- Well..what do u want us to be? we can be FWB or Girfriend and Boyfriend?

Rr- The second one sounds better...*blushes* if your okay with it?

P-*smiles* As long as I have you by my side, I'm chessy 

Rr-Just a lil, but just the right kind of cheesy for someone who has an afro for hair

P- Hey, U shouldn't be talking, bed head *fingers her hair* 

Rr- Ik, i'm ur girlfriend now doesn't mean you can make fun of me....

P-Hey u started, call me a name just because i have an Afro 

Rr- Ok, Fine what kind of nickname do you want? boyAfro 

P- Nope, how bout...*thinking* papi chulo..but just papi 

Rr- Ik, I'm not mexican but isn't that daddy in Spanish?

P-yh, in english its pimp daddy 

Rr- *laughs* and you like that name?

P-Well, only in the bedroom, but what name would you call me then 

Rr- This may sound girly..but Misfit 

P-Sure, ok since you have a name for me...what should I can call you...

Rr-Hmm...hold on a sec *goes downstairs* don't move, I'll be right back

P-*Smirks* wasn't plannin on, sweetness 

Rr- *thinking* what did you just call me 

P-*worried* um...sweetness 

Rr- Don't be nervous, thats a nickname afrobrain 

P-Oh, *laughs* yh...I wasn't nervous at all 

Rr-Hmm...sure, do u wanna tell the boys or nah 

P- Tell them bout what?

Rr- Idk, one moment I hate ur guts, the next I'm calling u Papi? you think bout it 

P- Oh, yh you can tell ur brother, i can tell the guys..sound good 

Rr-yh, let's go *holds her hand out* *smiles at prince* 

P-*smiles* oh were doing this now *grabs her hand* 

Rr-What?you don't want to hold ur girlfriend's hand?

P-Didn't mean it like that, nvm come on *pulls her with him downstairs* 

Rr- ight, im coming sheesh*walks to catch up to him* 


No pov 

So apperantly prince and Rory are together, Rayan aka Ray and Craig aka Prodigy are in the living room watchin television. Chres is in the kitchen making lunch for the boys and Rory. He doesn't know the news yet and neither does the other two boys...but they are gonna find out sooner or later,more like sooner than later..well here it goes 

------In the Kitchen------

Rory comes down with Prince holding her hand 

Rr-hey big bro, what's for lunch?

Ch-Well, I was thinkin...*turns around and sees her holding hands with Prince*what's going on...Rory care to explain *tries not to smile* 

Rr- Well, one don't act stupid Prince told me, even though your not the biggest fan of one of them asking me to be theirs you didn't mind bc u trusted him. 

Ch-Oh, really *looks at Prince* 

P- Man, what was I supposed to say, "Rory, I like you alot and even though I made a bad impression will you give me a second chance and be mine.?"

Rr-Huh, I'm already yours...

P-Ik, it was just an example...but you already know *kisses Rory* 

Rr-Ik, just like the way you say it *kisses back* 

Ch- Ok if yall are gonna do that..go get a room ight, I'm tryna make food not puke it back up..did yall tell the guys yet?

P-nah, we thought we should tell her bigger brother first

Ch- Well, im down with go tell them 

Rr-This is a first...damn someone's happy apperantly even though he knew it in the first place. 

Ch- For someone who hasn't had a boyfriend since lets see....

Rr- Fine were going, were going *walks away* coming prince?

P-*looks back* Im coming babe 

Rr-*grabs his hand again* 

P-*chuckles* u like holding my hand apperantly 

Rr- Why not? fine then I won't if ur gonna make fun of me for the second time today, ur not helping ur case here prince *still holding his hand tho* 

P-*grabs her chin* look, you know I like you, bc if I didn't I wouldn't do this *kisses her* 

Rr-*kisses back* well, I wouldn't do that either, so if you want to be with me, u gotta quite making fun of me ight

P-*smiles*fine, I promise I won't make fun of my babe, even though there is so much material to make fun of tho 

Rr-*Punches his shoulder* knock it off 

P-OUCH! *rubs his arm* I was messing damn, fiesty chick *whispers in a husky voice* I like it,  and mami knows what I like

Rr- *shivers* Prince don't do that..its weird 

P-tell me how its weird and I'll stop doing it *wraps his arms around her waist* 

Rr-*calms down, leans on his shoulder* Ur very comforting..u know that 

P-I've been told, *whispers* now what does mami say is weird, there's more where that came from

Rr- *moans* prince, stop doing that 

P-*whispers* doin what mami?don't you like me doin this, makes u feel good huh?

