(277) The Rape of a Man

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Journal 48
A Collection of New Alliterative Verse
by ArchDuke Kenneth Khanh Du

“My reflection upon the current climate which send heat waves simmering throughout time.”

New Alliterative Verse has five set parameters defined by me:
1. A couplet line poem with 20 lines or less
2. Each line contained no more than eight syllables
3. Each line has alliteration of either consonant or vowel
4. The alliteration must be tied to the next line (hence couplet)
5. Rhymed or unrhymed

Alliterative Verse as a form was adopted by me from the skalds of Norway. Skalds were the Viking's poet-musicians and their poetic form began somewhere in the 9th Century. The original form(s) with many however remain unstructured and often confusing /or ambiguous.

 (277)  The Rape of a Man

You think rape could only happen

To a woman and not a man?

Rape is very painful to men!

Due to lack of sympathy, men

Now more prone to suicide than

Ever before from shock and hate!

You are evil!  You deserve it!

The ridicules are compounded!

If you are not strong enough to

Wake from rape or forced sodomy,  

You will suffer from depression,

Severe mental trauma and be

Emotionally cripple, hurt!

Socially debilitated!

Paranoid in self and safety.

Worst! Transform to a psychotic

Sleeper bent on revenge to all!

At what cost to kill and torment?

The heal ones see through the assault

Cause for control, right or wrong, fault!


3/29/21 by ArchDuke Kenneth Khanh Du






The following rapes took place between 1996 - 1999:

1. Princess Royal Hospital's student housing & town of Haywards Heath

Inorder to stage A WAKE for Khanh, Abigail Patrick went around convincing people (by having sex) especially with key members.  One was the Pastor of Haywards Heath (Pastor spent 30 minutes pumping her inside church) and the other Dr. Glen Berelowitz, Head Psychiatric Consultant at Princess Royal Hospital.  Abigail slept with Glen for three days straight.  Glen then proposed but Abigail refused.  Dr. Glen Berelowitz, in a fit of rage, attacked Khanh (me) with a syringe filled with bovine serum from infected cow!  Wanting to inflict me with Mad Cow Disease.  His Senior Registrar saw him approaching, told me to hide in the broom cabinet, and they got into a tussle with Glen pointing the syringe at him!


-I was drugged. Made to stand naked in front of a large crowd at center of town,then was sodomized by Dr. Glen Berelowitz, Psychiatric Consultant, and Robert Cheng (medical student) on stage even though found innocent of charges of sleeping around with nursing students and of rape.

-After this, they went into my room numerous times and sodomized me

All I did was dated a British nursing student named Abigail Patrick for two months. She first approached me in a pub.

{Somehow Robert Cheng (1) built up inside his head that I was screwing his wife Pei Chi.  I was never anywhere near her! (2) Robert kept yelling at me for screwing up their school clinical rotation!  That I was taking up their precious space as med student!  Huh?  I was the only one from my school there, and I was rotating through Princess Royal Hospital long before they even began.}

PRINCESS ROYALHOSPITAL, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 4EX,U.K.

1/27/97 - 7/25/97. I found out Abigail cheated on me with her ex-boyfriend, so I break off with her. Abigail decides to get revenge for some unknown reason.

During our two months together, Abigail had sex with 6 other guys & 1 gal: Chris (Plymouth), Chris (Brighton), Mark (Haywards Heath), Titienda (Haywards Heath), a pastor (Haywards Heath), Dr. Glen Berelowitz (Head of Psychiatry Dept at Princess Royal Hospital), and Christine Lawrence.

Dr. Bashir, Head Consultant of Ob/Gyn at Princess Royal Hospital, had order me GRAY! 

One month later after the wake, student nurse Christine knocked on my room door around 10:00AM, saying there's a phone call for you.  Dr Bashir is waiting and you're late!  Nobody informed me that I was supposed to attend a surgery performed by Dr Bashir!  I ran to the hospital.  I got scrubbed.  This was my first time and only time meeting Dr. Bashir.  During her operation, Dr Bashir said "I had you gray!"  "Are you gay?"  She's smiling.  I said no.  I am straight.  She started tearing up. I felt impacted, very lethargic, and I can still smell the drug on my nose. Dr Bashir then said "you look tire.  Why don't you go back and get some rest. " 

A few days later, Christine went to a court judge and told him what she saw:  Dr Bashir had open the door to Khanh's room late one night near 12:00AM and let an elderly man - a hospital porter - in to rape him.  Dr Bashir saw Christine peeping from her room and just smile.  After learning about the report, Dr Bashir fled from England for a few years.

