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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Are you sure about this, Kaydee? Can’t see any sign of this going down.”

Grant has always been a bit on the impatient side. If there was going to be one guy that was going to question me, it had to be him.

I moved right up to the window, looked both ways along the street. He was right; so far there was zero sign of what was about to take place. Didn’t change the fact of my certainty. I could feel it. This would be the night that they’d choose to strike.

Yep,” I said to Grant. “They’re coming. You just keep watch... the slightest sign of anything odd, call me.”

I left him to take care of observation then walked around the rest of the group. Just like Grant and myself none of them had any experience of battle. I doubt that more than one or two of us had ever touched anything more weapon-like than a basic kitchen knife. Now we were armed with anything we had been able to get hold of. There were a few guns, rifles, a couple of blades – the blades were not really going to be much good unless they could be thrown with any sort of accuracy. If the fight got up close and personal we’d have already been defeated.

A lot of our weapons were pretty inventive. We had some of those blow-torches made for controling weeds. Turned up high, they might be enough to hold off the mutants. There were some fire extinguishers too. We were not going to be able to beat them. Our sole hope of surviving lay in holding them back until the morning when hopefully more organized help would arrive.

Flickers in the distance!” Grant called.

I hurried towards him. “What color?” Maybe help was turning up earlier than we expected.

Grant must have noticed the look of hope on my face for he shook his head. “Green. You were right; they’re coming.”

Okay, guys,” I said.

Hey!” piped up Sonja.

Girls too,” I stood corrected. “Remember, our best bet is that they don’t notice us. No matter what you might see, don’t shout, don’t scream. In fact, since we don’t know how sensitive their hearing is, don’t even whisper.”

My words were making the others nervous. Didn’t matter, these things had to be said. I’d barely escaped with my life before when the mutants had attacked my home town. I’d hidden, run right through the following day. They’d caught me up, but then I always knew they would. Nowhere was safe from them, not now.

The green flickers turned into a green glow that seemed to bathe more and more of the street in that toxic color.

I gestured to Grant that he should move to the far side of the window, while I covered the near side. I closed my eyes for a second, tried to steady my breathing. No one else inside the room had ever witnessed what I had. They were still innocent of the horrors that were about to be rampaging through the street.

The glow now filled the street. Like fog, it seemed to muffle all sound until a piercing scream split the silence.

What...?” Sonja began before I whipped round to face her, a finger held to my lips.

That scream was joined by others, and then there were the crazy whoops and hollers that made up the mutants death charge First there was just a couple of them, looking for all the world like cinema had portrayed zombies. But these... things... they weren’t dead, but very, very much alive. Behind the two leaders the rest followed, like a swarm of lethal locusts.

Anything living and uninfected was fair game to them. And it wasn’t nice. They had a particularly brutal way of killing their prey, slowly tearing them limb from limb, tossing away the body parts. I watched as Grant paled, his skin taking on a bit of a green tinge too, but this was from a mixture of shock and disgust rather than from mutation.

Don’t throw up!’ I thought, but kept silent. Several people further back in the room began to whimper. I spun my head around to give out a warning glare. That rampaging horde would tear the lot of us apart in minutes if they found us.

A particularly loud and agonized scream made the glass in the window vibrate, before it was spattered by a stream of blood. Grant turned away, retched, and I could only look out in fear that one of them would have heard.

Not one of them was looking our way. We’d got away with it, so far. There were still more mutants streaming by, but these were the stragglers. By some kind of miracle it looked like we were going to get through the night without having to fight at all.

I began to relax, and I guess it was that which gave out the wrong signals.

Is it over?” Sonja’s voice was loud in the silent room.

Frantically I waved my hand, bit my lip, then turned back to the window. One of the mutants had stopped outside, was staring right at me. Our eyes met and I made a silent plea for it to just move on. There was a second when I thought it had worked, that things were going to be okay. Then it threw back its head and hollered.


Submitted: March 27, 2021

© Copyright 2021 hullabaloo22. All rights reserved.

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Mike S.

A fine mutant-zombie (Republicans) tale, Hull

Sat, March 27th, 2021 7:18pm


Ha! Thanks for giving it a read, Mike. It's much appreciated.

Sun, March 28th, 2021 6:39am

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