Rr- Maybe..but we gotta tell Ray and Prod about it before we go all lovey dovey on each other ight, come on 

P-Someones in a rush to tell the news, who cares, I'm apart of it 

---------In the living room--------

Prince comes in looking sad 

Ray- Hey, man wassup*looks at his face* did she not like you?

prod- Yh, bro, and remember it aint my fault, its was Ray's stupid idea to tell u to cuddle with her in her bed. So if you mad give it to ray. 

P-*smiles* it's just the opposite, and I didn't sleep with her, she woke up thinking I was her brother. And then we talked.....

Ray- *Confused* not to sound weird man, but are u holding ur own hand, or is that Rory's??

P-*looks behind him* Its...

Rr-Mine! and i would've never known yall all agreed for him to ask me out, and I didn't need to know about the whole plan of him cuddling with me, if he did that and i was still asleep, I would've probably thought it was Roc...

P-He would sleep with you??

Rr-well, yh in a protective brother kind of way, when I was younger he would be there with me, and he still does if I have nightmares about our biggy 

P-*whispers* mami u had me worried there for a sec... but I guess u right 

Rr-*looks at Prince* what did I tell u bout doing that to me 

P-*thinking* keep doing it bc u know u like it 

Ray- Rory, what is he talking bout? 

Prod- The next thing is do we wanna know?

Ray- Yh, I'm good, thats yall business not mines or urs problem

Prod-*looks at Prince and Rory* let me just Congragulations! Prince finally got him a girl....Idk when was the last time u were with sumone Prince?

P-Okay, enough *looks back at Rory* how bout we leave this place, and you can come over to my place have a lil fun of our own, what do u say?

Rr- *whispers* sure, as long as I have my princy around, im in* *puts her hands on his chest* 

P-*smirks* *whispers* Papi likey, why don't we tell the group we're gonna be out for a couple hours and then we can go

Rr- Ok, I'll tell my brother, and you tell Ray and Prod 

P-I think they already got the hint*looks at the three boys* 

Rr- *giggles* oh, yh right, *Yells* SANTO



Ch- Ok, just be careful is all I have to say 

------In the Jeep------

P-Ok, Since we didn't have lunch, wanna pick up sum on the way to my house?

Rr- Sure, what is near that we can sit down and go to?

P-Hmm...*thinking* how bout Chick-fa-lay 

Rr- So we're going there then?

P- Yh, have another place in mind? besides all this *points to himself* 

Rr- haha very funny, that's definately not what i was thinking, all boys are horny...and that's a fact 

P-No, not really ur bother isn't, well that you know of

Rr- Eww, don't say that... I don't wanna imagine that, hes my brother damn

P-Hey you said all boys, and since he is a boy...he counts 

Rr- Can we please change the subject? 

P- Fine, what do you wanna talk about then? 

Rr- how bout, when am I gonna meet your parents?

P- When we have been going out for at least 2months...why?

Rr- I was just wondering...for how much time we've known each other, we have never went to any of ur guys's house it's always me and Chres' house.How come yall never hang out at your place?

P-well, me and the boys usually are in the neighborhood, and we jsut thought to drop by..and now I have an excuse to come to Chres' house *smirks* 

Rr- *laughs* I love you and all prince but we can talk serious for a moment, like foreal 

P-*Coughs* did u just say you love me??

Rr-*gulps* I said like you I didn't say I love you, you just thought thats what i said

P-Then why in the world did it take you so long to answer, and your all red, ik im not an expert on girls but mami ur blushing 

Rr-*blushes* no i'm not...nvm *looks out the window* how much longer do we have till ur place?