Many days later, Christine was holding an elevator for me.  Mustafa, the porter involved, had approach from the corridor yelling "I am sorry!  Dr Bashir lie alot!  I didn't mean to!"  I looked worry, but turned to Christine and started giggling. Didn't know what this was about?  Christine said "He's in love.  He slept with you!"  Mustafa also wanted to warn me about something...

About 10 years later, Dr Bashir was vacationing in Italy when a group of Italian surgeons approached her and bought her drink.  She had a good time until they asked about me.  'Why did you do that?  Have an elderly Muslim man sneaked into Khanh's room, drugged and raped him?'  Dr Bashir yelled back saying it is her right as HEAD KU!  Italian surgeon then said 'You broke the Hippocratic Oath as a doctor!  What about the other five men you operated in Germany?  They all felt impacted after the procedure?'

Dr Bashir got up and left.  The next day, she woke up in the OR all alone.  She was lying on the operating table, stripped naked, and covered from top to bottom in human feces!  (One of the German family had paid off Italian thugs to gang rape her and feces.)  

Dr. Bashir's hands became jittery and she never quite recover from this trauma.  She had return to the UK.  The UK government had ask her to step in and help with the compensation for Khanh.  Dr Bashir then fled to Turkey.  They hid her in an open air pueblo style housing in a rural area where boys and mens, from 10 - 40yrs old, had climb the wall and taking turn having sex with Dr Bashir every night.  Dr Bashir believes this is atonement and compensation is underserving.

(I STILL DON'T KNOW WHY THEY HATED ME SO MUCH? I have even completed the London to Brighton Bike Ride while here and raised money for their foundation. Was I asking too many profound questions during lectures? Was I taking up too much space for their regular paying Ross University medical students?)

2. Charing Cross Hospital's student housing in Notting Hill, London, U.K.

-I was temporarily awaken to find a 50-60yrs old man in full KKK clothes,saying "I love you"; then drugged and sodomized me

8/4/97 - 9/29/97


At East Surrey Hospital, I was drugged, gang raped. (Next paragraph.) The next morning, left bleeding from my rectum, upside down in a shape of a cross by Surgical Consultant,Mr. Adam Stacey-Clear and his colleagues. I don't know what I did wrong to deserve this? I remember one time during ward round, a very attractive British nurse walk up and stood right in my face. I did not say anything. They shouted at me and call me gay. And tell me to get ready for Adam.

Shortly after adding touches to a painting I was working on, I doze off. Only to be awaken by 3-4 medics in scrubs pinning me to the bed. I was strip naked. There were two Indian medical students, boy & girl, standing there crying telling me to "Get up! Fight it!" The rest laugh & made it into a party mocking me "I thought you knew karate!" Then Consultant Mr Adam Stacey-Clear said I'll do it! I love him and two other surgeons spread my legs for Adam Stacey-Clear as another apply drug over my mouth & face.

[There was another dude with an American accent outside in the hallway.  He yelled to another American saying "We got the wrong guy! I am not getting involve! It's on your head!" Before the rape had occur.]


Till this day, I don't know why I deserve gang rape by my consultants? I was an exemplary medical students! I was assisting in the operation room all day! At night, I sat reading medical books or painting. I even donated the painting that I was working on there. And on weekend, I rollerblade around East Surrey Hospital for exercise. I did not mess around with any British students. I did go clubbing with 3 Black male nursing students who came up from Brighton to visit me. They did not pick anyone up either! We just line dance.

4. a) At National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery, London, I was drugged and raped in the operating room. I remember temporarily waking up with two ball headed white dudes in scrubs grabbing me in the anesthesia room, next to the operating table. (I was still fully dressed in business attire.)

Institute of Neurology, National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery,University College of London, Queen Square, London WC1N 3BG.  3/29/99 - 4/23/99

b) While staying in the recommended accommodation at the International Student Hotel, I remembered waking up by the cleaning lady in my room. She said I was "gay" and I could smell ether over my face. This was the same day, near the end of my stay, that I had rush over to the National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery to donate the painting "Genius Is Madness Accepted!" I DON'T KNOW WHY THEY SODOMIZED ME HERE, other than that I used to sing songs from CAMOUFLAGE, a German band, in the kitchen area that seemed to upset some of the white neighbors. I was staying in a predominantly Black floor with foreign grads from African nations.

