BTS School Love Affair

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Based off "Skul Love Affair" Album

February 12, 2014 was the day where we didn’t want to tell reality from fantasy

We have been in our own escape for a while not caring how much time has passed

We craved to be in our own world so much that it started clashing with reality

We hoped it was real, but there was an underlying feeling where it wasn’t

I get scared thinking that everything we created will seize to exist

I hoped you were really sitting beside me, Where we could continue our “Skool Luv Affair”

Everything felt real, it was everything we ever wanted

I was a girl with big hopes and dreams, you were a “Boy in Love” with the ideas

We thought we were each other's “Soulmate” fitting together like perfect puzzle pieces

“Where Did You Come From?” How did we get here?

These are the questions constantly going through my mind

I reflect on the day we met, trying to grasp the memory

Holding onto it forever, Even if it isn’t real

It began with “Just one Day” that turned into the best day of our lives

Our hopes and dreams can be accomplished in the world we created

“Tomorrow” will I wake up and have everything disappear?

I couldn't live in another world where you didn’t exist

Where our lives never crossed and our dreams became darkness

Can you send me a “Cypher”, a “Triptych” to prove you are real?

Do I even want to go back to reality where our dreams may not stand a chance?

Where darkness overcomes light?

Our Fantasy world is better than reality, a place where we can be ourselves and dream the biggest dreams

It would be a real “Spine Breaker” without you in it

I would “Jump” at the opportunity to go into our world and escape reality

Could this be our “Outro”?

 I “Propose” not leaving until we can figure out the fantasy in our realit

Submitted: March 29, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Stoner22. All rights reserved.

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