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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Choosing a human being to be your partner is the most difficult thing in the world to do. How do you make sure they’re the one for you?


Having to pick between two specific people vying for your love is just that much harder.


How do you compare people? Do you make competing lists and tally the score? Do you listen to your heart, or perhaps your mind? 


How do you live with the unknown of what might have been with the one you reject?


Jess had this problem. She had to choose between Andrew and Jack. Despite being so different, both of them ticked so many boxes she was looking for, and she was absolutely torn between them. They had both relentlessly pursued her and competed to one-up the others’ displays of affection, until one day Jess realized she had to choose.


She agonized for days, eating her feelings and racking her brain for an answer to this impossible question. The answer came to her suddenly and instinctually from the depths of her mind, the part of the brain that controls our animal instincts. It felt right on a biological level.


Her method: a dance-off.


She knew and insisted this was the best way to understand each man’s suitability as a partner. Their personality, creativity, and expression would all come out through dance. And so it was.


They got together, Andrew and Jack dancing like their lives depended on it, both of them pushing through sticky sweat and sore muscles to win her love.


After hours of dancing and judgment, Jess finally made a decision. It was not easy, but she knew it was the right move for the long term. 


Andrew was the winner, leaving Jack to drag his feet and hang his head as he walked away in defeat. 


Jess turned to Andrew, who was smiling from ear to ear with joy. As they moved to embrace, she opened her mouth to reveal the jagged blades her lips had covered. With a swift movement, she decapitated Andrew, so quickly that his smile remained in place even as his eyes displayed shock and his head rolled to the edge of the room. She voraciously fed on what remained.


Test Subject 029 has been terminated and this test has been deemed unsuccessful. Enclosed in this report is a USB storage device with detailed logs, images, and video recordings of the experiment.


The Human/Mantis Gene Splicing Program (Humantis GSP) staff will adjust feeding instinct timing for future iterations. Test Subject 030 will be activated upon receipt of Testing Director approval.


Submitted: March 30, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Mister Skulk. All rights reserved.

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