5. Oxford University's student housing

I was gang raped by three university students. One guy sodomized me, Samantha applied drug over mouth/nose, and Sarah Campbell stood and watch. (This was after a night of drinking with two male med students from Czechoslavkia. I could not react in time.)  2/1/99 - 3/26/99

In all instances, there were no signs of break entry.

[There could be more, but these are the ones I remember & 100% certain of!]


MY DRIVING RECORD: KHANH DU (ArchDuke Kenneth Khanh Du)

I was a virgin till the age of 23. I have remained celibate for the last 27 years.

Born on 10/17/71. I am now 51yrs old.

Since birth, I have remained a virgin throughout grade schools, high school and university till the age of 23.  After graduating from Northwestern University, I have had sexual intercourse with 1 Filipino girl, 1 French white girl from Montreal, 1 British white girl (Abigail Patrick), and 1 Mexican prostitute. After having had to pay for sex, I decided it's not the way I wanted to live my life and have remained celibate for the last 27 years. I am now 51yrs old. Dob 10/17/1971


ADDENDUM – June 3, 2022

Towards the end of 1996 and at the invite of The Patrick, I took a train to Plymouth to visit Abigail and her parents.  Christina told me not to go, that Abigail is with her childhood fling, Chris now!  (What another Chris?) I was holding on the hope that we still had a chance; I can show off my British bride to my parents.  During the course of the evening, I got buzz on their hard liquour.  Something made Mr. Patrick snapped and he shouted at me:  "Abbi is 13! Why did you rape her!"  I said "that's not what her driver license reads!" And laugh.  Mr. Patrick got enrage and order me to go to my room. I excused myself and remark "We all had too much to drink."  Along the hallway, Mrs. Patrick and her girlfriend Lissy offer me company (sex). I did not take their offer, thought they were being silly, and just shut the guestroom door.  Moments later, I heard loud shouting from outside.  I went downstairs and saw Abigail & Chris in bed.  Their bedroom door wide open.  Abbi told me I should leave now!  I went towards the front door and found 40-100 KKK members holding torches telling to me stay inside for my judgement.  I went back to bed. One KKK member with rope walked into the room, said something to me - Abigail forgives you!? - and then left.  I never thought much of it.  Even asked the Patrick the next day about it.  They told me to ignore.  This was the last time I saw Abigail Patrick.  So I thought...  {I did not realized they were klansmen until I thought about it now, 26yrs later. I had asked Abigail's mom back then who was wearing that outfit, were we having a masquerade party?}

(The last, and final time I saw Abigail Patrick was in 1998 along the corridor of the operating rooms.  Surgeons gave her a scolding and told her to say sorry.  For what I wonder?  She had dropped out of nursing school and was working there as a porter. I wish her all the best and that was it.)


1. Abigail Patrick got marry to Chris (childhood/husband).  They have one child.

2. One day, Chris (ex-boyfriend) and Mark (fling) paid Abigail a visit.  They had threesome sex in the kitchen. 

[At the bidding of her father, Mr. Patrick, gave permission for the three to have group sex to demonstrate that it's a provincial practice of their clan and not something perverted.  However, Chris and Mark got carry away in the heat of the moment! 

They are trying to cover up something.  When Abigail and myself were dating for 2 months back in 1996.  The second and last time that we had sex were in my accomodation room on premise of the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath, UK.  I fell asleep after having sex for a few hours.  During this time Abbi drugged me and allow Mark to come into our room and sodomized me.  After doing so, Mark grabbed Abigail and they had sex.  I remembered hearing the two pounding away as they wake me temporarily.]

3. Abigail told her father that it was non-consensual and forced upon!  Mr. Patrick ordered his group of klansmen to surround Chris and then Mark parents’ homes, where they were hiding.  The two were pinned down violently and Mr. Patrick personally sodomized them!

4.  A while later, Chris (ex-boyfriend) and Mark (fling) wanted revenge.  They broke into Mr. Patrick’s house, point a gun at him, pistol whip and violently sodomized him back!

5. Recently, now in her 40s, Abigail Patrick became pregnant by a 10yrs old boy.  Chris (husband) went away on a work assignment. Abigail allow a 10yrs old boy to come in and keep her company.  One day, Abigail went to court complaining that I got her pregnant and she wanted compensation...  Court then order Abby to take a DNA test.  The DNA test revealed that Abigail’s unborn child's DNA matched those of the neighbor’s 10yrs old boy DNA.



