A Tang in Yawn Forest

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

There is a Tang in Yawn forest, and she is there on behalf of her Queen. This is not good.

In a time before time was written, there was an island all mystical and full of magical things. And in the midst of the island there was a wondrous valley that harbored a forest so green that many said that the forest was like a Jewel that the gods had lost; a jewel that somehow fell into the valley of Yawn.

And in this time before the noting of time, there was a Wizard known as Waldemar.

Waldemar lived in a volcanic cave, near that forest called Yawn, for Waldemar was not one who cared for man made things; so living in a house was out of the question.

Waldemar was a Nature Wizard and he used the forces of nature to work his will on the elements around him.

He could see through the eyes of others to find lost things and to uncover wrong doings. And he could alter the weather if he so desired.

However, it just so happened that Waldemar became the mighty Man-Oak of Yawn Forest, a man's spirit confined to a tree. But how that happened is a lengthy tale told once before, so I won't take your time with all the gory details.


Milderpeed Rootlander, the mighty Man-Oak of Yawn Forest had just settled in for a noonday nap when a passerby asked, "Pardon my intrusion, but might I ask, "What are you?" I don't think I've ever seen anyone like you before; and I've been everywhere."

Milderpeed answered by saying, "My name is Milderpeed Rootlander and I am a man's spirit confined to a tree, that is the long and the short of it. Branching into other areas of explanation would be a lengthy process so I won't take your time with details.

Now, what might your name be, and do tell me what brings you to Yawn Forest?"

"I am Yen Tang and I am the digest-er and condenser of Marvelous Things for Her Majesty, the Queen of Sunrise. She is a big deal, you know?"

Milderpeed Rootlander thought for a time, then he replied, "Oh, she sounds like a very big deal, very big indeed. But do tell me, what is a Queen?"

"What is a Queen, What is a Queen?" Yen Tang responded with utter shock and the look of horror on his big round face.

Then she continued by asking, "Have you no understanding of Royalty, of Grandness, of the Upper Echelon of the human world?

A Queen is the protector and ruler of all her people and the lands they inhabit. You should also know that whatever she says, Goes!"

"Goes Where?" Milderpeed asked rather hesitantly.

Yen Tang shook her head in disgust because Milderpeed was so void of royal understanding.

So Milderpeed questioned very angrily, "Why do you shake your head in such a rude manner? I seek information and you show disrespect at my lack of knowledge in human affairs.

To tell you the truth, humans are not my favorite species of animal, actually, they rank near the bottom of my list.

So don't you shake your head at me, Yen Tang, better you should spend your time explaining the facts of such matters, least you end up as a groundhog with no queen to serve at all."

The thought of being turned into a Groundhog was not pleasing to Yen, and having heard of such things happening in Yawn Forest, Yen pardoned herself for her bad behavior.

Milderpeed Rootlander had always had short lived anger outbursts, so he was willing to let things slide if no more head-shaking occurred.

An agreement was made and the conversation continued.


Milderpeed Rootlander asked, "Might I ask, what brings you to Yawn Forest?"

"Peaceful Places," Yen stated. "I am searching for Peaceful Places to take back to my Queen.

She had much turbulent dealing to do daily, so she needs Peaceful Places for rest in-between. Calming places, gentle places, places so serene. Do you know what I mean, places suited for a queen?"

Milderpeed Rootlander scratched the side of his trunk with a small thin branch, then he asked, "And how do you intend to take these places back to your queen?"

Yen Tang replied with a smile, "Oh, very easily, I shall digest and condense them until they fit into my Carrying-Cloth, then I shall carry them to my Queen and find a place for them in her garden. After all, I am the digest-er and condenser of Marvelous Things."

"I see," Milderpeed stated while looking very disapproving.

Then Yen Tang said while waving her hand in the air, "This is a very soothing place, right here where you are. I shall take it with me!"

And when Yen Tang said that, then she pointed her finger at Milderpeed and made a circling motion with the tip of it. That is when she yelled the words, "Abdul Midday, hussy-ah-pasha, Condensate," and everything within a stone's throw of Milderpeed, in every direction, became very tiny.

Yes, everything including the birds, the bugs, the critters, and even Milderpeed were so small that the whole of what was shrunk fit neatly into Yen Tang's hands.

The problem with making things smaller than they should be leaves nothing where they used to be. So where the land and the trees, and Milderpeed once were, now there was nothing but a hole. An ugly old hole where nothing but water could fill.


Other animals, birds, and all sorts of critters saw the hole and were very displeased, so they charged at Yen Tang with great force and anger. But Yen was too fast for them and she waved her finger again.

Well, by the time all was said and done, there were holes everywhere and nowhere was the forest.

Then a great voice was heard, and the voice said, "Who do you think you are to cause such destruction to my forest?"

Yen replied, "I am Yen Tang and I am the digest-er and condenser of Marvelous Things for Her Majesty, the Queen of Sunrise. She is a big deal, you know?"

Then the voice said, "If your queen was such a big deal then she would build her own Peaceful Places and Calming Spaces, she wouldn't have to take them from others and leave nothing but holes behind."

"She is too busy," Yen Tang stated.

Then the Voice laughed and replied, "Busy? I'll show you busy!

Then all of a sudden the ground shook, and dark clouds rolled in very quickly. Right after that, lightning started striking the ground all around where Yen Tang had made the holes.

It wasn't long before rain was falling, then hail, then snow, and then the clouds went away taking the bad weather with it.

"Can your queen do that?" asked the voice.

Yen Tang was trembling in her shoes, and when she found a voice to use, she said, "Such power must be of the gods, forgive me my Master!"

And with that said, Yen reversed her Spells and Yawn Forest was back to its calm old self. Every bird, every bug, every critter, and even Milderpeed Rootlander were back to their normal size, and places.

No sooner had that happened, Yen Tang, the digest-er and condenser of Marvelous Things, took off in the direction that she had come from, and was seen never again.


After she was gone, three Boomer-Birds landed on one of Milderpeed's branches, and then one said, "Was our Voices loud enough?"

Milderpeed chuckled and then replied, "They were perfect."

Then another Boomer-Bird said, "Those were great magical weather affects, I especially liked the lightning striking the ground, very scary."

Milderpeed smiled and said, "Why thank you. And might I say that doing the god routine is hard to pull off without help from the sound effects team; nice going guys."



D. Thurmond / JEF


Submitted: March 29, 2021

© Copyright 2021 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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