The Deadly Night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

A mysterious women. A dark forest. A sinister plot. A bad combination.

Who is to blame for what happened that one fateful night?

*Viewer Discretion is advised. Story contains mentions of suicide, violence and murder.*

That Night

Cold and wet, tired and exhausted she made her way along the path through the forest. The old path that had always felt short and happy, now felt long and tiring. The night had never felt quite so dark before. Everything was different about this night. Everything had, for sure, changed.

In that moment, all she knew was pain and fatigue. She felt damaged and broken. Ironic. She should have felt free and light, yet instead, it felt like all the world's burden was pushing her down. She deserved it, of course she did. After what she did, everything she did was well deserved.

As she was on her way to the old cabin behind the forest, she felt such a tremendous wave of emotion take over her body that she almost fell. Her knees were weak, her heartbeat was so fast that it felt like drums were beating underneath her ribcage and the cold seeped in further into her body.

Stumbling and falling, she somehow reached the cabin. The small cabin always brought back old memories. The nostalgia was thick in the air, though she didn't mind. When she was trying to forget the present, old memories always provided solace. The camping trips, the picnics, the play dates, all felt recent yet old. She wanted to remember these memories forever but she couldn't afford to. These memories in themselves were paradoxes. They were there, although they were never meant to be there in the first place.

She shook the bad thoughts. Her family didn't want her anymore. All of it was an illusion, a dream, that she has to force herself out of. A beautiful fantasy, a sad reality. She wanted to wake up, they helped her pour a bucket of water on herself.

She chuckled humorlessly.

Even when the fantasy ended, she thought that she had a part of reality left. How wrong she was. He was the biggest will-o'-the-wisp of them all.

When she first saw him, he looked like what she thought an angel would look like. Chiseled face, turquoise eyes, a perfect nose and those oh-so-kissable lips. That rugged look blew her away the first and the hundredth time. If it was Christmas and she was 50, getting her grandchildren to sleep, she might have sighed thinking about the small mirage that got her through reality. Still, nor was she happily playing with her grandchildren, neither was she capable of forgiving or forgetting the mirage.

Nevertheless, she drifted into those memories of faked happiness. The days when she too, like everyone, got to experience bliss...

Years Before That Night...

Today was the day. She was going to tell him about her feelings. She wasn't going to throw away a possible-future just because she was too afraid to confess. So she inhaled as much air as she could, and marched to the sweet-faced guy who had stolen her heart.

He was, as always, painting some beautiful scenery others did not have the permission to see. She often wondered why he never showed anyone his paintings. She even asked many times, but he always said that they were just too good for most people. She liked him for many reasons, but being humble was not one of them.

She reached his usual spot under the old tree and sat down next to him. He smiled at her, the only indication that he saw her come. She somehow convinced herself not to back out this time. This time, she would do it. As she was just about to confess all her deep and sincere feelings, he nearly whispered, "H-Hey, I've been thinking ab-about this for some time now...", he paused and so did her heart. "Will you p-please give me a chance? Um, I mean w-will you please go out w-with me?"

At that time all she could think about was his red cheeks and stuttering voice. Then she kissed him. She kissed him. She kissed him. A deep and true kiss. He was visibly baffled at first and was frozen in place. But then, he regained his conscience and kissed her back. In all her dreams, she never could have imagined such a euphoric state after just a kiss from him.

As they parted, she finally realized what situation she was in. The possible love of her life had confessed to her and they had kissed. She couldn't have been happier. All she knew was that a lifetime of happiness was ahead. Little did she know that this high would break her.

That Night...

It had been years, and the love was still fresh. But so was the pain and agony. All she knew was that the throbbing and the stinging feeling was because of both.

Before That Night...

They decided to go to the cabin. After she told him how they had abandoned me, he insisted they come to a place where they could be together, yet alone. The cabin was the obvious choice. The forest cleared during the day although it's true beauty was visible only at night. They left the cabin to stroll in the woods once. She saw a beautiful pond with some beautiful rocks around it, and decided to ask him to stop and sit there for a while.

As she sat there, dipping her feet in the water, she felt him move from beside her. She knew he thought she was asleep. She tried her best to concentrate on where he was going. She felt him take her purse. She wanted to stand up and confront him, but decided against it. She then felt him move towards her in an awkward manner.

This time, she couldn't control herself and stood up faster than she could decide against it. She saw him clearly even in the dark. He had a sharp knife in his hand. Her swiss knife; the one only he knew about. She saw his eyes. That dark color in those beautiful eyes was something she never saw. He looked like a crazed killer with those awkwardly bent arms and those dark and insane eyes.

She immediately pushed him away. He didn't budge. He pushed her in return, and she fell into the pond. She somehow got out but he tackled her onto the ground. The last clear thing she felt was his hysterical figure holding a knife at her neck and telling her, "You are just an ugly bitch. You can't even compare to my actual love. Rosie could beat a thousand times in beauty and brain. You think that your family suddenly left you? They never wanted you in the first place. After all this time, I wish they would have told me to do the job long before. You don't know anything about how much I wanted to kill you after your clingy behavior. If they hadn't told me to wait till they ordered, I would have killed you long ago. Ah well, the things we do for a shitload of money." All she heard was that they ordered him. After that, she saw only red. She pushed him off of her and pulled the knife from his hands and before she could rethink her decision, she plunged it into his stomach.

That Night...

Now, she could feel her emotions spiral in a deep, endless pit towards doom. Her thoughts were full of sadness, guilt, loneliness, betrayal, and a tragic, toxic love. She knew that her demise after this heavy toll of emotions was near.

She just wanted to think, for a moment, that her life wasn't ending. That she wasn't closer to death and the end with every passing second. The funny thing was, the string wasn't always there. She made the dark string herself. After all, the string was not fate's, but rather her mind's. She felt her mental cages closing in and trapping her in their endless darkness. She felt the string going further away. Leaving her behind. She felt worthless, more than she ever did. All she could do in that moment was pick up the knife. So she picked up the sharp utensil and sliced the vein on her wrist open. All she felt in that moment was freedom. From the guilt, the pain, the loneliness, love, all of it. So she finally laughed. A true laugh coming from sheer joy. And so she laughed as life slowly ebbed away from her body.





Thank you for reading this short story. In this story, the protagonist is suffering from depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to scarring events. To anyone who has fought or is suffering from such diseases, you are not alone, there are people who love you and people who can help you. It is not the end. We are here for you. Don't give up. Ever.

At first glance, it may appear too hard. Look again. Always look again.

 -Mary Anne Radmacher

If you know someone who is suffering from such a mental health disorder, I urge you to offer your support. They need you.


Submitted: March 28, 2021

© Copyright 2022 DeadBodyInYoFridge. All rights reserved.

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