A normal morning

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She wake as she rolled over to the light of the sun shining on her face and breeze lightly blowing on to her face. Sara rolled out bed rubbed sleep out her eyes. A slow morning in a slow town ,just like the day before. After getting dressed and taking a shower. She went kitchen in her small apartment. It was small and above the town's hardware store which was own by a family friend Sam ,that Sara had knew her whole life , he gave her a good deal on the rent. After her mom and dad died in a car crash when she was 17 she stayed with her aunt Fin till she turn 18. It was only 4 months , but still aunt Fin had three cat and Sara was really allergic so as long as she stayed with her had to get weekly allergy shots. That was five years ago, she got job in the hardware store with Sam. He didn’t charge her rent when she worked for him, but it still wasn't a lot. It was a very small store ,and other then the old timers in town most people would go to the Lowe's in the next town over. When she turn 21, got a job as a bartender in a the small town's only bar, The Horse Rear. One thing most people didn't go out town to do was get drunk. The pay was really good with tips, thanks to Sara having inherited her mother's good looks men tipped big. Still Sam only charged her half the cost of one bedroom apartment in town. She tried many time after getting the job at the bar to pay him more,but he wouldn’t take the money .The smell of coffee filled the apartment, she made a bowl of cereal. As she sat at the counter eating her cocoa puffs, little did she know that her slow quiet life was going to change forever, and that everything she thought she knew about her self, her family, and her home town was not as they seemed.  This was all going to be started with a simple knock on the door, and a stranger with gold eyes.





Submitted: March 29, 2021

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