Evergreen - Faith - book 2 - series 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Table of Contents

Names/Packs and prologue

Fait Pack   Apprentices None Hunters Birch Leg: wolf, Red Wing: wolf,  White Fish: wolf, Shadow... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

  Chapter 1   Blood Fang paced around at the entrance of the Healers den. I need to calm down… I'll go ask Au... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Chapter 2   Shadow Slayer paced outside Eagle Heart’s den. Dark Moon had been speaking to him for hours. Finally she ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Blood Fang woke up the next day. The day after Dark Moon had brought Fang Crystal to Silver Tear. Blood Fang walked out o... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Shadow Slayer walked into the wolf camp. Dark Moon had just slipped out of the healers den. Shadow Slayer came over to he... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Blood Fang was invisible. In the middle of the floor then he felt something unsettling. Something is wrong, He thought as he got ... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Chapter 6   Shadow Slayer woke up in the wolves healers den. “Why am I here?” He asked sitting up. “Oh... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Chapter 7   Blood Fang Felt the hairs on his back stand up. He looked over at Fang Crystal. "Hey I'm going to go wa... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Chapter 8   Shadow slayer paced the entrance to his and Dark Moons den. Dark Moon has been in there for hours asking hi... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Blood fang, ran through the forest. Test run test run everyone here!? Blood Fang thought Yep Slade tail repli... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Chapter 10   Shadow Slayer walked inside the healers den with Dark Moon in his jaws. Rain Fall looked at him and saw, D... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

  Chapter 11  Blood Fang and Fang Crystal were on patrol with  Yin Smoke, Yang Claw, Shadow Weaver, River Hear... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Chapter 12   Shadow Slayer lay in the healers den from the many scratches White Scar laid on him. Rain Fall was talking to... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Blood Fang was asleep, at least he was pretty sure he was. He was in the sunflower fields.  He was walking through ... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

 Chapter 14   Shadow Slayer breathed in the cold air of the night. He had been trying to reach Silver Pack for more a... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Chapter 15   Blood Fang woke up in the sunflower fields. The ground was covered in snow. There were two differences though... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

 Chapter 16   Shadow Slayer walked for hours until he came to a halt at the end of the mountain. I crossed the mounta... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Chapter 17   Blood Fang sat by Ice Tail. He finally accepted me as a mate for Fang Crystal and then this happened... Fan... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Shadow slayer ran as fast as he could. I knew I should have stayed and listened to my instincts. I couldn’t disobey, Silver Pack th... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Blood Fang ran to the cave Tundra said she saw the Ice flowers in. When he got there he found frosted over blue orchids ... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

Chapter 20   Shadow Slayer kept walking until he saw the very edge of the forest he left. He ran faster then ever befor... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

Chapter 21 The Silver pond cast a turquoise glow illuminating the walls of the cave. as-well as Blood Fang, who sat beside it in si... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

Chapter 22   Shadow slayer was sleeping peacefully for days now. He had Dark Moon back and he wouldn’t let her go again.... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

Chapter 23  Blood Fang and Fang Crystal trained in canopied forests Night Shade delivered messages to the coyotes for a meetin... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

Chapter 24   Shadow Slayer walked through the forest calming down from the last savage tactic training. He still didn’t ... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

Chapter 25 “A kuzamon? Why did it attack here and not deeper into the dry lands?” Sand Fall asked. “I don't know I was co... Read Chapter

Chapter 26

Chapter 26   Shadow slayer flipped over Dawn Fur as White Scar watched from above. Dawn Fur leaped at him but he dodged fa... Read Chapter

Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Blood Fang and the others were training in the fields. Blood fang looked over and saw, shadow slayer with an eagle in hi... Read Chapter

Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Shadow slayer ran back to camp excited to share news with Dark Moon. But when he got to their den she was gone. Shadow S... Read Chapter

Chapter 29

Chapter 29   Blood Fang and Fang Crystal were running through the forest. Jumping on tree branches. Blood fang ran too far... Read Chapter

Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Shadow Slayer growled and whipped around to White Scar. I know Blood Fangs there. He thought, and I’m loyal to any... Read Chapter

Chapter 31

Chapter 31 The next day Dark Moon came for training with Blood Fang and Fang Crystal. “Hey Dark Moon I have something I wanna... Read Chapter

