When The Heart Reached The Throat

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

An encounter with the Inevitable

“Every Soul shall taste death”



I was fast asleep when this happened. It has been a joyful night at the party, we smoked, danced and I said “good bye” , and when I reached home went to sleep straight with my brand new JBL on my head playing jazz music. My parents would always remind me saying “What would happen if you die with that filth you are listening to”, but who cares man, I always had the same reply “stupid old junks”, as if I know when I’ll die, sometimes as if I’m even immortal. But that night of winter is when something strange happened in my life, some sort of awakening if you would like to call it so.


The night was cold, and I was fast asleep, unlike other nights where I would toss and turn on my bed, eyes wide open and head full of thoughts. I had always been a night owl, not that I spent it productively learning something or praying all night, but scrolling through social media, comparing my life with those around. Not that I wasn’t blessed but everything I had was never enough. Okay without further ado let me get in to what happened on that cold winter night.


It was all dark, two figures appeared to be coming with hands outstretched chanting something. I was terrified, something like this has never happened in my life. They had blue blazing eyes that terrified me to the root of my heart, I was shaking in fear. But the though of death never crossed my mind, till what the strange figure shouted in a strange voice rang in my ears like thunder “come out O’ wicked soul”.


But this can’t be true, I’m too young to die, I’ve got dreams. I kept repeating to my self, “this is just a dream”, “this can’t be true”, “I’m too young to die”. I was engulfed in fear, sweats started dripping all over my body, I could feel the wetness on my back, my heart started to beat rapidly and it reached the throat, I couldn’t scream, “Man ,Why is this happening to me?” I tried to yell, but I couldn’t.


My soul started running all over my inner body, trying to hide in each and every joint in my body, trying to avoid the inevitable, trying to escape from the grip of the angels. I still could remember that day like it was yesterday, I started screaming “Ya Rabb! Give me one more day, I’ll change my ways”, with each word my voice started to fade. My wealth has availed me not, nor am I going to take it with me. If only I knew this before, I would have given to all those who asked, I started to sob.


“My Wealth has not availed me.

Gone from me is my authority”



"Our Lord, we have now seen and heard, so send us back [to the world];

we will do righteous good deeds. Verily,

we now believe with certainty."



The run and catch game was over, my soul couldn’t find a place to hide from the inevitable, the strange black figures in blue blazing eyes, they gripped my soul with a grip that I would never ever forget in my life, they started to drag the soul out of my body, my feet started to dangle with one another. The pangs of death reached my eyes, they turned up, fixed at the dark ceiling above, it was like I was in an infinity of darkness and uncertainty.


“darkness upon darkness: if a man stretches out his hands, he can hardly see it!”



The angels started to drag my soul with more fierceness, it was like dragging a white cloth from within a roll of iron thorns, the pain was unspeakable. I cried “Ya rabb! Lighten for me the pangs of death”, even though I know from deep within, my shouting and screaming would be of no use to me this day.


The final moment arrived, my soul reached the tip of my lips, I started to gasp and when the moment my soul leaped forward to leave my body, I woke up sitting straight on my bed, startled, confused, but certain about what just happened to me. Yes, it was a nightmare, but unlike any other nightmare this one felt real and strange, this wasn’t just any nightmare, this was a warning, a reminder to myself to awaken my true self and start living an authentic life full of meaning and purpose. A reminder to start living my life according to the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet peace be upon him.



“Allah, He is the light in the heavens and the earth.”



“Allah guides to his Light whom He wills”







Disclaimer: This is not a real life story, but there are many real incidents like these that happened in people’s lives, which changes their lives forever.



Submitted: March 27, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Rikaz Rizlan. All rights reserved.

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Well written I was so interested while I was reading to see what will happen next and I was so scared at the same time, great job the message was delivered beautifully!

Sun, March 28th, 2021 4:46am


Thanks for the review ! Hope you found value in this writing :)

Wed, March 31st, 2021 12:56am

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