Pisces woman talks

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Pisces woman, her true self...

Pisces woman

You are a beautiful creature, even though people may not understand you at times. You are unique in your own way, you have special abilities that no one can take away from you. You are intuitive, romantic,tender, intelligent and empathetic.

I understand, that this life for a pisces woman can be cruel, but the universe sees this, that is why you got the hardest part of all the zodiac signs, to absorb all kinds of energies and be the shelter and love and the empathy for others.

The love of a pisces woman is indescribable, she is a pleaser, like to please and see the joy in other people, this is the ultimate high.Dont mistake this, you also need to give, make her feel like a goddess. Every simple small thing, she is sentimental to. Even a small thing can mean big to a pisces womans heart. If you can satisfy the needs of a pisces woman, you are a step ahead.

Don't play with a pisces woman's heart, you surely will get burned, as the pisces woman can seem like a delicate flower, she is a warrior, a survivor and can turn into a cold hearted vampire. Some can say that the fish would swim away, but she will swim away after you realize and  looked into the reflection of your soul, as the pisces woman can be the mirror of your true self. Every teardrop that she sheds, you are going to pay for it. Karma is definitely pisces friend.

Don't think you can pass anything from a pisces woman, she is the most observant creature. Put a pisces woman and another zodiac sign next to each other, then they both look at the same thing, whereas something can look different,ordinary to the other zodiac sign, the pisces woman look beyond that, deeper.

Pisces woman love music, this is her escape goat from reality, the right music she can drift off to another world, a world where its to far to reach for another, even I must mention without music. Her creative mind can create a world like no other, where there is no hardship only love and happiness. A pisces woman can drift of anytime she likes, she seems she is there when having a conversation...but she had drifted off to her world.

Dont be ego driven next to a pisces woman, it will surely put her off, she likes real and straight forward, the raw deal of human nature. 

Real and authentic is what she wants. Passionate and deep is what she needs.




Submitted: March 29, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Natasja Pelser. All rights reserved.

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