Is the bible God's word?

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If you belive that God or a god exists, then you have to ask more questions.

Probably one of the biggest ones is, is the bible really the word of God?

Many people believe it is. Many people dont. Many belive it it at least partly Gods word. There are really lots of views on the subject. Far too many to cover.

Then there are many other religious books, philosophical books, scientific books, fantasy books, and many other types of books that men swear by and live by. Even worship. But since the holy bible by far is the most circulated, read, and as far as religion goes most trusted, then We will explore the idea that the bible could be the word of God.

To explore this idea, I will only bring up a few points. There are far too many ideas to explore as the bible is the most studied and written about book of all time. Why is that? I guess that should be the subject of my first point. Why is it the most trusted but also most questioned book of all time? The most loved but also the most hated?

Why of all the major philosophical texts of ancient times, are the by far more surviving manuscripts of the bible than any other text.

Consider this. The bible said that God would preserve his word. Hasn't that happened? Yes it has! No matter how hard people try to get rid of it, it keeps thriving around the world.

Now a few more questions to consider. And why these dont prove a thing, they sould make you think at least.

1. The bible is pure fantasy...

Why then is there no serious church Or movements of other fantasies? No church of peter pan? No church of Narnia? No church of the force?

2. The bible is just history...

Why is there no church of America where George Washington, Or perhaps Abraham Lincoln is worshipped?

3. The Bible is just full of people who did magic tricks or misunderstood science...

Where is the church of David Blaine, David Copperfield, Albert Einstein, or Ben Franklin?

4. Jesus was a good teacher that used his words and tricks to inspire people to worship a cult leader...

Many have claimed to be God or jesus returned but it never amounts to much...why did the jesus of the bible inspire worldwide change while other "cult leaders" cant?

Jesus was just a prophet of God, not the only begotten (unique) son of God...

Where is the church that worships Moses, Abraham, or Paul?

The bible is full of errors and thus cant be Gods word...

There are 100s of translations and 1000s of differences between texts but God promised to preserve his word. Now people are flawed, and the bible says that the devil is subtle and seeks to take away and change the word of truth into a lie. Based on this, we can understand perfectly why there are indeed many bad bibles out there. I belive though God did preserve his word just as he said he would.

So if God persevered his word then where is it?

First let me say that getting saved has everything to do with believing in jesus which is taught in every version, and nothing to do with getting a translation that is 100% accurate to the original.

If you want to know what version I belive is Gods complete and uncorrupted word, and why I belive that, then click the link here...

And lastly I'll make one more point about any supposed bible errors or contraditions...

It is important to address each issue from the right english the kjv, as the video explains, because there are clear errors in certain versions. The many supposed errors in the kjv all have solutions and explanations.

I have always been able to find acceptable answers to every question that has come up, but there are too many to address here.

One quick example....

Jonah is said to be swallowed by a whale in one part of the bible and by a great fish in another. A whale is a mammal not a fish after all so is this wrong?

No! A whale from the veiw point of people 2000 or more years ago was a fish since it was in the water. They didnt use the same classification system we use today. You have to think of things from there viewpoint not ours! Context is king!

Anyways I encourage you to consider all these points and would be glad to awnser any questions you have. Yes there are other major religious books such as the Koran or the book of mormon, but consider this...if God has something he wants to say to man, isnt it possible that he would make sure that his word is the most heard and not allow a false word to overtake it? Why would God hide from his creation after all? Would any parent hide from thier childern if they truly loved them? If they had the power and loved thier child, would they allow a fake parent to step in and do a better job? No!

I hope this article has given you things to think about.

Sometimes the bible says things we dont understand, agree with or flat out hate.

But if it's true, than it's TRUE. We may have a bad understanding of it but with constant studies and thinking on it we can learn who God is and why he does and allows things to happen. The bible is meant to change us. Not the other way around.

Everyone that ever existed needs to change for the better expect Jesus...

Why is he the one person in history that is said to be perfect?

Or raised from the dead and still alive?

Or the son of God?

Or born of a virgin?

Or all the other claims?

Why do those claims stick to jesus but have failed for everyone else that has made such claims? Where are there books and churches?

Anyways, I pray this helps you think and encourages you to grow.

Remember, no science is perfect, no history is perfect, no fairy tales, but the bible is unique above all other writings.

God bless and may the peace of Jesus Christ find you and bring you comfort and love the rest of your days!

Submitted: March 26, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Penetentman. All rights reserved.

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moa rider

Taking religion and faith out of the discussion. Ever heard of errors in tabulation? I used to collect measured data, write it down and then put on computer. There were always errors. Chinese whispers is a game where one person will make a statement and hand it orally on to someone else. Pass it through ten people and the statement is often totally different. The Bible was written sometimes hundreds of years after events , can you tell me what the weather was like on the 25th November 1995 and what you had for breakfast that day? Also translations do vary and become immersed in the text. The gospels are basically the same story according to the writer, and their opinions differ, which police today find in witnesses. Discounting miracles, how can a man survive without air and in gastric juices for three days? Usianguke

Sat, March 27th, 2021 1:26am


Well a miracle could be the explanation and I dont have an issue with that. Perhaps there is a logical explanation about the whale but that is not my field. As far as your telephone game example where the story is distorted over the years you are right. When man does tells the story over and over again it will distort. Part of my point however is that God PROMISED to preserve HIS WORD. Yes man held the pen, but the words were dictated by God. Like when you read a dont say a typewriter wrote it, you say the author wrote it. Consider the textus receptus. I belive its explained in the link. Over 10000 manuscripts from different cultures compared and agree on all except minor spelling and tranasional differences...peter may be pedro for instance but they all agree in every instance.

Fri, March 26th, 2021 6:39pm

JE Falcon aka JEF

Possibly the words, "God's word", is in reference to the ability to read and write,. not the words themselves. Knowledge.

Sat, March 27th, 2021 9:16pm


Thanks for reading!

Sat, March 27th, 2021 2:21pm

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