Georgie's Adventures On The Train

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

Georgie was bored.  He had eaten half a bowl of cat food.  He had beat around his favorite cat nip mouse and lost it under the dresser in his owner’s bedroom.  He had swatted at the dog and made the dog growl at him.But now Georgie was bored.  He had too much energy right now to take a nap.That would come after he found some trouble to get into.What was an ornery kitty to do? Georgie took a stroll down the hallway and then he saw it!His Boy was away at school, but he forgot to put away his train set in his bedroom!It was always such fun to bat at the bright shiny red engine and knock it over as it went around and around the tracks.Georgie wondered if he could make it move by himself.Georgie climbed up very carefully onto the engine, but he lost his balance just a little and bumped the power button with his back foot.All of a sudden the train was rolling!  Wheeeeee!  Georgie began to imagine he was a cowboy in the old west.  He was hunting down those naughty bank robbing mice that called themselves The Three Bandits.They had been causing bad times for the poor people in the town of El Macho. Then, as the train rounded the bend, Georgie saw them!Those three pesky mice were trying to run away with a bunch of money bags they had just stolen from the town bank!Oddly, they kept going in a strange zig zagging motion and running into the trees that were in front of them.One of the mousie’s ears perked up as he heard the whistle of the approaching train with Georgie on top.  Woooooooo woooooooo!  The three mice began to scurry even faster, so Georgie jumped off the train and began to chase after them with his pop gun in his belt, ready to shoot!The mice quickly dashed behind a tree in their escape, but Georgie ran around the opposite side of the tree, and met those pesky mice head on! 

“Put your paws in the air!” Georgie demanded.  “You’re going to jail, rascally rodents!”  The mice slowly raised their paws and stared at the ground as they dropped their money bags.

Georgie thought it very odd that the mice all had on very dark sunglasses.  He grabbed the money bags and led them onto the train to take them away to jail, but they kept bumping into each other and tripping.  Georgie said to the mice, “You know, you could probably see a little better if you took off those dark sunglasses.”

“Oh, but we have to wear these.” said the white mouse.  “We’re blind.”

Georgie was very puzzled.“You’re what?” he asked.  “But you rob banks.”

“We can see large shapes as long as we wear our glasses, but we’re still just a little clumsy and tend to bump into things from time to time.”

“You know what,” interrupted Georgie, “just never mind and get on the train!”  Georgie gave the mice a little shove and they all climbed aboard. 

The train started speeding down the tracks when suddenly Georgie saw it – a bright orange sign that said “DANGER – BRIDGE OUT AHEAD”Oh no!Before Georgie could even think, the train raced right over the rocky cliff side where the bridge should be and tumbled down, down, down into the rushing river below.  SPLASH!!

“Ack! Glub glub! Cough! Ack! Help me!” cried Georgie.  “I can’t swim! I HATE water!  I HATE getting wet!”The mice all grabbed their dark glasses that were floating in the water and swam over to Georgie.Grabbing him by his whiskers and ears and whatever else they could grab onto, they swam over to the riverbank and pulled Georgie up out of the water.“Ow, ow, ow, easy on the fur! Ow, that’s my ear you’re pinching!  Watch my whiskers!! OW!”Once on shore, everyone shook off and looked for a sunny place to sit and dry out.Then they all watched as the money bags from the bank floated down the river and off into the sunset. 

“Oh well,” said the brown mouse, “at least it was a fun adventure.”

“Yeah, but I was going to buy a new jet ski with my money.” said the black mouse.

“OK, you troublesome twits.  Since you saved me from the water, I guess I’ll let you go this time.But no more robbing banks!  I mean it!”

“Does anybody want a peanut?” asked the black mouse.Everyone just turned and looked at the black mouse, wondering if he swallowed too much river water. 

“Don’t worry, our bank robbing days are over.” said the white mouse.  “We’re going to climb clocks instead!”

“Clocks?” asked Georgie.

“Yes, the ones down at Hickory Dickory Dock!”

Suddenly Georgie heard a noise and realized his daydream was over.He could hear his Boy downstairs finally coming home from school.Georgie looked around him and saw the shiny red engine and train cars were crashed and laying on the side of the tracks.The train had crashed into a glass of water that had spilled all over on the floor. Georgie knew trouble was coming, so he quickly jumped up on the bed just as his Boy walked into the bedroom.

“What in the world happened here???” asked the Boy.

“I have no idea.” thought Georgie to himself, and he began cleaning his face to prepare for a nice little cat nap.

Submitted: March 28, 2021

© Copyright 2022 angiegirl. All rights reserved.

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88 fingers

Might have to cut back on his cat nip. Good story.

Sun, March 28th, 2021 6:25pm

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