the adventure of zuki

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Table of Contents

ship mates ( updated )

this a list of the people i live with and friends with
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shinra's story

(zuki throws shinra over his shoulder ) SHINRA: ZUKI PUT ME DOWN ZUKI: nope you got caught  (shinra grabs zuki's ta... Read Chapter

messing with law

( zuki knocks on laws door )  (zuki teleports away when law unlocks and opens the door )  LAW: ( sighs ) ( law shut... Read Chapter

how is korosensei alive

BLAIR: wait how is korosensei alive ZUKI: well my thicc cat once nagisa killed korosensei i had a few people gather up the drago... Read Chapter

weapons that we use

weapons that me and my friends use
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uhh well that happened

i don't know what the heck just happened all i know is that i like his tailcoat
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meet up with the radio demon ( part 2 )

ZUKI: okay where to go, where to go  RANDOM DEMON: OKAY YOU MONKEY GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY!! ( zuki walks away )  ZU... Read Chapter

meet up with the radio demon ( part 3 )

ZUKI: okay Alastor let's get to our meeting Blair is gonna need me in a few  ALASTOR: very well, long story short its vox he has... Read Chapter

power level's

power level's of ship mates
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that's a big guy ( part 2 )

dang it now i need to get more metal, i am lacking
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the spy

ZUKI: HEY LAW IM GONNA GO OUTSIDE FOR SOME AIR LAW: OKAY ( the outline of a female move behind the mast ) ZUKI: WELL IT'S SUR... Read Chapter


ZUKI: Okay so you're a Saiyan like me?    KATHERENA: yeeea    ZUKI: do you have super saiyan ? &n... Read Chapter


not a chap just promotion
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So you know who I am

There is a knock at the door Zuki goes to unlock the door ZUKI: yeeeeeeees ???: Hehehe  ZUKI: So it's you Diavolo ... Read Chapter

gaining the rinnegan

( zuki and law stand in front of a glass tube containing an eyeball that is purple and has black rings all over )   ZUKI: th... Read Chapter

The Undertale ( part 1 )

ZUKI: okay Blair are you ready BLAIR: yea where are you making a portal to  ZUKI: I took a few looks around and I named it T... Read Chapter

The Undertale ( part 2 )

( zuki walks back to the group ) ZUKI: all right let us continue ???: oh hello there, who are you ZUKI: hi im zuki this is Bl... Read Chapter

the undertale ( part 3 )

( Zuki contiunes to chase after sans ) SANS: HEHEHE  ( sans leads him to his house ) SANS: okay were here ZUKI: huh?... Read Chapter

zukis adolla burst

Tailed beast: if zuki uses matatabi the flames turn blue and sprout a matatabi tail Fun fact: zuki can turn his limbs into infernal... Read Chapter

about Hotaru

  Age: 23 Height: 5,4 Power level: 782 septillion likes: tea / making food / laws hat / fluffy blankets / drinking... Read Chapter

about zuki ( better and updated )

Age: 21  Height: 6,7 Power level: 470 septillion  About: made of metal sand that he can shape into weapons and ot... Read Chapter


this book will know to be moved to Wattpad there will be no more updates  this is the link to the book https://www.wattpad.... Read Chapter

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