P-Like 2 minutes, why? someome's in a rush to see my place

Rr- Yh, I am, I have never been to ur place until now, so why is that so hard to imagine. Im ur girlfriend and i have never seen ur place since we started hanging out

P-Mami, look at me *faces her, than back at the road* ,I said look at me *grabs her chin so she's looking at him* I'm just playing u babe, there is nothing to worry bout, I won't hurt, and like I said to you and ur brother I don't plan on doing anything that will harm the both of us. Got it *kisses her* 

Rr- *kisses back* Ig ur right, now keep ur eyes on the road, I don't want to get into an accident, bc of your behavior 

P- U like it when I talk to u in a seductive way, don't u?

Rr- *smiles* No, not one bit, I just gotta get used to it tho

P-If you didn't like me doing it then why in the world are you smilin, and holding my hand for like the 3rd time today

Rr- i just thought of sum funny, and ur my boo so imma hold ur hand wether  you like it or not

P- believe me I don't like it...I love it, and since u denied u love me, then Imma be the first one to say I love you Rory August *kisses her cheek* 

Rr- Fine, I love you too  princeton Perez *kisses him on the lips* 

P-*kisses and deepens the kiss* u sure you don't want me to pull over, mami u doin this to me *points down* 

Rr-*looks at what hes pointing at* Ig u gotta fix that once we get to ur place huh?

P- Nah, u did this to me..u gonna fix it, after I get my way with you that is

Rr- Is that so? you think just because I said I would go out with you, u can do anything you want with me, man that's not how I roll got it, Imma put u in your place one way or another...and I mean it

P- Again messin, u need to relax more and I got just the thing? *pulls over the side of the road* 

Rr-Prince, what are you doing?

P-this *kisses her* I told u, u need to relax so imma let u relax one way or another 

Rr- *tries not to moan* Papi knock it off, can't u wait till we get to our place

P- *kisses her neck, found her G spot* 

Rr- *moans* Papi plz

P-Nope, i'm doing it and not gonna stop *whispers seductively* say my name sweetness

Rr- *moans* which one?

P- What do u think?

Rr- *moans* Papi, ur good 

P- Ik, i am, now let me show you how good I really am huh?

Rr- *moans* 

Prince starts taking Rory's shirt off along with her pants and bra, the only she has on is her panties, that are gonna be off sooner or later and by this rate its gonna be sooner. But will Rory stop Prince from going any further?

P- You like this don't ya?

Rr- *moans* yess, I want you 

P- What was that?

Rr- *holds her moan* I want you *looks  at Prince* 

P- U got it *kisses down her chest and, above her belly button 
Rr- *moans* stop teasing me, *moans* papi 

P- Fine, *rubs his fingers on her V spot* better 

Rr- *moans* a little, go faster 

P-*rubs his fingers up and  down her V spot 

Rr-*moans* shit, oh that feels so good, Papiiii

P-I love ur moans peaches

Rr- *moans* omg, just take the panties off and stick it in me 

P-Someones ansti today aren't we? *takes off her panties and sticks two fingers in her* 

Rr-*moans* oh,yesss papiiiiii

P- *goes faster, and harder hittin her G spot* 

Rr- Fuck, uh yesss, damn ur good *arches her back* uhhhh

P- *kisses her lips* I love you Rory 

Rr- *kisses back* I love you too, now but Princy in me plz

P- Thats what u callin princy?

Rr- Yh, what did u think I was callin u that?

P- Maybe, but since u suggested it *puts him inside her* baby u tight 

Rr- *moans* sweet jesus, faster  papii

P-As u please *goes faster, thrusts in her* 

Rr- *moans* OMG, SHIT THIS IS SO GOODDDD, baby imma come 

P- Hold it , we can do it together, on my count 

Rr- *nods her head* ughhhh babyyyy 

P- *moans* i know

So prince and Rory hit their climax at the same time, Prince wasn't neccisarly protected or was he? was Rory going to havehis child, and would she tell Chres and the rest about it or keep it a secret.....


Chapter 2: Friendships???

As you know Rory and Princeton hit it off, even though they have known each other for a lil while since they started dating.They were still in the Jeep.Roc aka Chres or Santo is her bigger brother. Rayan and Prodigy are in the living room playing video games on Chres' tv. 

Ray- Hey yo, Chres can we talk to u? 

Chres- Sure bro, wassup *walks in from the kitchen* 

Prod- We were wondering how come u let Prince go out with ur lil sister man, ur very protective of her and u just let her leave with Prince like that, u sure ur alright? 

