Depression Vibration?

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I found out something interesting which occurred lately. And it has me wonderin'

Depression and Vibration

By Alexander Guinevere Kern


Super quick, as my daughter wants to pick me up for a swim.  I guess it is almost time for my Vaccine to kick in and make me safe.  We just keep 6’ apart.

Thus - here we go with my morning revelation;

Kinda weird - here it is:

I surely have endured some class of what psychologists term “depression” for most of my life and I believe I was born with this disordered brain of mine.

Yet, I was also told by a family member that my poor Mom dropped me on my head when I was a month old.  Goodness knows, that may have been the cause.

Be that as it may - I have it.

I live in California because the sun is GREAT for my depression.  One talk dealer (therapist) told me a bicycle ride in the sun for an hour was better than a hit of Prozac!

I never believed those bohunks about anti-depressants due to the fact they want to give a 90 pound woman 10 mgs., the same as was prescribed for a 250 pound man and they still do that. Men metabolize differently than women, and that is only A.  What were they thinking?  It does not take a genius (witness Witless Sherlock) to realize that method is questionable at best and dangerous at the worst for outcomes.

Now, here is what happened to me:  I take an anti-seizure medicine which has a nasty hangover.  Typically I listen to one of my fav music videos on YouTube in the afternoon, even early evening. It is highly spiritual and cheers me up tremendously.

Several times, I took a long walk in the sun, then came home feeling sublime.  I futzed ‘round, cleaning, sketching and then decided to listen to my music on YouTube.

A sunny day, btw.

I put on my earphones and listened happily.

Until I took OFF the earphones and depression hit me like a storm weather break.

BAD depression.

I took a nap and chilled like I usually do when depression strikes, which it rarely does in a sudden manner like that. By evening, I was fine.

For the next several days, the Black Dog had slipped it’s leash and run off.  I listened to the mood spiritual music I enjoy, sometimes with earphones and sometimes without them, later in the day. I live in an Over 55 apartment full of Seniors and I do not want to disturb them. No depression, no problem.

Then I listened to that music again, with ear phones in the morning, very early in the morning. I had gotten up at my usual 6:00 a.m., had my java and thought I’d listen to that particular song because it lifts my mood considerably. My mood was rested and excellent. I love my coffee and feeding the fur beasts and then lying with them on the bed, whilst I pet and brush them - they must have this. It is a commandment. I do laundry, or cook breakfast and read.

And instead, after wearing the Earphones and listening to my fav YouTube music, the Tar Bits of LaBrea knocked me wayyyy under.  I felt *terrible.* The depression dragged on and on for hours.

So - without further inquiry, I am interested.

Listening to music WITH earphones, while my drug is still in my system, produces depression in the morning. It is perfectly repeatable.

Thus, I wonder if the vibration, from my EMF radiating iPad, when I use earphones, right next to my HEAD for goodness sake, is causing the symptoms of depression.

I know some folks have had relief from rTMS and I find this all fascinating.

If I did not have to go swimming in the lovely weather . . . I would start experimenting with this idea.

I think for now I will leave the earphones off!

I sleep weirdly - and I told my doc I am sure it is because my ancient DNA has been LONG programmed to follow the European time zone for wake/sleep cycles. Heh!  Why NOT? I am all the time mellow if I eat meat and potatoes in the winter and fruit now and then, but I do mix it up in the spring adn then eat more fruit, salad, veggies. In the fall and especially in the winter, Don't try the standard Good For You FDA approved Pyramid for MY meals. I ate only meat for two weeks on the Atkins Diet and I never felt better or more stable in my entire life.  After two weeks on that diet, I drank half a gallon of orange juice!  Must've needed the Vitamin C.

My next article was going to be about Ghost Hunters and stuff, however I do not have time right now!


I wish God to give you a marvelous day,

~ Guinevere

Submitted: March 27, 2021

© Copyright 2021 RexMundi555'.-. All rights reserved.

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