I contacted Scotland Yard about 20yrs ago and they email me back telling me to get a lawyer. I wrote to their lawyers - 12 different ones - with no response! I then contacted lawyers in Yuba City, and NYC. One law office from Yuba City called me back asking for more information, I faxed it. Still no response back. I wrote to East Surrey Hospital, and then the Royal College of Surgeons of England, and they said they are investigating (for the last 20yrs+?) I contacted their Tories, Interpol, ambassadors of many countries, the United States Government (FBI/CIA), even the Queen of England herself.

(They think it's a joke! Spending the last several years trying to prove that I deserve it!)

Queen Elizabeth II appeared on American television addressing her people many years ago adding in disbelief "if what you are telling me is the truth..?"


They awarded Kobe Bryant's wife $16 millions and their passenger friend $15 millions for mishandling of graphic photos from the helicopter crash while they urge me on televised news to wait till I turn 50yrs old for them to decide out of court if any amount of money will be awarded!?


My life worth is less than a dog!


You can research on booksie and read up on the history of David Alan Du and (Kenneth) Khanh Du:  (136) & (137) David, Kenneth and the Holy Father.  What lead up to the disintegration of the bond between two brothers, how the Ku Klux Klan's "switch place" of coaching & supporting the younger brother while blaming on the older, and the possible reason why Khanh Du was gang raped by Royal surgeons in England. 

Also read up on (72) Ungrateful Friends.  Why Khanh Du was attacked by other medical students?  Some very dirty and disturbing family secrets reveal!


