The Chronicles of Lexionius The battle for home and the temple of darkness

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Fantasy Realm

This picks up right where the curse of Lexionius leaves off and the exciting climax of this part of the story.
Book 2

Table of Contents


Prologue   ‘Bam, bam, bam.’ The sound of the steel gavel hitting the metal trough permeated the stone and mortar cha... Read Chapter

Sins of the past

Chapter 1    Eyes hazy and stinging with tears, the concerning voice of my friends Corana spoke first, “are you ok?... Read Chapter

A comrades in arms request

Chapter 2   As the rest of the group filed out of the tiny cabin, Lexionius stopped Balbazar just short of the front door to... Read Chapter

Friends and Comrades

Chapter 3   “Wow, humanity,” Adien blurted out, trying to make a small joke to ease the tension of the situation. Lex... Read Chapter

The return of Maroch

Chapter 4   Putting aside any worries instead, Balbazar thought he would try a little pretend anger. Finally, finding his fo... Read Chapter

The return to Trobare

Chapter 5   A truly eerie feeling it was up close, a very dense fog that made everyone even Balbazar and Adien uneasy. But f... Read Chapter

High General Dragare

Chapter 6   “Everyone split up and spread out it has to be here, meet back at the center of town at the bell tower.” Bal... Read Chapter

The search

Chapter 7   Dragare just hissed he leaned toward Balbazar smiling deviously, “I would like to see you try filthy Draconian... Read Chapter

Lexionius's rescue Part 1

Chapter 8   Balbazar shouted down to Claire, “remember if you find it don’t touch it scoop it up with the bucket and dum... Read Chapter

Lexionius's rescue part 2

Chapter 9    Opening the bag one last time Saraston threw her armor inside the bag “look out below,” he yelled joki... Read Chapter

A curse broken

Chapter 10   Reaching into her pocket Claire produced the blue glowing bag that carried the gold jeweled cup “here she sai... Read Chapter

Tragic moments and visions

Chapter 11     There was no rest for their friend, no peace he’s so longingly searched and hoped for. Balbazar th... Read Chapter

Answers from Sural

Chapter 12   Another round of mortar fire shook the dark temple. Maroch braced himself against the large doors to ... Read Chapter

Home to Kobare

Chapter 13     Corana spoke up, “come along let us finish calming the locals down.” Balbazar stared at the old ... Read Chapter

An all too familiar darkness

Chapter 14    Grabbing him by an arm apiece the Lieutenants obeyed their superior officer one of them growled coldly, ... Read Chapter


Chapter 15     “Attempted assault on a military officer? What were you thinking, Lex?” Lexionius frowned, “it... Read Chapter

The return to trial

Chapter 16   Only a few steps behind them he mocked, “yes Lexionius take a good look at that statue. I was solely responsi... Read Chapter

The legion

Chapter 17   “I will assign three legions of troops to Balbazar’s command. Do you understand? I cannot in good conscienc... Read Chapter

The march on Trobare

Chapter 18   The solider next to me looked over at me and turned to spit fire in Lexionius’s direction. “I’m glad you ... Read Chapter


Chapter 19    The mountains, the hill’s the streams all were as he remembered the town folk on the outskirts were sho... Read Chapter

The battle for Trobare

Chapter 20   The door swung open violently and in sloshed Balbazar, Commander Trevin, Thoradin, and Adien. Lexionius frowne... Read Chapter

The march on the temple of darkness

Chapter 21    Balbazar grinned, “don’t worry Lexionius we will.” With that, Balbazar and Trevin shouted at the to... Read Chapter

Decent into darkness

Chapter 22   In a flash of focused anger and rage, he brought down the sword of pure light breaking the seal which erupted i... Read Chapter

The battle for home and the temple of darkness pt 1

Chapter 23   “I’m sorry they are gone, but this thing is more powerful than all of us.” Lexionius raised his head, his... Read Chapter

The battle for home and the temple of darkness pt 2

Chapter 24    A sudden unexplainable overpowering grief flooded her soul as she shouted Lexionius so loud it got everyo... Read Chapter

Fall of the temple of darkness

Chapter 25   Running across from where she was standing towards Balbazar, “where’s Lex?” She shouted over the loud ru... Read Chapter

Lexionius's Charge

Chapter 26  “To break the cycle of evil, I must remain dead the Traverston bloodline ends with me. It was Maroch’s true... Read Chapter

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