"A Brand New World"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Husband and wife go on there sailboat for a little Celebration for Luke (The husbands) Promotion for work. when a storm hits and a Rogue wave capsized them. Melissa wakes up alone on shore in a world "Our world" But Very different and very Dangerous.










“My name is Luke and I am married to my wife Melissa. We live in South Carolina right near Charleston. Anyhow I will never forget this day.

 July 12th 2015 was the day the world would never be the same again. Now we rented a sail boat and decided to sail in the ocean for a while.

Our son and daughter however didn’t want to join so they stayed with our uncle Sheamus.



“Luke are you sure it’s a good idea to go sailing? It looks like it’s going to storm. “Yeah it does look Cloudy but we have to go out and celebrate and what better way than by sea? You are right.

You got the promotion and will start making more money too but you will be traveling so this really is the only time we can. *Luke grabs to wine glasses and fills them up and hands one glass to Melissa.*

 *Cheers* Melissa says as they both take a sip. “Look at that Dolphin it’s so close. I love it out here. Sometimes I want to just pack up my things and take the kids and you and just leave go sailing across the world. Melissa says. “Is that the wine talking or do you mean it? Because you have a good job you teach. “Yeah but there’s Nothing like a boat on the ocean.” I agree. As we begin to move.

 A couple hours go bye and Melissa gets a phone call from the neighbor. Melissa looks at the phone and is about to answer when she hears a crack of thunder. “Is it going to storm?” “Let me check your weather app.” “Luke says grabbing Melissa’s phone and turning on the weather app.”

 “It is we should start to head back.” *Luke turns the engine but it doesn’t start.* “Come on baby.” *Luke tugs again but no luck.* Thunder crackles again. “Luke we need to get out of here.” Melissa says. “I know damn engine is dead.” *Lightning flashes the darkened skies.* “Luke tries again with no luck. “I’m calling Sheamus he’ll help. Melissa says.

 As she grabs the phone and calls. No Pickup? That’s weird he usually always answers. Melissa calls again. No answer. Melissa calls 911. “Honey don’t call the police the engine probably just stalled give it a minute.

 “Luke were stuck in the middle of the ocean during a storm this is the perfect time to call the police. “Ok.” Melissa dials again but there’s no answer. First Sheamus now the police my phone must be broke can I use yours? “Sure.” Luke says grabbing his phone from his pocket and giving it to Melissa. *Melissa dials the police again but there is no answer.*

Melissa calls her neighbor back but gets the same exact result. Thunder crackles as the storm is now getting closer. *Luke tries the engine again. “Shit.” Do we have any life vests? “You’re not swimming it’s too far and dangerous. We’ll were sitting ducks out here if we don’t do something.

 "Let me try” *Melissa tugs on the cord but there is no luck.* It starts to pour down rain. “This was a bad idea. Thunder crackles and lightning lights the skies up again. The boat starts bobbing up and down by the waves. “Great now here come the waves.” Melissa says. “Luke grabs his bag and remembers he had a flare gun. He grabs it and shoots it up in the sky. “Lightning flashes at the same time.

“Someone has to see that.” Melissa says. As they get hit by a 7 foot wave the boat nearly tips. “I don’t like this I want to get out of here.” Melissa says. “You just said you want to live out in the sea a few minutes ago.” “That was before the storm.” *Luke twists the cord again and this time the engine works.* “I think it was jammed were good now as we start to sail out were at least a few hours away from land. We hear a loud noise coming.

 “Don’t look now honey. Melissa turns around and screams as a massive twenty foot or more wave was headed right at us. “Brace yourself.” *Luke holds on to Melissa’s hand as the Rogue wave hit them and the boat immediately flipped over and they fell into the water.

Underwater Melissa and Luke were still together as they started to fight the current and swim back up. They made it up and took several deep breaths as another big wave struck and they were under water again. Luke grabbed a hold of Melissa as they started to swim up again this time a piece of the boat storage had hit Luke in the head. “Melissa screamed as she looked all around hoping her husband would emerge from the water.

 Seconds later a piece of wood struck Melissa from behind she started to loose conscious. *Hours later Melissa woke up to the taste of sand in her mouth. *Pftth.* Melissa spit out the sand and freaked out as she was now somehow on land.

“How did I get here? I should be dead.” Melissa said out loud.

Melissa freaked out as she remembered Luke thoughts raced in her mind was Luke alive or was Luke dead in the ocean? Did he die right in front of her? Could he possibly still be alive? Where am I? How are the kids? Sheamus? How did I survive? Melissa looked around she was still on the ground covered in the sand. No signs of life anywhere.

No crabs or anything. Melissa saw a woman about seventy or so feet away. Melissa got to her feet and started to walk until she fell down. Melissa took several deep breaths and got to her feet again and started to follow after the women.

About ten or so minutes went bye and Melissa had finally caught up to the women. “Excuse me Miss? I need your help. You see my Husband and I were on a sail boat when a Rogue Wave hit we capsized and I woke up on the beach but I don’t know where my Husband is please can you help? Mrs.? Are you listening?

*The women had her back turned but was twitching in place and suddenly she turned around screaming and lunged at Melissa. *Melissa fell to the ground with this woman on top of her. The woman was trying to hurt her. *Melissa Mustered up all her strength and shoved the women off her and grabbed a big rock and smashed her head with it.*

*Melissa sat up with blood on her face and started to pant.* “I killed someone?” *Melissa heard a noise and five other women and men started to chase her. Melissa got up and ran to a life guard tower and managed to get the door opened and she slammed it shut and locked the door.

*Melissa panting* heard screams on the other end of the door* “Please let me in you can’t leave me out here.” “It sounded like someone was in danger but she knew there was no one on the other end of the door that would help her only the same thing that attacked her. Melissa saw a radio and she grabbed it.

 “Please My name is Melissa I am in Grave danger is someone here? Please respond Please I need help I am in danger.” *A few seconds later and a voice on the other end replied “Hello Melissa I read you loud and clear. Yes you are in Danger we all are.” “What does that mean? Please and why was I attacked by a women?” “I’m going to level with you something is going down The Apocalypse.

People turned my friends and family tried to kill me I’m not sure what is going on but we are all in Grave danger. “My Husband was with me but I’m not sure where he is anymore.

Melissa said. I also have kids there with our Uncle. “I have kids too.” The voice on the other end said. “Like I said were all in danger.

I’m in a church right now praying that No one gets in. Ok I will help you escape. Where are you calling me from? “A lifeguard tower.” Melissa says. “Ok look around is there anything you can use as a weapon? “What? I don’t want to kill anyone. “Listen these people are no longer humans they will hurt you without a care you need to do whatever you need to survive.”

 “Now are there any weapons? *Melissa looks around as she sees a paddle and a few crowbars. “Crowbar” “Good take it.” “Now listen very careful take several Deep breaths. *Melissa takes several deep breaths.”

 “This next part is important. If you survive radio me again. “What do you mean if I survive?”

 “The only way for you to escape is by opening that door and Killing every single person on the other end.

Don’t second chance yourself just do it, get it over with. Contact me after you kill them it’s your only way out.” The voice said.

“Melissa took several deep breaths and looked at the door as she heard voices on the other end.

 “Please let me in please. I will kill you. You will die.”

“Melissa grabs the Crowbar and holds it tightly as she stares at the door.”

Submitted: March 31, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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