Helen, Senior Registar for Dr. Wheatley, said Northwestern agreed.
WHAT'S BEING DISCUSS RECENTLY ON TELEVISED NEWS WHILE I WAS A STUDENT AT NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY. {How covering up your own misdeeds & blaming it on someone else can come back to haunt you!} READ BELOW:
TAO, THAO, BAO, and HANH:  We were friends in college.  I did not do anything to any of you!  In fact, I have not spoken to you all or said a single word about you to anyone for the past 29 years!  WHY DID YOU FOUR GO AROUND CLAIMING THAT I HAD SCREW AND I WAS THE PEDOPHILE?
Hey Tao: I wish you were honest and not say in front of me that Hanh liked me! We met by the lakeshore and talked about it. I had asked Hanh out. She said she was abuse by her uncle and wasn't ready to date. (I think she was saying something else.) Now, I hear that you two been screwing around while at Northwestern University, while Hanh pretended to be interested in me, but kept her distance. You two kept this up for how long? Can't say that I am jealous. More vex! Because every time I went out clubbing, I hear and felt guilty. I am not mad at you. I've always allowed women to choose who they want to be with!
{{During my four years at NU, think I'd only seen Hanh maybe 5x times. One time was when we passed each other between classes and waved hello. Was Hanh hiding from nerdy me?
At the Aragon Ballroom - where NU students had a Tet stand - Hanh had a school girl approached her afterwards while scolding at me that "Hanh is seeing someone else! You look like a dork!" They both walked off and laugh. I can hear someone sounding like Tao's voice in the hallway first crying/then laughing saying "I am sorry; you're not one of us! Hanh is with me now!" They all mock me and took off. I suffered stomach curl pain for an entire year because of Hanh! Oddly, a few months later, Hanh walked pass me at NU shouting "you used me!" Then took off.
Is Hanh delusional about relationship?
I've grown since college years. My idea of the good life is quite different from yours. I have not been to a frat party in 30 years! In fact, I don't think we have anything in common these days...}}
Thought you were being generous Tao and had asked you myself why aren't you dating Hanh? You were the handsome frat boy with NU connection! You told me that "she like only you idiot!.." I would have put a ring on Hanh, if we'd been f#*king for the last 30yrs?!!
Bao had seen Hanh as well! Bao confessed to me nervously once, and I gave him my blessing. No communication between Hanh and myself. It wasn't meant to be.
Anyway, I ended up dating a 21yrs old virgin wearing Victoria Secret during my senior year at NU. ????
Heard recently that you Tao and your sister Thao had ordered a Sig Ep sophomore to vacate his room so you and your sister can stay there for nearly two months? Seniors supposed to be role models! The Dean of NU and a police officer had to escort you out of Sig Ep dormitory. Sound like abuse, but who am I to say. The Catholic Church were paying each of you decent salaries $25K + free hotel room in downtown Chicago - Argyle Street area - for your so called "missionary work?" Where did all this money go to?
Let's see here:  $300 per beer keg, that's a lot of money to spend at Sig Ep Fraternity parties Tao and Bao! 
Tao:  I heard your aunt had passed away and left you a house in Missouri that you sold off for $100,000.  How the hell did you spend all $100K with your NU frat brothers?  Treating them to Chinese restaurants?
What about Miss Kim (The Prostitute)?  Some of your frat brothers did a tally and came to the sum that you two had sex with about 30 Northwestern girls each!  Bao, even during your marriage? 
*** What's this I hear about a 10yrs old girl? Hmn... $200 to her parents. Sound like you got off easy. You robbed a 10yrs old Catholic girl of her virginity! I don't think you realized how serious an offense this is! (Heard there had been two more girls of similar age. What? No pre-arrangement for marriage?) ***
All those years you and your sister volunteer to help the children cannot make up for what you did. How can father hire you as an elder or Knight/Dame?
You are supposed to protect the weak and innocent! Even if they want to, you are NOT allowed. They emulate you as role models! You represent an entire church and its community when they hire you. Your conduct shall be honorable and not disgrace!
How can they even considered you as Knight/Dame?
I hope all of you do some serious soul searching and try another line of work.
Bao, you are no better. I heard you did not graduate from NU, because you made sexual advance towards an NU teacher. You groped her after school. She said she was married but you kept at it, and she filed a complaint with the dean. You had stop showing up to class and she failed you. They will not issue your diploma until you fulfill additional disciplinary classes requirement. You left without a diploma.
Bao: You were caught holding a 4yrs old girl with your pants down in the side room alone, and the pastor gave you a stern warning! Both Tao and the pastor caught you in the act: You were holding the child high up with your pants down, male erected. They asked what you were doing; you said "checking if she had any disease." Tao then clobber you on the head and took the child away. You left the Catholic church after two years working there as a substitute teacher.
Bao: About a year ago, you had sex with Hanh (aka Big Boob) by forcing your way in. The only problem is that you're supposed to be happily married to another! Hanh told her father. Bao had to stand in front of his church congregation humiliated or be divorce. Bao: I also heard you had threesome sex with Tao & Hanh during college. Her roommate saw it! It later became foursome. (Now, I know where some of the nasty rumors on me started from.)
Tao, you are 55yrs old. Take what I have to say as tough love, that I care. By the time I am made aware, you already have a pretty long rap sheet while partying at Northwestern University. Remember that girl from five years ago? She told the campus police you drugged her. Next complaint to NU Dean. Nothing got resolved, so she transferred to Loyola U. and told their dean.
Thao and Hanh: You two were captured on surveillance camera of 'allowing your students to wipe your assets!'
Tao, Bao, Thao, and Hanh: All four of you had accounts with children, 10yrs and under, while working in the classrooms for the Catholic charity already. The Church has police surveillance video of you doing lewd acts with minors in the classroom. Children under your care and protection! Does this make you pedophiles?
Northwestern University is nicknamed "Harvard of the Midwest." You were your high school best and brightest! Most giving from the college! What the hell happen to you?
I have not spoken to any of you for 30 years! You went around blaming it on me; I was your negative influencer?
ArchDuke Kenneth Khanh Du, HS, BA Psych, MD, Cert Film
Either Vietnamese school children you taught were becoming sex crazed addicts - coercing their teachers for sex - or the four of you exposed them to something that will be very harmful as they mature!
The Players:
Tao: (M) 55yrs old. Single. Worked for a Catholic charity. Took 7yrs to graduate from NU. (He never really left the Evanston campus.)
Thao: (F) 51yrs old. Tao's sister. Single. Worked for a Catholic charity. Did not graduate from NU.
Hanh: (F) 50yrs old. Single. Worked for a Catholic charity
Hanh's uncle: (M) about 70yrs old. Happily married. Had affair with Hanh since she was 15.
Bao: (M) 50yrs old. Marry. Left the Catholic charity after two years. Researcher? Did not graduate from NU.
Khanh: (M) 51yrs old. Single. Office Manager for doctor's office.
All the players attended Northwestern University except for Hanh's uncle.
Because you used me as a scapegoat, I was rape several times in England. 
I was a virgin till the age of 23.
(I have remained a virgin throughout elementary school, high school, and college till the age of 23 before I had sexual intercourse!)
Since college, I'd spent 6 years looking for someone. No luck. Afterwards, I have remained celibate for the last 27 years. Born on 10/17/71. I am now 51yrs old.
During my entire life, I have had sexual intercourse with 4 girls: 1 Filipino, 1 French Canadian white, 1 British white, 1 Mexican prostitute. The youngest one was 19yrs old, British girl. I was 24yrs old at the time. The other three girls were between the age of 22 - 27yrs. My longest relationship lasted only three months.
The Mexican prostitute was the last girl I had sex with. I regretted it and did not like where my life was heading. Thus, I have remained celibate - abstaining from sex - ever since, for the last 27-28 years now.
ADDED 3/15/23: 
In retaliation for being publicly shunned, Tao decided to borrow my photographs & poems to lure 9-10yrs old Italian girls on Facebook.  Tao and one 9yrs old Italian girl met 2x already in person.  Their father found out and complaint that it was me!  Police with the assistance of Facebook pinpoint the IP Address and location inside the Sig Ep Fraternity Housing in Evanston, Illinois.  Campus Police then knock on their doors but nothing got resolved.  Later on, it was trace to an off-campus apartment.  A pizza delivery guy knocked on the door, Tao moments later open.  Then emerged from behind the pizza delivery guy was a hitman.  He points a loaded gun at Tao's forehead and told him to get down.  Tao began to cry.  The hitman said this was his last and final warning!
Tao and Bao married Mexican girls at cost of $30,000 each and "legally" transported them across the Mexican border into the United States for citizenship status!  Tao was stopped one time with a severe warning.  Bao successfully transported two girls this way.  Bao abused them, kept them hidden from his wife and used them for sex.  Bao let Tao have sex with these girls.  When these girls had partner, Bao would demand sex from them right in front of their new husband.
After attaining their citizenship and freedom, both Mexican girls complaint to the local sheriff.  Bao had to appear in court and found guilty.  Bao was fined $50,000 with severed warning of deportation should he engaged in such illegal act again.


