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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a short story about the first time a couple, married now for over fifty years, made love.



Here, in this writing? - I am telling a story? - ?a compelling story about the first time two young people (he was 20, she was 22), now married over fifty years, made love.


It was the Spring of 1966 close to the early spring of Joe’s sophomore year in college. He met Sophie on a blind date not long after he saw her walking into her house from a distance?—?an amazing looking chick in short shorts and a simple white t-shirt– WOW!!? - while riding by her house in his early 50's muscle car. They met a few weeks later on a blind date after he saw her from afar. Fate, fate, fate!

After their first date? = ?they went out almost every night in that beautiful Spring, just enjoying being young, being together and partying like crazy. After three to four weeks of dating almost every night, they had a romantic dinner at a small table in the quiet corner of a local restaurant. They came back to the house he lived in with seven other guys around 8:00 PM. The house was completely empty on that particular night. Everyone had gone to the hinterland and beyond. Fate again! Just the two of them together alone.

In the Living Room, she sat in his lap in the only comfortable chair in the room. They talked quietly while enjoying a couple of cheap glasses of wine. Still sitting in the chair together, they started enjoying the romance of the moment? - kissing, hugging and holding each other amorously. He started caressing her sensually and she didn’t tell him to stop. Oh my, he thought to himself! Their make out session slowly went to a different level.


He got up and locked both entry doors to the Living Room. Then, he took her hand as they walked slowly, holding each other closely, into his ramshackle college bedroom with one of the world’s smallest beds that was hardly big enough for two to sleep on, much less do the blessed deed on. He closed and locked the door and lowered the shades. They sat on the edge of the bed? - ?fully clothed. He was a gentleman after all!

Then, they both started enjoying each other with amorous intensity? - ?deep kisses, fondling and caressing each other. It was becoming real and very sensual. Then? - ?they undressed each other slowly until they were both completely naked. Joe said, in his head and his heart? - ?Please don’t let this be a dream!

Then they laid down together, gloriously nude, on the small college bed - ?diagonally??- because it was just too small for the two of them to lie on normally. Joe was scared to the depths of his being! He had never been with any girl  like this amazing sensual creature he was lying next to - both completely nude - skin to skin. Because this evening of passion was completely unplanned, there was no romantic music or aromatherapy candles to enhance Joe’s humble college bedroom for the possibility of making love to this insanely gorgeous creature.

Joe took in Sophie’s elegant, sensual, beautiful body and said to himself - ?OK - What are you going to do now? You have brought this amazing, beautiful, sophisticated young woman into this ramshackle college bedroom, completely undressed her and yourself and you have absolutely no idea what you are doing! So, he did the only thing he knew to do. He kissed her as passionately as he knew how!


Then they began to passionately engage each other in heated, passionate foreplay.

They started caressing each other’s body, sensually, from top to bottom Then, Joe began to kiss, lick and suck Sophie’s perfect breasts. He gently fondled, nuzzled, licked and kissed the rest of her voluptuous body. - her back, her perfectly rounded derriere, then her feet , her legs and her thighs. He passionately kissed and licked her stomach. She seemed to enjoy the pleasure and responded sensually to all of this. He pleasured her more as he gently stroked her clitoris and vulva. Then he gently entered her vagina with his fingers, which was heating up and getting very moist, sensually pleasuring her as she moaned with delight. Then, he began to pleasure her mons venus with his tongue. As he gently and passionately circled her love mound with his lips and tongue, she began to moan with unrestrained pleasure.

Then the heat went off the charts. She began to kiss and lick his body with uninhibited passion, erotically pleasuring his chest, stomach and inner thighs. Then she began to passionately and gently pleasure his throbbing organ with her lips and tongue as he moaned with uncontrolled glee. Since neither Joe or Sophie had ever experienced oral pleasure like this , they realized that they might both orgasm too soon - So Sophie gently began massaging and pleasuring Joe's now pulsating shaft with her hand like he had never experienced. They both realized they were going to a place they had never been with each other. He said to himself?—?once more?—?Please, Please. Please. Don’t let this be a dream. I beg of you!

Then Sophie wrapped her soft delicate hand around Joe’s rock-hard erect phallus and helped him enter her now throbbing moist love box.

At that precise moment, because she allowed him to passionately enter her with no inhibition, they were now joined together in erotic passion neither of them had ever experienced. Joe and Sophie both knew, in their hearts, that their lives were forever changed.

As they began to slowly, erotically and quietly rock each other back and forth, a wave of passion consumed the two of them as they moaned with amorous lust. They passionately combined their love, their hearts, their bodies, and their joy in a very slow creative voluptuous coupling that was seismic in its impact and earth shattering in its result. As they rhythmically balled with pleasure, they continued to kiss each other with sensuous passion. Joe licked and sucked her amazing hot breasts as she continued to kiss and lick his chest passionately. They enjoyed seeing the sensuous pleasure in each other's face as they slowly shagged in this act of passion and romance. This slow erotic love making lasted for quite some time until they both reached powerful orgasms at almost precisely the same moment.

They collapsed on the bed together, still breathing hard. They laid there smiling and naked?—?in perfect relaxed pleasure relishing the amorous love they had just made, gently caressing, kissing, and holding each other to extend the pleasure and the joy of their emotional, sensual, passionate, erotic love between the two of them becoming as one.


The result of Joe’s and Sophie’s first-time making love was the joining of two hearts and bodies, on this earth, in a life of love beyond comprehension.

That night, they fell forever in love. Making Love to the most amazing, beautiful, passionate female with a body beyond belief, Joe understood the beauty of life and love after kissing Sophie’s incredible lips, loving and kissing her beautiful face, kissing, licking and sucking her perfectly formed soft breasts, feeling and caressing her sensuously formed hips, bottom, and legs and then entering her loving and pulsing la vagina for the first time with his rock hard pene, Joe understood what it meant to fare l'amore not just fucke!

After that fateful passion filled evening, Joe and Sophie couldn't keep their hands of each other or their genitalia apart. They made love over fifteen times during that week. One night they did the deed from glory five times in one night and never got weary of it. Today, over fifty years later, they still adore each other and make love at least four to five times a week with the same passion as when they were kids. Life - with great sex - is good!

That night of love placed Joe and Sophie on a path to a life together. And every time they make love?—?after over 50 years?—?it is still special, sensual and erotic in its nurturing of their love for each other. They may be older but they are still young.

It was not a dream?—?Hallelujah!!

By Cromwell Jones

Submitted: March 30, 2021

© Copyright 2021 CROMWELL JONES. All rights reserved.

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