Chapter 32

Chapter 32   Shadow Slayer struggled to get out but he couldn’t. One of the five wolves around him opened his mouth but ... Read Chapter

Chapter 33

Chapter33 "YOU ARE THE ONE THAT TOLD SHADOW SLAYER TO THREATEN MY DAUGHTER and now I think we should do something about it" Griffin... Read Chapter

Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Shadow Slayer let his head fall. No one believed him. Then that's when it happened: Eagle Heart appeared next to Shadow ... Read Chapter

Chapter 35

Chapter 35 Blood Fang ran over to Fang Crystal hearing her yell. He found her with Shadow Slayer passed out on the ground. "Wha... Read Chapter

Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Shadow Slayer woke up his head ached. He got up and realized he was in Fait Pack’s camp. He jumped and ran out of the ... Read Chapter

Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Blood Fang woke up, when he got back to camp and everyone was in a panic. Blood Fang looked around. Fang Crystal and Daw... Read Chapter

Chapter 38

Chapter 38   Shadow Slayer paced inside his den. He felt as if the attack on the wolves was today. It was in weeks though.... Read Chapter

Chapter 39

Chapter 39 Blood Fang was training with Reed Light. Reed Light ran behind Blood Fang just as he turned around Dark Moon came to tra... Read Chapter

Chapter 40

Chapter 40 Shadow Slayer sat beside Rain Fall in the healers den waiting for White Scar to tell him to help train the other foxes. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 41

Chapter 41 A wail of pain erupted from the forest. “What the-” Fang Crystal said until a shadow shot by with bone-like st... Read Chapter

Chapter 42

Chapter 42 Shadow Slayer visited Dark Moon every night now to give her prey and Rain Fall had seen him and decided to secretly heal... Read Chapter

Chapter 43

Chapter 43 Blood Fang Left training early as he grew worried Dawn drop started to become paranoid. Dark Moon hadn't come to trainin... Read Chapter

Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Shadow Slayer heard an explosion and thought to ignore it. But still he wanted to check it out. He ran to the smoke risi... Read Chapter

Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Everyone was in a panic, the smoke was very thick. It was hard to breath. “EVERYONE MOVE!!!” Fang crystal Boomed... Read Chapter

Chapter 46

Chapter 46 Shadow slayer paced the clearing waiting for the fourth to last battle practice to start. But instead of five foxes comi... Read Chapter

Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Blood Fang woke up in a pit the last thing he reminded was Dawn Drop flying with a corpse in her mouth. How do I get... Read Chapter

Chapter 48

Chapter 48 Shadow Slayer had been falling for hours. His fur was unkempt and his face was tearstained. Finally he hit ground. He lo... Read Chapter

Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Blood Fang and Fang Crystal were dragging Shadow Slayer by the scruff towards camp. "It's been seven days since we l... Read Chapter

Chapter 50

Chapter 50 Shadow Slayer followed Blood Fang. Aura Seeker watched from behind but did not move. “So, where are we going?” S... Read Chapter

Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Blood Fang was walking with two of his friends from his guild. “So aliea How long has it been since you've been ... Read Chapter

Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Shadow Slayer sat in the middle of the camp as White Scar announced the new apprentices. “Rose has proven herself ... Read Chapter

Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Blood Fang paced waiting for Sea Shade to come back, she finally got back near dawn, “BLOOD FANG! FANG CRYSTAL!”... Read Chapter

Chapter 54

Chapter 54   Shadow Slayer still didn’t know how he felt about having Scar Claw in his camp at all times. He had almost ... Read Chapter

Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Blood Fang passed, waiting for Sea Shade was more than relaxing. Sea Shade came into the pack territory as a wolf. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 56

Chapter 56 Shadow Slayer watched as an unconscious Blood Fang was dragged across the forest floor. I never thought she would do tha... Read Chapter

Chapter 57

Chapter 57 Blood Fang paced in his Cage of ice and frost, I could make a small magic circle so none notices… but what if that's... Read Chapter

Chapter 58

Chapter 58 Shadow Slayer followed White Scar through the forest. The sun was setting and darkness was creeping over the forest. Whi... Read Chapter


Epilogue Blood Fang jumped from tree to tree Dark Moon's scent went cold at the Eather pond… But she wasn't there. Blood Fang loo... Read Chapter

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