Bao is divorced.  Tao is still single.  They have joined together as blood brothers looking for work.  One company offer them position as security officers:  To guard public building at night.  They decline.  Last I heard, they are both working at a gay bar in San Diego as waiters. 


Ever since I leaked on Yelp about cheating on exams within the ROTC Program at NU, the administration took precautionary measures to hideaway and dismiss the allegation.  The current Dean of NU decided to take upon himself and get revenge using Ku.  He ordered me nudge at Coachella 2022 (hoping I get into a fight, thrown out, publicly humiliated...) The NU Dean was then cane and also nudge at a public event.
Recently, several former white NU students (who party lots & with rap sheets) came forward claiming that the Dean of NU offered them a way out if they become pedophile.  He will let it slide - all their screwings around.  Consensual? Instead, the Dean made them sign a full confession and kept it on file (some hand over to the police) as collateral damage and control for parents involved.  These confessions severely diminish their job prospective, not to mention being degradative. 
Most churches in Illinois are against the NU Dean.  The NU Dean took one under; wake up to see his crying secretary and his pants down; so he grabbed and pumped her for sex right after.  The two men who shot him off ordered the Dean to lay with them now.  The Dean of NU finally resigned and vacate.
Prince Peter:  When asked for compensation from the British, they denied & take to the news claiming that I had screw 10 other girls while in England!  (I only had sexual intercourse with one, Abigail Patrick and we were dating until she started cheating on me.)
Peter - was this your doing?  You framed me for your crimes?
For the last 20 yrs or so, I was a hole that everybody including yourself just dumped their shits into!  Everybody take turns stabbing me, hoping I would bleed till death!


Based on true accounts:  The Chinese wife did not want to.  Peter forced his way in - right in front of the husband - with his guard pointing a loaded gun.  The husband plot revenge and paid off triad members.  Years later, Peter and his guard(s) were ambushed while on patrol (strolling).  Peter got down on his knees and had to suckle one in an alley.  They videotape it to make sure he'd comply with keeping it in.So far, Peter screw some 50 girls in England using the Ku system of interrogation.
I was told of Peter's deviant activities from 3 sources: (1) My neighbors, (2) News reporters who confirmed them, (3) The Chinese who acknowledged it.
Before leaving Oxford University, I heard music, some dude shouting, a girl screaming & then loud humping noise!  Was that you Prince Peter humping Sarah Campbell in her flat?  I was downstair in a taxi. [Sarah Campbell wanted £5 million pounds after she had flatline me.]
I am asking you for money - the compensatory sum of $30 millions USD - not because I am poor, but rather I am responsible!  A man of integrity & honor.  I follow the code.The amount will be put to good use.  It will not be wasted in reckless behaviors and be depleted in a few years. 

Submitted: March 30, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Archduke. All rights reserved.

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