Chres- *laughs* boys im fine, and Prince knows the consequences if he breaks Rory's heart, he is going to have to get through me, and he won't be able to hang out in this house ever again. I told him that and he knows. He told me that he will never hurt her, even though the incident on the couch with her ealrlier. 

Ray- Man, let's just hope Prince keeps his end of the deal with her. He better treat her right tho. I don't want to see him or her get into some serious trouble. Hey yo Chres don't u have like a gps of sum sort that can track Rory's phone to know where they at? 

Chres- Yh, its for emergancy only tho *goes back into the kitchen to get chips* 

Prod- Well don't u think u wanna know where ur lil sister is at with Prince?

Ray- yh, I would want to know what the hell they up to

Chres- Fine if it will make yall happy I can look *goes on his phone and puts in Rory's phone number* here it says that they are a couple blocks from here, and u know where that is? *shows Ray and Prod* 

Ray- I don't think we do, Im guessing his place...on second thought we have never been to Prince's place, we have always hung out here, and for the first time in forever he left with ur little sistter and she's at his place. 

Prod- Thats kinda messed up if you ask me, he let a girl into his life and his place, even though he has known us longer than he has with Roc's little sister. 

Chres- It's cool as long as he doesn't do sum that she doesn't approve of. then I think they are fine, their probably getting to know one another more. since they argue most of the time when yall are here anyway. 

Ray- Ugh, Chres that may be a problem right there

Chres- What u mean thats a problem? 

Prod- Well the only way Prince gets to know his girls more is ugh u know getting to know them more in the bedroom if u get my drift \

Ray- Well, why don't we see what they are up to it will help the three of us for sure. 

Chres- Yh, why dont we see for ourselves. and how rory acts without her older brother around.*grabs his car keys* u guys coming or hanging around here all day???

Ray+Prod- We're coming *gets off the couch and goes outside* 

Prince Pov 

I am in love with this girl, she is my everything. I am so glad chres said that I was able to ask her out. I don't know what I would do without her by my side day and night. I finally found my mrs.right. I just hope she feels the same way about me. 

Rory Pov 

I can't believe I am actually dating one of my brother's bros, bc most of the time he doesn't like knowing that one of his friends are with his little sister. I am super happy tho. I think I found my mr. right, I just know it. He is my everything, I don't know what I would do without him by my side right now. I just hope he feels the same way about me. I have had this crush on Prince since my brother joined the group, I am able to tour with them since I don't have to get permisson from either of my parents, and my brothers my guardian so if he leaves I have to go with bc he wants to keep an eye on me and he doesn't want me to be left alone for months at a time. I am able to travel all across the world with my big bro and now my boyfriend ohh I am so happy. I wonder what my brother, Ray, and prod are doing probably playing video games like other teenage boys. Also I have never known Chres to have a girlfriend, he has never brought anyone home, not since his last break up, it was hard on him, his girlfriend cheated on him with her best friend, I felt bad for him. But was he actually with someone or is he making her up? and lying to his bros. I guess we will have to wait and see. 

Chapter 3Chres' girl??

Chres Pov 

Wassup yall, its the one and only Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior..ooh thats my girl callin' i'll holla at u later...just kidding. I hope I can bring Ramone over soon. I wouldn't doubt even though my little sister knows about her she probably thinks i'm making her up believe me I would never make up a girl who is hella fine. And since Prince got himself a girl I can bring her over. Now ur probably thinking I only let him go out with my sister so I can bring my girl over and hang out with her. That's not really tru, I mean I love my sister and all...don't tell her I said that But seriously I know princeton and I'm surprised he kept his feelings about my sister to himself, Until he told me. I was happy for him to be honest. I just want whats best for both my lil sister and him.. Including Prod and Ray. 


Submitted: March 25, 2021

© Copyright 2021 SANTOTHAPLUGG. All rights reserved.

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Hey guys, Its the only and only Santothaplugg, here is my second story, i know I am not finished with my first one but I thought a second story would be a good thing to have, now the first one is a Roc royal love story, this one is going to be a princeton perez story. Hope yall like it as much as the first one, idk if this one is going to be Young adult but I just started to imma see if its going to be or not.

Thu, March 25th, 2021 5:39pm

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