Most Unexpected Magic

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

(Original Story is on my Wattpad account @_ellisescarlet_)

Pentatonix is on the middle of their world tour, Twice has been practicing their new choreography to perform, NiziU has been preparing their new album, and Blackpink is doing some normal things while they're on break.

Their life seems so normal, but not until they do their concert in Korea.

Pentatonix flew to Korea for their last show on that leg of tour. They're going on break after their concert there. Practiced there for some days until...

Twice are doing their daily busy schedule. Practice here, record there. Cry For Me performance is coming up in a few days so they need to memorize their choreography. But the day of their performance...

NiziU has their new album ongoing. Take A Picture / Poppin' Shakin' is the name. Their busy schedule as they were shooting unlimited photoshoots, recording two songs, and endless practices of the choreography. But one day...

Blackpink has been taking their 2-week-long break before they go back to business. Just relaxing here and there unlike Twice and NiziU. Merely eating, sleeping, talking, and doing random things all day with each other. And the time came...

At the most unexpected time, some of them woke up.. feeling different physically. Just physically, they still have the same mind and mindset, of course.

Who did that? Why did that happen? How will they go back to their own bodies? Will the destined time come when the ten celebrities will somehow cross paths with each other?

WARNING: Unexpected ending, don't fight me

~ Sex
~ Physical / self harm
~ Pill overdose
~ Suicide
~ Multiple deaths

Table of Contents


Hey. Most Unexpected Magic / Switched is released at Booksie! If you want to read the original one, it's on my Wattpad account @_ellisescarlet_
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